MOOSE JAW, Sask. — Rachel Homan’s Ottawa team will take target at a Scotties tournament of understanding threepeat as soon as the Canadian Women’s Championship kicks turn off on Saturday in ~ Mosaic Place.But Homan — bidding to end up being just the 4th skip to success three right Canadian titles, involvement Saskatchewan’s Vera Pezer (1971-73) Nova Scotia’s Colleen Jones (2001-2004) and also Manitoba’s Jennifer Jones (2008-10) — will need to overcome a talented field in Moose Jaw.

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Rachel Homan and her team from Ottawa is spring to victory its 3rd straight Scotties title. (Photo, CCA/Andrew Klaver)

Not just is Jennifer Jones top top hand, hoping to victory her 5th Scotties title, yet so is Alberta’s Val Sweeting, who shed to Homan in critical year’s Scotties final in Montreal and then to win Homan in the 2014 residence Hardware Canada final previously this season.Homan’s team underwent a significant offseason lineup change, as second Alison Kreviazuk moved to Sweden and also was changed by joanne Courtney, who was recruited native Team Sweeting come join 3rd Emma Miskew and lead Lisa Weagle.Sweeting’s team eventually uncovered a instead of in Lori Olson-Johns, who has actually fit in clear alongside second Dana Ferguson and lead Rachelle Brown.The Jones team, meanwhile, has the very same lineup that caught gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi — third Kaitlyn Lawes, second Jill Officer and lead Dawn McEwen.While Team Canada, Manitoba and Alberta number to be the pre-event favourites, they’re fixed a sure thing.Veteran skips such together Saskatchewan’s Stefanie Lawton, Prince Edward Island’s Suzanne Birt, Newfoundland/Labrador’s Heather strong and Nova Scotia’s Mary-Anne Arsenault will administer numerous stiff tests along the way. That quartet has actually 33 an unified Scotties appearances coming right into the 2015 championship.

Alberta’s Val Sweeting finished second at last year’s Scotties in Montreal. (Photo, CCA/Andrew Klaver)

On the other hand, there will be part rookie skips spring to make an affect on the nationwide scene. B.C.’s Patti Knezevic and Ontario’s Julie Hastings have actually been knocking top top the Scotties door because that a lengthy time before finally bursting through this season.The field in Moose Jaw is rounded the end by Quebec’s Lauren Mann, brand-new Brunswick’s silver Robichaud, north Ontario’s Tracy Horgan, Kerry Galusha the the Northwest Territories and also Sarah Koltun that the Yukon.The Scotties will certainly be came before for the an initial time through a a pre-qualifying ring to recognize the last entry right into the 12-team key draw.Team Canada is join in the main attract by the 10 teams with the best linked records in the previous 3 Scotties, meaning first-time participant northern Ontario, along with the Yukon and Northwest territories will play turn off for the 12th and final berth. Nunavut declined an chance to participate.Northern Ontario, the Yukon and also the Northwest areas will pat a solitary round-robin in ~ Mosaic Place, through the teams with the two finest records proceeding to the play-in game, which will certainly be disputed Saturday, Feb. 14, in ~ 2 p.m. (all time Central), concurrent through the opening draw of the Scotties round-robin. Join to the pre-qualifying rounds is free.The schedule for the pre-qualifying round: Thursday, Feb. 12
7 p.m. — Northwest areas vs. North OntarioFriday, Feb. 13
8 a.m. — northern Ontario vs. Yukon
3:30 p.m. — Yukon vs. Northwest TerritoriesSaturday, Feb. 14
2 p.m.

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— Pre-qualifying finalThe groups in the main attract will pat an 11-game round-robin attract that will conclude top top Friday, Feb. 20.

Manitoba’s Jennifer Jones is feather to monitor up on she Olympic gold-medal victory last year. (Photo, CCA/Andrew Klaver)

The top 4 teams will certainly make the web page playoff round, which watch the first- and also second-place groups playing for a berth in the final, i m sorry is booked for Sunday, Feb. 22 in ~ 7 p.m. (all times Central). The third- and also fourth-place groups will additionally meet, v the winner relocating onto the semifinal on Feb. 21 in ~ 3 p.m.. The loser that the three-four video game will play the semifinal loser in the bronze-medal video game on Feb. 22 at 2 p.m.TSN/RDS2, the main broadcaster that the CCA’s Season the Champions, will carry out extensive coverage that the 2015 Scotties competition of Hearts, with 66 hrs of live broadcasts scheduled.The winner of the 2015 Scotties tournament of hearts will represent Canada in ~ the Zen-Noh civilization Women’s Championship, gift by Ford of Canada, march 14 to 22 in Sapporo, Japan, in enhancement to qualifying because that the 2015 home Hardware Canada Cup in Grande Prairie, Alta., the 2016 world Financial team Continental Cup in ras Vegas and the 2016 Scotties competition of mind in Grande Prairie, Alta.The 2015 Scotties point out the 34th year of Kruger products Limited’s sponsorship the the Canadian women’s championship.To access the media guide for the 2015 Scotties, click here.For ticket information, go to: schedule information, walk to: