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Abstract: Globalization and also communication technology are bringing the civilization closer with each other in a an international village, consisting of language barriers. The things that avoid us from understanding each other"s constitute a common challenge to individuals, groups, international companies, governments, nations, and the totality world. This qualitative examine aimed at experimenting the factors that reason language barriers, their types, and also their impact on effective communication and our life as well as ways to make people mindful of the prestige of overcoming them. The research concluded the language or semantic obstacles arise from various subjects such together meanings and uses the words, symbols, images, gestures, languages and also dialects.

Keywords: Communication, Language Barriers, Semantic Barriers, Understanding.

Resumen: La globalización y la tecnología de la comunicación están uniendo al mundo en una aldea global, incluyendo barreras del idioma. Ras cosas que nos impiden entendernos constituyen un desafío común para las personas, los grupos, ras compañías internacionales, los gobiernos, las naciones y el mundo entero. Este estudio cualitativo tuvo como objetivo explorar los factores que causan las barreras del idioma, sus tipos y su impacto en la comunicación efectiva y nuestra vida, así como ras formas de sensibilizar a ras personas sobre la importancia de superarlas. El estudio concluyó que el lenguaje o ras barreras semánticas surgen de diferentes temas, como significados y usos de palabras, símbolos, imágenes, gestos, idiomas y dialectos.

Palabras clave: barreras del lenguaje, barreras semánticas, comprensión, comunicación.


Human interaction is a social interaction process. That is vital part that our everyday life. The is a process of creating, exchanging, sharing ideas, information, opinions, facts, feelings, and experiences in between a sender and also a receiver. Interaction is fundamental to the existence and also survival that individuals, groups, societies, and also nations. Language is the most common tool the communication. The plays a critical role in help people build a leg of relationships. At the exact same time, language acts as a destroyer the bridges of human relations due to the fact that it separates world from each other. Language proceeds to remain a obstacle to convey our messages to world in the globalization and communication era. Language obstacles are a common difficulty in global business, aviation and also social settings. They influence our day-to-day life.

Language barriers are the root reasons of numerous problems or obstacles in health and wellness care, aviation, maritime,business, and also education. Because that example, (a)Effective communication between healthcare providers, patients, and families is critical for giving safe and also quality healthcare. The outcomes of a Canadian study around the an adverse impact the language barriers on top quality of care and also patient safety: Patients and interpreters explained experiences whereby language barriers contributed to more inferior patient assessment, misdiagnosis, delay treatment, incomplete understanding of patient condition, threats of medicine errors and complications and prescribed therapy (Bowen: 2015). In the second example, Aviation researcher emphasize that over 60% that aircraft occurrences are led to by person error (Sexton & Helmreich: 2000, pp.63-68).

The failure of crews to communicate effectively is one common form of error. According to the Aviation security Reporting device (ASAS) that NASA (National Aeronautics and room Administration), over70% of the first 28,000 reports got were uncovered to be related interaction issues (Drury et al.: 2005). Therefore, ineffective communication is a global threat come aviation safety. The third example, enhanced globalization is forcing a growing variety of business managers and employees come interact throughout linguistic boundaries (Lauring: 2008, pp.343-361). A German examine titled "language obstacles in different Forms of global Assignments" has associated language obstacles to a series of organizational habits phenomena. The results confirmed that language barriers have effects on the multinational corporation as follows: impacts on employees" emotions, social identity formation, trust formation, power relations (Tenzer & Schuster: 2017, pp.63-100). The 4th example, the result of a study about the influence of language obstacles on the client of English as a 2nd Language, argues that language barriers generate an adverse emotional and cognitive responses and also prevent the customers from taking certain actions such together seeking essential information or complaining about a organization failure. (Meuter et al.: 2015, p.371).

The fifth example, language barriers, absence of communication, and also miscommunication onboard vendor vessels is the primary cause of crashes at sea every year. During 1990 over there were 4 Canadian pilotage events where ineffective communication between the Pilot and also the Master had actually severe consequences. (a) In July 1990, the Enerchem fusion ran ground, early to troubles in confirming the Master"s intentions of taking over the command of the vessel native the pilot. The vessel was moving 8,000 lots of petroleum products, and also although a major pollution event was avoided, the vessel was claimed a constructive total loss. (b) comparable problems in communication intentions between The Master and also the Pilot caused the ground connection of the Lake Anima, a Norwegian chemistry tanker. (c) throughout 1191 two additional incidents resulted from a failure in the interaction of intentions between a Master and a Pilot. The Irving Nordick grounded in the St. Lawrence River experiencing structural damage. The absence of adequate details exchange in between a Master and also Pilot were contributing to an accident. The Yugoslavian Malfnska also ran ground since although both Pilot and also Master had actually calculated the vessel"s position, neither had actually consulted through the other, and the understand did not know the pilot"s intention. (Granek et al.: 2013, pp.e129-e135) there is one overwhelming international agreement on the an adverse impact the language obstacles on our lives.


