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If A:B is 2:3, B:C is 4:5 and also C:D is 6:8. Discover A:B:C:D?

I to be able to find A:C , B:D.

$fracAC = fracAB × fracBC$

$fracBD = fracBC × fracCD$

But ns am no able to discover A:B:C:D.




$A:B = 2:3$

$A=2x, B=3x$

$B:C = 4:5$

$B=4x, C=5x$

Now in over two ratios in very first B has 3x value and also in second B has 4x value. Take LCM that 3x, 4x. You have 12x.

To do the value of B in an initial ratio to 12x . Multiply very first ratio v 4x and also in other ratio v 3x.

You have,

$A:B = 8x:12x$ and $B:C = 12x:15x$

On combining this two,

$A:B:C = 8x:12x:15x$


$C:D = 6:8$

$C = 6x, D = 8x$

Now in over two ratios in very first C has 15x value and also in second C has 6x value. Take it LCM the 15x, 6x. You have 30x.

To do the value of C in first ratio come 30x . Multiply first ratio with 2x and in various other ratio through 5x.

$A:B:C = 16x:24x:30x$

$C:D = 30x:40x$

On combining these two,

$A:B:C:D = 16x:24x:30x:40x$

If get rid of x.

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We have $A:B:C:D = 16:24:30:40$

You can also divide ratio by 2 because all terms have 2 in common.

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