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This provides the \"How plenty of clicks to Hitler\" game much faster.For those uninitiated, the game was to click the \"Random Article\" link in the sidebar and count how countless links it took to acquire to Hitler. It is really interesting to see just how large of an occasion WWII was. Every country write-up has a ar on your involvement or why lock were not involved.After playing with it more, this is quite fun. I vote the a \"degrees native Hitler\" score be included to the top of every article. I think it can be an interesting proxy for just how esoteric a specific page is.

This reminds me that the wikipedia dominance I learned a while back: If friend click the an initial link in an article (besides the joint guide), you will constantly end increase on philosophy.

follow to the wikipedia page about this rule/game, over 97% that pages have this property. Interestingly, \"Mathematics\" seems to it is in a rarely exception. You gain stuck in a loop:Mathematics -> amount -> Multitude -> counting -> aspects -> math

There's even a good page through a little graph and a outline of some more resources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Getting_to_Philosoph...

Indeed. First thing ns tried together well.Found 1 path with 2 degrees of separation indigenous Bitcoin come Adolf Hitler in 1.33 seconds!Bitcoin -> Austria -> Adolf Hitler
game is lot more difficult if you half pages that also have huge categories.(Look the Category: X exist and include some cutoff based on variety of links there.)Obviously likewise lists.
over there are number of easy to with pages without categories.Almost everyone alive during WW2 will have actually a WW2 link. Nearly every country is 1 level from Hitler. Many companies/publications approximately than will attach to Hitler.
If you skip lists, that gets rather a bit harder.Countries or places would need special dealing with yes, lock make means too numerous links.Probably trimming peak 5% the most attached pages will make for a fun game.
my colleague observed me looking in ~ this site, and also I went through exactly the very same thought procedure as you! His feeble attempts at non-Hitler linked articles failed miserably.

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Hilarious, my very first search was \"OFDM -> Hitler\" for some completely unknown reason. (2 measures for the curious)