1) A crucial factor in creating high economic growth isA) eliminating international trade.B) well-functioning gaue won markets.C) high interest rates.D) stock sector volatility.

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2) markets in i m sorry funds space transferred native those who have excess funds accessible to those who have actually a shortage of accessible funds room calledA) commodity markets.B) fund-available markets.C) derivative exchange markets.D) financial markets.
3) The price paid because that the rental of borrowed funds (usually expressed together a percent of the rental the $100 per year) is commonly referred to together theA) inflation rate.B) exchange rate.C) attention rate.D) aggregate price level.
4) contrasted to interest prices on long-term U.S. Federal government bonds, interest prices on three-month Treasury receipt fluctuate ________ and are ________ ~ above average.A) more; lowerB) less; lowerC) more; higherD) less; higher
5) High interest rates might ________ to buy a house or car but at the same time high interest rates can ________ saving.A) discourage; encourageB) discourage; discourageC) encourage; encourageD) encourage; discourage
6) High interest rates might cause a corporation come ________ building a brand-new plant that would provide more jobs.A) completeB) considerC) postponeD) contemplate
7) A climbing stock market index early out to greater share pricesA) increases people"s wealth, yet is unlikely to boost their willingness to spend.B) boosts people"s wealth and also as a an outcome may rise their willingness come spend.C) to reduce the quantity of funds that business firms can raise by offering newly-issued stock.D) to reduce people"s wealth, however is i can not qualify to increase their willingness come spend.
8) A share of common stock is a insurance claim on a corporation"sA) debt.B) liabilities.C) expenses.D) earnings and assets
9) Channeling funds from individuals with surplus funds to those desiring funds once the saver go not purchase the borrower"s protection is known asA) barter.B) redistribution.C) financial intermediation.D) taxation.
10) Money is defined asA) bills of exchange.B) anything that is generally welcomed in payment for goods and also services or in the repayment that debt.C) a risk-free repository of safety power.D) the unrecognized liability of governments.
B) anything that is generally embraced in payment for goods and also services or in the repayment of debt.
11) throughout a recession, output declines resulting in A) reduced unemployment in the economy.B) greater unemployment in the economy.C) no affect on the joblessness in the economy.D) greater wages for the workers.
12) ________ concept relates alters in the quantity of money to transforms in accumulation economic task and the price level.A) MonetaryB) fiscal C) FinancialD) Systemic
13) it is true the inflation is aA) constant increase in the money supply.B) continuous fall in prices.C) decline in attention rates.D) continually increasing price level.
14) over there is a ________ association between inflation and also the development rate the money ________.A) positive; demandB) positive; supplyC) negative; demandD) negative; supply
15) The company responsible because that the command of financial policy in the United claims is theA) Comptroller of the Currency.B) U.S. Treasury.C) federal Reserve System.D) office of financial Affairs.
16) ________ policy entails decisions around government spending and taxation.A) MonetaryB) FiscalC) FinancialD) Systemic
17) everything else held constant, a weaker disagreement will most likely hurtA) textile exporters in south Carolina.B) wheat farmers in Montana that sell domestically.C) auto manufacturers in Michigan that use domestically produced inputs.D) furniture importers in California.
18) American farmer who market beef to Europe benefit most fromA) a to decrease in the dissension price of euros.B) boost in the dissension price the euros.C) a consistent dollar price for euros.D) a European ban on imports the American beef.
19) which of the following items space not counted in U.S. GDP?A) your acquisition of a new Ford MustangB) your purchase of brand-new tires for her old carC) GM"s acquisition of tires for brand-new carsD) a foreign consumer"s acquisition of a brand-new Ford Mustang
20) once the total value of final goods and services is calculation using existing prices, the resulting measure is referred to asA) actual GDP.B) the GDP deflator.C) in the name of GDP.D) the index of leading indicators.

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21) If nominal GDP in 2001 is $9 trillion, and also 2001 real GDP in 1996 price is $6 trillion, the GDP deflator price table of contents isA) 7.B) 100.C) 150.D) 200.