Ralph, Boatswain & Carpenter.A British tar is a soaring heart,As cost-free as a hill bird,His energetic fist need to be ready to resistA dictatorial word.

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His nose need to pantand also his lip should curl,His cheeks have to flameand his brow should furl,His bosom should heaveand also his heart have to glow,And his fist be ever readyfor a knock-dvery own blow.

Chorus.His nose need to pantand his lip have to curl,His cheeks must flameand also his brow must furl,His bosom need to heaveand his heart should glow,And his fist be ever readyfor a knock-down blow.

Ralph, Boatswain & Carpenter.His eyes have to flash through an inborn fire,His brow with scorn be wrung;He never before should bow downto a domineering frown,Or the tang of a tyrant tongue.

His foot must stamp, and also his throat must growl,His hair must twirl, and also his confront have to scowl;His eyes should flash, and also his breast protrude,And this need to be his customary attitude.

Chorus.His foot must stamp, and also his throat should growl,His hair should twirl, and also his confront should scowl;His eyes must flash, and also his breastern protrude,And this should be his customary mindset,His attitudeHis attitudeHis perspective. (pose)

(All dance off excepting Ralph, who continues to be, leaning pensively against bulwark.)


(Enter Jospehine from cabin)

Josephine.It is useless ? Sir Joseph"s attentions nauseate me. I knowthat he is a truly good and great male, for he told me sohimself, yet to me he appears tedious, fretful, and also dictatorial.Yet his must be a mind of no widespread order, or he would certainly notdare to teach my dear father to dance a hornpipe on the cabintable. (Sees Ralph.) Ralph Rackstraw! (Overcome by emovement.)

Ralph.Aye, lady -- no various other than poor Ralph Rackstraw!

Josephine.(aside) How my heart beats! (aloud) And why negative, Ralph?

Ralph.I am negative in the essence of happiness, lady --? well-off just innever-finishing unrest. In me tbelow meet a combination ofantithetical aspects which are at eternal battle through one an additional.Driven hither by objective impacts ? thither by subjectiveemovements ? wafted one minute right into blazing day, by mockinghope ? plunged the next into the Cimmerian darkness of tangibledespair, I am but a living ganglion of irreconcilable antagonisms. Ihope I make myself clear, lady?

Josephine.Perfectly. (aside) His easy eloquence goes to my heart. Oh, if Idared ? yet no, the thought is madness! (aloud) Dismiss out on thesefoolish fancies, they torture you yet needlessly. Come, make oneeffort.

Ralph.(aside) I will ? one. (aloud) Josephine!

Josephine. (indignantly)Sir!

Ralph.Aye, also though Jove"s armoury were introduced at the headof the audacious mortal whose lips, unhpermitted by relationship,dared to breathe that priceless word, yet would I breathe it as soon as,and then peropportunity be silent evermore. Josephine, in one briefbreath I will certainly concentrate the hopes, the doubts, the anxious fearsof 6 weary months. Josephine, I am a British sailor, and I love you!

Josephine.Sir, this audacity! (aside) Oh, my heart, my beating heart! (aloud) Thisunwarrantable presumption on the component of a common sailor(aside) Common! oh, the irony of the word! (crossing, aloud) Oh, sir,you forobtain the disparity in our ranks.

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Ralph.I forget nopoint, haughty lady. I love you desperately, my life is inyour hand also ? I lay it at your feet! Give me hope, and also what I absence ineducation and learning and polite accomplishments, that I will endeavour to obtain.Drive me to despair, and also in fatality alone I shall look for consolation. Iam proud and cannot stoop to implore. I have actually spoken and I wait yourword.

Josephine.You shall not wait long. Your proffered love I haughtily disapprove.Go, sir, and also learn to actors your eyes on some village maiden inyour own poor rank ? they should be lowered prior to your captain"sdaughter