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QuestionQUESTION 1 (10 POINTS) FUCNTION calls MIPs aboriginal assembly code only has two branch instructions, beq and also bne, and also only one to compare instruction. Slt. Utilizing these accuse (along with, e.g., the ori accuse to set a register to 0 or 1), write the MIPS assembly language equivalents because that each of.

QuestionQUESTION 1Describe the difference in between bulk data flow and interactive data flow. -Give instances of whereby each is used.QUESTION 2Describe the procedure of terminating a link in TCP. Be certain to talk about specifics ~ above why TCP provides the device it does..

QuestionQUERY tools it 200 database Database- CiMUsersVaniceDownloadsit 200 database.accdb (Access 2007-2013 document format) -Ac.. Paper HOME produce EXTERNAL DATA DATABASE TOOLS design nsert Rows ut sert Columns building sheet Union EX Delete Rows X Delete columns Pass-Through Table Names view Run select Make Append update Crosstab Delete show Totals Parameters.

QuestionQUERY tools it 200 database Database- CiMUsersVaniceDownloadsit 200 database.accdb (AccessComputer Science

QuestionQ:In java I require to produce a recursive maze solver and also itneeds to check out in a txt file that can look other likethis6011113333311111113331333331111333332where the 6 shows its a 6x6 maze and also 1 room openpaths, 3's space walls, 0 is the start, and also 2 is far my password looks like.

Question4. Write a complete Assembly Language regime to turning back the Byte value of memory locations SA00-SA04. The worths before and also after room shown below to aid you recognize the problem. You may use any Assembly Language. You may recall that data values room stored in memory together binary number and.

QuestionQ-This inquiry is on the timeless systems advancement lifecycle. Once users asking for extr features throughout development,we have what is called:  User-defined software.  Scope creep.  Bloatware.  An out-of-control project.  A runaway project.Q-2Lisa has started a part-time pet-sitting and dog-walkingbusiness, to aid pay for her college costs. Also though she hasmade a nice-looking net site, she.

QuestionQ-This concern the timeless systems advancement lifecycle. Once users askComputer Science

QuestionQUESTION 1Based on the password above, list the number, name, and also balance of every customers v balances higher than or equal to $2,000 and less than or equal to $5,000.a.SELECT CustomerName, Balance indigenous Customer where Balance in between 2000 and 5000 ;b.SELECT CustomerNum, CustomerName, Balance from Customer whereby Balance in between 2000.

QuestionQUESTION 1 2 points save Answer The Intel CoreTM 13-6320 processor operation at 3.90 GHz indigenous 1.152 V and also has a max TDP of 51 W. Calculation the capacitive load of the processor in pF inquiry 2 3 points conserve Answer What would certainly the TDP boost to if the 13-6320.

QuestionQUESTION 1 4 points save Answer SAP' s work with the NBA teach them exactly how to market to which market? a. Big corporations b. Mom-and-pop businesses c. Global businesses d. Nobody of the over points save Answer inquiry 2 sharing every one of an enterprise Which discipline promotes an integrated approach.

QuestionQ-Explain what is the advance Plan? and also what is the jobs that the advance Plan have to do?.

QuestionQUESTION 1: for a decoder with energetic low enable, what would certainly the input values and also the worth of the enable pin be if the calculation values are d0=1, d1=0, d2=0, d3=0, d4=0, d5=0, d6=0, d7=0? i2=Blank 1 i1=Blank 2 i0=Blank 3 e=Blank 4 Note: fill the end the blanks through either.

QuestionQUEENS N PROBLEMUSING THE techniques GIVEN finish THE PROGRAM, I already DID ITHOWEVER it ONLYPRINTS ONE SOLUTION and I WOULD favor IT come PRINTALL, deserve to YOU edit MY code TO print ALL SOLUTIONS? I will certainly COMPARE ITTO MY initial CODE TO know WHAT to be DONE!/*** Solves the 8 Queens.

Question1) In Von Neumann architecture, what a bitpattern to represent depends totally on how it is used. Decode andshow the an interpretation of the 32 bit number: 0x0BC00000a) if that is a two's enhance signed number(you have the right to answer by composing the sum representing the decimalequivalent, e.g. 2^9+2^5+2^1)?b) if the is a MIPS.

QuestionQUESTION 1"Given a table dimension of 13 the hash function h(k) = k % table size, what index does the entry 26 map to?" a) 13 b) 26 c) 12 d) 0QUESTION 2Hashing is a good technique for implementing a thesaurus when _____ is the primary task. A) sorting b) .

QuestionQ:In Java and also using recursion and also a 2d array.You need to make a maze solver. The regimen will take it infrom a record 2 things. The size of the square maze, and also the mazeitself. The maze will consists of numbers between 0 and also 3, wherein 0is the beginning point that the.