Communication has many definitions (Marume et al.: 2016, pp.26-32):

1. Sharing: of meanings, ideas, opinions, facts, feelings, experiences, information between a sender and a receiver.2. Conference of Minds: mutual knowledge or agreement between the sender and also the recipient oncommon issues. Interaction occurs only once the message hasbeen understood, and also understanding wake up in the mental of the receiver. Therefore we need to speak to world according to their level of understanding to acquire our message across to them.3. Understanding: effective interactions happened as soon as the receiver understood the message.4. Acquiring feedback: feedback or an answer is an important to for sure that an exact understanding that the message has actually occurred. A simple definition of communication is the the procedure of exchanging ideas, feelings, opinions, facts, information, and also experiences between the sender and also a recipient verbally (spoken, written and nonverbally, sign-language, and also body language.) through a channel of communication. To understand the human interaction process, one must recognize how human being relate to each other.

Communication takes two forms:

A-Verbal Communication: the exchange that ideas, thoughts, feelings, opinions, and experiences through spoken or composed words.B-Non-Verbal Communication: the exchange the ideas, thoughts, emotions, opinions, feelings, and experiences through sign language and body language (facial expression, eye-contact, voice, hand movement, posture).

The Communication procedure is composed of the design or map of the communication process that mirrors the relationships between the aspects or components of the interaction process.

Figure 2. Gift the communication process, and also how does interaction take place?

The measures or aspects or materials of the communication process:

1. Sender (Source): The initiator the communication and also the originator of a message. That is responsible for being sure the message is that s right received and also understood.2. Encoding: a process in i m sorry the ideas to it is in conveyed are analyzed into a code or collection of symbolsor some other layout of expression.3. Message: the idea, information, opinion, fact, feeling, etc. That is the love of the communication process. It have the right to be a Spoken, created word, authorize language, and body language.4. Channel: the medium used come convey the blog post to the receiver. The media that communicationinclude radio, newspaper, telephone, TV, and also internet.5. Decoding: is the process of translating the message into a language that deserve to be understood by the receiver.6. Receiver: The recipient is the individual or people to whom the article is directed. (Listener, reader, and viewer).7. Feedback: the an answer or reaction of the receiver to the sender"s message. It might be verbal, non- verbal, or both. It can be either optimistic or negative. Therefore.Feedback is a need to to ensure that messages have actually been understood and received and helps the sender and also the receiver achieve mutual understanding.

8. Effect: the sender communicates in bespeak to influence the receiver"s knowledge attitudes and practice or actions (KAP).

The environment or scenarios in which interaction takes place. How does the communication procedure happen?

The sender has actually an intention or idea or emotion and an interpretation that exists in his mind. The encoded them right into a message.

The sender transmits his article through the best channel come the receiver.

The receiver gets the message, decodes and also interprets it based upon his knowledge of the meaning of the language and reacts or responds by sending feedback (new message) come the sender. Thus, he becomes a sender.

The original sender now becomes a receiver and also reacts come the an answer of the sender (receiver).Based top top the outcomes of the communication process, the adjust may occur in the knowledge, attitude, and also behavior (action) that the receiver. Communication is an interactive process; its efficiency is judged through how very closely the receivers" understanding matches the sender"s intention.

It is a communication in between two or more persons in i m sorry the intended article is accordingly encoded, yielded through an suitable channel, received and also adequately decoded and understood through the receiver or receivers. (Effective Communication) it is a two-way process. The is an essential for interacting successfully v others. It permits people to build and also maintain relationship and attain goals, jobs, and also tasks.

The primary qualities are as follows (Jureddi & Brahmaiah: 2016, pp.114-115).

1. -Using language that is ideal to others" level of understanding.2. Making certain others obtain the information or knowledge.3. Occurring relationships with others.4. Talking v others in a means that facilitates openness and also honesty.5. Completeness that the message.6. Clarity that the message.7. Verity of the message.8. Conciseness of the message.9. Consideration of physical setting and the recipient.10. Courtesy to be maintained.11. Correctness of the Message.

