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1997 Mazda MX-6 LS sports Coupe

by Carey Russ


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sports coupes have seemingly fallen from popular in recentyears. Possibly it"s merely a matter of fashion, through upscale sport-utilitiestaking your place. Perhaps sports coupes space seen by part as impracticalrelics that the conspicuous-consumption days of the 1980s. The is notnecessarily true. Over there is at least one sporting activities coupe the combines style,pleasure, performance, and practicality in a method unmatched by any othertype that car. That is the Mazda MX-6. The Mazda MX-6 is a refined, civilized grand touring coupe withunique, graceful aerodynamic styling, a near-luxury level that comfort, andplenty that useable performance, especially in the V6-powered LS model. Ithas plenty of room inside for 2 people and also luggage, or four people forshorter distances. The proves the a sports coupe require not be impractical. 2 models that the front-wheel-drive MX-6 are readily available for 1997.The straightforward MX-6 is powered by a 2-liter, 114-horsepower 4-cylinderengine. The LS has a 164-horsepower, 2.5-liter V6. The base version hasmost of the popular comfort and also convenience items, and also excellent fueleconomy. The LS to add even an ext features and plenty of power to make itan different to part far more expensive sporting activities coupes. Every MX-6 modelssold in this country are developed at Auto Alliance international in level Rock,Michigan, a share venture between Mazda and also Ford. A week v a new MX-6 LS to be a mainly of practical pleasure.The auto was good fun to drive, and also could host friends, family, and cargo incomfort. Also though the styling is a couple of years old, the still turns heads.APPEARANCE: format is essential in the sports coupe genre, and theMazda MX-6 will certainly not disappointed anyone. The looks sleek and also aerodynamic,and it is. Its human body is a gently-rounded combination of wedge and also teardropshapes. The prior of the automobile is conquered by graceful, feline headlightsover the body-colored former bumper. A purposeful waiting intake listed below thebumper heat has combined fog lights. The short, sloping hood blends intothe teardrop-shaped passenger cabin. The sculpted body sides and also gently-flared fenders include interest come the car. A lengthy rear overhang helpsaerodynamic efficiency and also trunk space. The tail the the vehicle is truncated andhas large, oval taillights. The MX-6 LS has actually 5-spoke alloy wheels and asmall spoiler atop the tribe lid.

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COMFORT: The 1997 Mazda MX-6 is equipped through nearly every one of themodern comfort and convenience features. Also the base model has actually powerwindows, mirrors, and door locks and also a tilt-adjustable steeringwheel, cruise control, and a good AM/FM/cassette stereotype system. The LSadds waiting conditioning, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and also gearshiftknob, a strength sunroof, antitheft system, upgraded stereo system, andcarpeted floor mats. The interior is designed roughly the driver.Instrumentation and controls are finish yet an easy and legible. Thehigh-bolstered former bucket seats are comfortable and also supportive. Thedriver"s is electrically adjustable, and the prior passenger seatautomatically move forward for less complicated rear passenger access. The rearseat is reasonable for small people and short distances, and also folds downwith a 60/40/split for extra cargo capacity. The trunk has actually a relatively highliftover, however the latch is out of the method and trunk space rivals that of manysmall sedans. A leather upholstery parcel is readily available for the committedluxury customer.SAFETY: The 1997 Mazda MX-6 LS has twin air bags. Four-wheelantilock key brakes space available, and also side-impact protection has actually beenupgraded.ROADABILITY: The MX-6 LS balances roadholding ability and ridecomfort an extremely well. That is a happiness to drive on a twisting hill road, and agreat highway cruiser together well. The fully-independent strut-type suspensionis compliant and also handles bumps and potholes well. The journey is firm, butnot pure-sports firm, and also quite comfortable on the highway or aroundtown. As soon as driven hard, the MX-6 feels neutral and responsive. It is quiet,with small mechanical or wind noise, only the music the the engine. The LShas four-wheel key brakes.PERFORMANCE: The aluminum alloy V6 under the hood the the MX-6LS displaces just 2.5 liters but feels larger. It is a twin overhead cam, 24-valve architecture that renders 164 horsepower. That is smooth and also flexible, withgood midrange torque. My test car had the standard 5-speed manualtransmission, i m sorry is a perfect match for the engine. It was a pleasure to shift,but, due to the fact that of the engine"s flexibility, shifting was not necessary toooften. The optional 4-speed electronically-controlled automatictransmission should work well v this engine, although it wouldsomewhat change the sporting nature of the car.

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CONCLUSIONS: Why need to a sports coupe sacrifice lull andpracticality? The Mazda MX-6 LS supplies a mix of style,performance, comfort, and also practicality that provides it a wonderful all-around car.SPECIFICATIONS1997 Mazda MX-6 sports Coupe Base Price $ 25,000Price together Tested $ 25,500Engine form V6, double overhead cams every bank, 24 valvesEngine size 2.5 liters, 152 cu. In.Horsepower 164