QuestionQUESTION 1For each item, pick the best definition from the range of options.IETFDe jure standardIRTFConnectionless delivery ServiceUDPGroup that works with research efforts in solving web issues.A conventional that was produced by initiatives that were planned come be standardized from the start and also that to be the product the a selection of stakeholders.Protocol.

QuestionQUESTION 1An association indicates:that the source address is because that a networking an equipment connected to among the harbor on the bridge.that the destination address is for a networking device connected to one of the harbor on the bridge.that the destination attend to is because that a networking an equipment connected to one of.

QuestionQUESTION 1 design a class named Account that has A exclusive int data field named id because that the account (default 0) A private twin data field named balance for the account (default 0) A private twin data ar named annuallnterestRate that stores the present interest rate (default 0). I think all.

QuestionQUESTION 1A ____ paper is a text paper with a .sql expansion that includes SQL commands.sequelbatchscriptcommand4 points inquiry 2Access walk not assistance the ____ data type.INTDECIMALNUMBERCURRENCY4 points inquiry 3In Oracle, the date, November 12, 2015 would certainly be stored as ‘12-NOV-2015’.TrueFalse4 points concern 4In SQL, there space special rules the specify.

QuestionQUESTION 1 1 points conserve Answer consider a non-empty Python list variable referred to as words which contains strings. Listed below is incomplete code which is to plan to print the longest wire in the perform words. The password is supposed to job-related by scanning throughout the list, using the variable ideal to keep.

QuestionQUESTION: In C++, modify the code listed below so the it saves your class roster come a record and can load from that file. Once you an initial start the regimen you must ask if they desire to load a paper or enter brand-new information! __________________________________________________________________ #include #include utilizing namespace std;.

QuestionQFD institute ( discover this website and summarize what QFD does for the firm. What advantages does that offer? exactly how does it effectively record the “Voice that the Customer?” What might be a pair of limit of QFD?.

QuestionQUESTION 1 (C languageonly)Write a role for Bubble sort that sorts the array andproduces a map of exactly how the array is being sorted. Each time thearray is modified, it’s published out for this reason the user deserve to observe exactly how thearray is changing. Your code have to have: (in C language only)A function.

QuestionQ-This concern is on the traditional systems breakthrough lifecycle. As soon as users ask for extr features throughout development,we have what is called:  User-defined software.  Scope creep.  Bloatware.  An out-of-control project.  A runaway project.Q-2Lisa has started a part-time pet-sitting and also dog-walkingbusiness, to aid pay for she college costs. Also though she hasmade a nice-looking web site, she.

QuestionQ-This inquiry the classic systems advance lifecycle. When users askComputer Science

QuestionQUESTION 1Answer questions based upon the complying with code:int<> x = brand-new int <10>;1. X is a recommendation variable to an array. Its measurement is _____. (use numeric value)2. X.length has a worth of _____. (use numeric value)3. The range stores ______ values of ______ type. (numeric value for first; case.

Question4. Compose a copy constructor for the matrix class. Assume that the implementations the Matrix and also HumanCell class exist. (25 points) write a code sample i m sorry instantiates a matrix "ml"of dimension 10x20 and also then constructs a second Matrix "m2" together a copy the the first one (25 points).

QuestionQ1-25 pts) prolong the resource code for the Singly linked List (attached come the quiz description) by adding a member role to discover the middle value the the facets in the List. Also, extend the main duty given in the source code to call the member duty and print the.

QuestionQUESTION 1An HTML kind tag should contain _____ attribute which gives the route to the page on the net server that will process kind data it is registered by the actiona methoda namea size4 points question 2The value home of an HTML radio button is either true or false.TrueFalse4 point out QUESTION.

Question4. Compose a meaning of a macro toUpper with one parameter, the resolve of a byte in memory. The code produced by the macro will research the byte, and if it is the ASCII password for a lowercase letter, replace it by the ASCIIl password for the matching uppercase letter..

QuestionQUESTION 1If A and B are sets and | AxB |=5, climate how numerous tuples space in the Cartesian product A x B ?52525102 points question 2if A is a collection with |A| = 4 then what is the worth of | A x A |4201642 points inquiry 3If A.

QuestionQUESTION 1 according to Johnson, why is that wrong come copy a proprietary piece of software? since the creators have a herbal right come its ownership since otherwise there would certainly be no catalyst to create an ext software due to the fact that it is intuitively wrong since it would certainly violate a about just system.