Merely speaking, effective interaction is the process of sending the right post to the best receiver v the ideal channel at the right time and also place through the best feedback.

Barriers come Effective interaction are obstacles or difficulties that breakdown the communicationprocess due to the fact that they protect against the circulation of information between a sender and also a receiver. There are numerous obstacles to communication, and also these may happen at any type of stage in the interaction process. They have the right to be classified right into the following categories: mechanical, physical, psychological, social, noise, religious, cultural, and also language barriers.

Figure 3. Barriers to effective communication as described

Language is the most an effective tool the communication. Its duty includes the: interaction of ideas, thoughts, opinion and emotional expression, society interaction, utilizing the strength of sound, g record facts, expression the identity. However, in ~ the very same time, a common obstacle to efficient communication. Language or semantic barriers arise when countless words have much more than one meaning, and also a sender and a receiver shot to communicate in a language, which themselves execute not understand properly. So, communication is not always successful. There might be some faults or obstacles in the interaction system, which might prevent the blog post from getting to the to plan receiver or that destination. Language obstacles are generally arising in 5 areas: the means a article is originated and also sent by a sender, ecological interruptions, and also the means it is received and also understood by a receiver. Language barriers are far-ranging because lock are frequently an impediment to structure relationships through others. They can cause misunderstandings that bring about conflict, frustration, offense, violence, ache feelings, and also wasting time, effort, money, and lives the the people.

Summary, language barriers are semantic difficulties that arise throughout the process of encoding and/ordecoding the message right into words and also ideas, respectively. Lock are one of the main barriers that limit efficient communication. They space the most common communication obstacles which reason misunderstandings and misinterpretations between people. Castle indicate obstacles that 2 people, who carry out not re-superstructure a common language, challenge when they are trying to communicate with each other. Castle can also refer to the complete absence of communication between the two people who speak various languages.

The examine aimed in ~ exploring and also understanding the factors, which create language obstacles in a real-life, recognize the nature that communication, critically examine the impact of language barriers on efficient communication, our way of trading messages, do people, groups, governments and also nations mindful of the importance of overcoming them and making recommendation based upon the study outcomes for enhancing the effectiveness of communication.

The study focuses on the prominence of language or semantic barriers to communication, their types,causes, affect on our lives, and how to address them efficiently in stimulate to acquire our message across.

Research states that effective interaction is difficult to achieve. In today"s globalized world, effective interaction is essential to structure relationships in between people by using verbal and also non-verbal language as a tool of communication. Nevertheless, language have the right to act together a bridge in interaction with people, and a obstacle (wall) which avoids people from trading simple, clear, and also accurate messages. In thecommunication era, language barriers divide and separate united state by producing misunderstandings, misinformation, distortion, deadly errors, frustration disasters, conflict, and also violence among people globally. Language obstacles waste our efforts, time, and also money. This study aims at identifying language barriers, your types, and also discusses their influence on person communication and ways the overcoming them.

The study focuses only top top language barriers to verbal communication.


This qualitative study presents research study aiming to discover factors, which reason language obstacles in real life, offer examples about the performance of language barriers on communication, and also discuss presented to reduce or overcome the language barrier of communication.

Research Questions:

1: What is the an interpretation of communication?

2: What is the influence of language barriers on the communication process?

3: What space the obstacles to reliable communication?

5: What room the root causes of interaction failure?

7: How have the right to we overcome language barriers?

The Root causes of Language Barriers:

The difference in Language: is the most evident barrier to communication as two people speaking two different languages cannot communicate with each other. Because that example, one American goes to Egypt. That does not know Arabic, and most civilization in Egypt do not understand English. So, once an American speaks, communication is worthless together the Egyptians execute not recognize it.


