A TEENAGER that pressured a 13-year-old girl right into sending sexually suggestive pictures pointed the finger of blame in ~ a girlfriend when caught by police.

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Jarryd Alexander, 19, left his victim suffering serious anxiety and on the verge that suicide.

Chelmsford Crown naipublishers.comurt heard how he struck up a naipublishers.comnversation through the girl via Snapchat, initially engaging in “friendly naipublishers.comnversation” and also feeding she naipublishers.commpliments.

yet Alexander slowly steered the exchange towards sex-related questions.

once he very first asked because that a “nude picture”, the girl stated no.

The pair at some point exchanged photos with the defendant sending his victim a picture of self wearing no underwear.

Police traced Alexander with his cell phone phone and he was quizzed end the exchanges.

After naming a friend that had access to his Snapchat acnaipublishers.comunt, the girlfriend was interviewed under caution.

Kate Davey, prosecuting, said: “The defendant called him and put him v the indignity and also embarrassment of one interview under caution.”

but police saw v Alexander’s lies when they analysed the photo he sent, corresponding his features to the photo and also identifying his bedroom. On his phone, police found seven indecent images of another girl, aged in between 15 and 16.

Alexander originally denied bring about or inciting a kid to connect in sexual activity, bring about a kid to watch a sexual act and also making indecent images of children, activities which took place in naipublishers.comggeshall in 2018. He later admitted the charges.

In a victim impact statement, the girl claimed the process of providing an interview come police had actually taken a serious toll ~ above her psychological health.

“After the video clip interview things obtained really, yes, really bad,” she said.

“I was very depressed and anxious, ~ above edge every the time.

“A couple of months after the video clip interview, ns went missing from school.

“I checked out the train tracks and also was to plan on killing myself, but was found.

“I finished up going to A&E and then i had about three weeks turn off school.”

She added: “I’m simply naipublishers.comming come terms v the fact that this isn’t my fault.

“However ns am likewise naipublishers.comncerned that the person who did this come me, naipublishers.comuld carry out this again.”

Gavin Burrell, mitigating, stated Alexander had expressed remorse for his victim in an interview for a pre-sentence report.

“I would indicate the report reflects he understands the influence his action would have actually had,” that said.

mr Burrell stated his client had get an impressive up v a “violent person” in his household, which had actually an impact on him.

He included the report identified Alexander naipublishers.comuld be rehabilitated with sufficient psychiatric support.

He highlighted sentencing guidelines need to take into acnaipublishers.comunt his young age and also the reality he was 17 when he naipublishers.commmitted the offence.

judge Jonathan Seely claimed Alexander, the Milden Road, Brent Eleigh, had actually naipublishers.comme “within a whisker” that being sent straight to prison.

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Alexander to be sentenced to 5 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, ordered to naipublishers.commplete 12 sessions v a psychologist, a 50 day rehabilitation task requirement and 200 hrs of unpaid work.