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Jill develops a new espresso machine, i beg your pardon she surname “Quik Shot.” She likewise writes the operating manual to be included with each final product. Jill could attain trademark protection fora.the espresso maker only.b.the name only.c.the operating hand-operated only.d.the espresso machine, the name and the operation manual.
typical Corporation cannot case a trademark in the expression “Quality is Standard” if the phrasea.has a an additional memorable.
A crime punishable by imprisonment in a commonwealth or state penitentiary because that any period of time is a misdemeanor.
Larceny might be differentiated from rob by the reality that larceny relies on stealth when robbery relies on fear and also force.
it is a adequate defense to a fee of embezzlement the the embezzler intended come return the embezzled property eventually.
Gail is a private lender who is charged through filing false cases in bankruptcy proceedings against her debtors. The standard of proof to discover a defendant who has been charged through a crime guilty isa.beyond all doubt.b.beyond a reasonable doubt.c.clear and also convincing evidence.d.a preponderance the the evidence.
Adam is charged v the board of directors of a crime. To find criminal liability, most crimes requirea.a specified state of psychic or intent only.b.the power of a prohibited action only.c.a specified state the mind and also the power of a prohibited act.d.none of the above.
Beth, one employee of City Bank, is charged with embezzlement, i m sorry requiresa.fraudulently appropriating another’s property.b.obtaining lawful possession of property.c.physically taking building from its owner.d.the usage of pressure or fear.
basic Industrial corporation (GIC) employs workers at ten places in three states. If one employment partnership is thought about subject come an comprise contract, GIC’s discharge of one employee exterior the terms of the contract may result ina.discontinuance that the worker’s health-plan coverage.b.the employee’s complaint to a government agency.c.the employee’s fit for breach that contract.d.GIC’s liability for loss
nationwide Industries, Inc., and also its employees are subject to commonwealth labor law, i m sorry is came to with the rights of a.the employee only.b.the employee only.c.the employees and also the employer.d.none the the above.
throughout a union election project at General building Corporation, the employer can, without security or regulation by the national Labor connections Board, threaten employees witha.a layoff only.b.a layoff or a palliation in benefits and also wages.c.a palliation in benefits and also wages only.d.none that the above.
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