Nya would certainly watch the men drilling the hole because that water. At an initial things appeared to it is in going well, yet now some of the guys were beginnning to obtain discouraged or upset because some the the equipments were breaking.

It looked favor the boss kept all of the workers encouraged even once the makers were breaking. Sometimes, the boss maintained them functioning by do jokes and also laughing, and sometimes he would get an extremely angry.

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Nya simply kept watching and hoping because that water.


Ethiopia-Sudan-Kenya 1991-1992

All the the refugees were wait on the riverbank. Some of them were jumping in and also trying to get throughout to the other side. But, the current was so solid it was difficult to swim. Salva watched a young boy go under the water and not come earlier up.

Salva also saw crocodiles in the water and also saw someone acquire taken under the water through a crocodile and eaten.


Salva didn\"t want to jump in the Gilo River due to the fact that he knew he more than likely would die. But he establish he had no choice. If he didn\"t jump in he would be shot by the soldiers. Salva jumped into the water.

He landed next to a little boy who got his head and also pushed it under the water so the he can get his head over water. Salva couldn\"t breath under the water, he believed he to be going come die!


Salva to be so scared gift under the water, yet when he ultimately got to the top of the river and also gasped because that air, he realized that since the boy moved his head underwater he had actually actually saved his life.

The boy had been shooting by a soldier but because Salva had actually been underwater the hadn\"t to be shot. Salva had no idea exactly how he had obtained so lucky. That couldn\"t think he to be still alive.


Salva finally got come the other side the the river and began go again. The only difference was that this time he didn\"t recognize where to walk. He knew the couldn\"t go residence to Sudan since it was still dangerous and he knew the couldn\"t go back to Ethiopia because the soldiers would shoot at him. Salva decided he have to go come Kenya because there were various other refugee camps there. Salva chose to walk southern to Kenya.


Hundreds of boys adhered to Salva together he began walking to Sudan. The felt like he was in charge since he to be the oldest. Several of the younger boys even reminded that of his youngest brother, Kuol.

Salva made that his mission come get all of the guys safely come Kenya. They walked in ~ night to stop the fighting and also Salva provided each of the boys a job. Once the younger boys became too tired to walk, Salva had actually the larger boys lug them.

Walking and also leading the group was hard. Salva felt like the just reason he was able to store going was because he retained thinking about his family and how lock would want him to survive. Salva to be think to self \"One step at a time...one day at a time...just today-Just today to obtain through\" in order to assist keep self from giving up.

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Salva called himself not to give up everyday and also he told every one of the boys in his group. And also one day at a time, the team made their means to Kenya. An ext than twelve hundreds (1,200) boys arrived safely come the refugees camp in Kenya. It take it them a year and also a half, but they do it.