QuestionQUESTION 1Consider the following tables:CUSTOMER(CUS_CODE, CUS_LNAME, CUS_FNAME, CUS_PHONE)INVOICE(INV_NUMBER, INV_DATE, CUS_CODE)For the tables given above, work-related on the troubles below:1. Because that each table, identify the main key.2. Because that each table, identify the international key(s).3. Identify at least one candidate key. If there space no candidate keys, give an example of an.


QuestionQUESTION 1In PHP, what will certainly be the calculation of the following codeSelect one:a. Hello 10 worldb. Hello worldc. Girlfriend will acquire an errord. 10e. HelloQUESTION 2Considering the CSS box model, what is the last width of an element of this class:Select one:a. 100b. 120c. 140d. 130.

Question4. Create a command to display information about the offered andfree space on the file system, showing only local paper systems, andthen send the output of the command come the screen and to threefiles called status1, status2, and status3. Execute this every in onecommand line..

QuestionQUESTION 1 an array is passed to a function by passing in the value. That means, the arrays are constantly passed by value. True False.

QuestionQFD academy ( this website and summarize what QFD does for the firm. What advantages does that offer? exactly how does it effectively capture the “Voice the the Customer?” What can be a pair of drawbacks of QFD? .

QuestionQFD institute ( this website and also summarize what QFD doesComputer Science

QuestionQPSIM direct SearchWrite a MIPS assembly language regimen that deserve to search because that a number that gotten in by user in selection with 20 essence numbers and prints the table of contents of the number in the array if the is found.

Question4. Compose a duty called hulk that takes a row vector v together aninput and returns a procession H whose an initial column consist of theelements of v, whose second column consists of the squares of theelements the v, and also whose 3rd column is composed of the cubes of theelements v. For.

QuestionQUESTION : Prove that if x and y are real numbers, climate max(x, y) + min(x, y) = x + y. State what an approach of proof you are using. In ~ the start of every proof, state what you space assuming and what the proof will certainly show.Hint: do a proof by.

QuestionQ9-13. Why it far better not to readjust an end-to-end resolve from the source to the destination? Q9-14. How countless IP addresses and also how numerous link-layer addresses should a router have when that is connected to 5 links?.

QuestionQUESTION 1A payroll device would need to do i m sorry of the adhering to to effectively fit the an interpretation of a system?Capture data to be processedApply calculations to recorded data through ideal calculations for gross pay, deductions and also net payPrepare output documents for disseminationAll that the choices are correct2 points concern 2A.

QuestionQ:Consider the adhering to variable definitions:char a, *b, *c;int d<2>, *e;int i, *j;How many complete bytes go this code allocate because that variables? assume a 32-bit depiction for integer and pointer values.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I answerd this inquiry as the following but Im not certain if ns in the ideal track or not...My Answer:**Because it.

QuestionQ:Consider the following variable definitions:char a, *b, *c;int d<2>, *e;intComputer Science

QuestionQUESTION 1Copy file called sortfile from my home directory. The document contains 3 columns of details : username, uid number and also group surname respectively, be separated by a field separator.Will the adhering to command type the file on the team name field?sort -t! -k3 sortfileYesNoQUESTION 2Copy the record called sortfile from my.

QuestionQ1:25 pts)For the graph assigned come you, discover the adhering to using the approximation heuristics questioned in class. (a) Maximal Independent collection (b) Minimal peak Cover (c) Maximal Clique (d) Minimum CDS display all the work for each..

QuestionQUESTION i beg your pardon of the adhering to are circumstances variables for an Account object?balancenameacctNuminitBalownernumberwithdrawamtToTakedepositamtToAddgetBalancetoStringsAccount objects have actually no circumstances variables1 points inquiry which of the complying with are members that the class Account?balancenameacctNuminitBalownernumberwithdrawamtToTakedepositamtToAddgetBalancetoStringsThe Account course has no members.1 points question i m sorry of the following are mutators?balancenameacctNuminitBalownernumberwithdrawamtToTakedepositamtToAddgetBalancetoStringsThere room no mutators1 clues QUESTION.

QuestionQUESTION 1If a table had both employee numbers and also Social security numbers, both columns would be referred to as candidate keys.TrueFalse4 points concern 2A relationship is in ____ if the does not contain any type of repeating groups.third typical formBoyce-Codd typical formsecond typical formfirst normal form4 points question 3A(n) ____ is the.

QuestionQ:A file with permission of rw-rw-rw- is put in a directory with permission the r-xr-xr-x. I m sorry of the following statement is false?A.the magazine is write-protectedB.the file can no be executedC.the paper can not be removedD.the record can no be modifiedPShow does this work?how to uncover out what go rw-rw-rw- and.

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QuestionQ113.9 Which operation does take location in the complying with example? no Q4: int twin 211 y 61 z 141 5.5 1. Implicit conversion. 2. 3. Clear conversion. 4. Truncation..