The Accent:

The use of native or phrases of human being belonging to various places or regions might differ in meanings, interpretations also if their language is the same, which may bring about various kinds of conflicts and also disasters? because that example, in 1977, the deadliest air disaster occurred in the Canary Islands. 2 747 jets, one Pan AM, one KLM collided top top the runway in ~ Tenerife airport, killing 583 travelers. Language played a far-reaching role in the disaster. The co-pilot of a KLM radioed the manage tower in a heavy Dutch interval " we are now at takeoff. " air traffic controllers understood the article that to average the aircraft was all set to go yet stopped brief of the runway. However, the KLM airplane had began its take-off run and rammed right into a PAN to be on the same fog-laden runway. The tower did not recognize the message and also told KLM to stand bye. Investigations showed that the major language the the crew that KLM to be Dutch, the air controllers" main language to be Portuguese. Every were speaking English, but they used English together a second language that added to a lack of communication or misunderstanding in between them. After reviews of cockpit recorder transcriptions identified that KLM pilot"s usage of non-standard phraseology throughout the critical moments leading as much as the accident added to catastrophe (Lee: 2003).

Poorly Misunderstood Language messages deserve to confuse:

Miscommunication in between the air web traffic controllers and also pilots is a safety and security threat globally. Although English is the worldwide language of aviation, also when the pilots and also air traffic controllers both speak English fluently, there room failures in the methods they hear it. Because that example, in November 1996, the pilot of Saudi Arabia airlines Boeing 747 misunderstood an air website traffic controllers" directive come descend and instead climbed, colliding through Kazakhstan national Airways cargo plane near Delhi, India killing 349 travelers (Cheng: 2015). That wasprimarily blamed on a language barrier, entailing pilots whose an initial language is not English. To avoid such a absence of understanding, which brought about a deadly disaster, the pilot the the Saudi plane should have asked the controller come repeat the instructions for the 2nd time, until understood.

Misusing Words:

Sometimes the sender misuses words, which might distort the message and lead come misunderstanding distorts the message. The sender should be accurate and also familiar come both the sender and also the recipient to protect against misunderstanding. Because that Example, The brothers Broadcasting copy, group (BBC) editorial guideline about reporting terrorism states:

We should report acts of terror quickly, accurately, completely and responsibly. Terror is a challenging and emotive subject with far-reaching political overtones, and care is compelled in the usage of language the carries value judgments. We shot to prevent the usage of the ax "terrorist" without attribution. As soon as we do use the term, we need to strive to do so through consistency in the stories we report throughout all our services and also in a method that go not undermine our call for objectivity and also accuracy. Words "terrorist" itself have the right to be a barrier rather 보다 an assist to understanding. We need to convey come our audience the full consequences of the plot by describing what happened. We have to use words i beg your pardon specifically define the perpetrator such as "bomber", "attacker", "gunman", "kidnapper", "insurgent", and “militant". We should not embrace other people"s language as our own; our duty is to remain objective and report in methods that permit our audience to do their own assessments about who is act what to whom (Li et al.: 2010, pp.385-391).

To prevent misunderstanding and also get his message across, the sender must use accurate and also familiar words come the receiver.

Using Abusive Words:

No one have the right to bear rude language. Because that example, (a) In the Arab culture calling a person "you pig" way "you room dirty" is one offending word. (b) The management of- the Arab bank based in the Hashemite Kingdom the Jordan- started establishing branches in the Palestinian inhabited West Bank, yet it was confronted with a huge language obstacle that prevented the from using the word "Client “because that means" Traitor" or "spy" because that the Palestinians the one that cooperates through the Israeli security. So, it provided an alternative word "The beneficiary the the services”. The use of rude native or expressions will certainly provoke an unfavorable emotions. (c), once Russian president Vladimir Putin met british prime-minister Tony Blair in St. Petersburg in 2000, he spoke about Chechens’ insulting mindset to Russians and also illustrated this by an abusive slogan in Russian in a Chechen military camp:

Above us is Allah" and" under united state goats" Blair was obviously confused as he can not see anything really insulting in translation. But the Russian word for "goat" is really rude as soon as it is used about people. Blair might not watch the insult because, as Chechens live in the mountains, above them is "Allah" and under castle are hill goats (Ter-Minasova: 2008, pp.297-342).

It sounds rather poetic 보다 insulting. The sender must avoid rude native or expressions due to the fact that they may hurt the feelings of the receiver and also provoke emotions.Using Jargon:

They room overcomplicated technological terms or unfamiliar native or abbreviations supplied by professionals like doctors, engineers, pilots, researchers to enhance interaction by simplifying a certain concept to the receivers. Because that example: (a) in the computer system jargon, "to burn a "CD" way "to copy the data ~ above a CD". To a common man, words "burn" may have actually a very different connotation.

(b)Grammar and spelling: Language obstacles may arise as soon as the sender renders errors in grammar and spelling. This mistakes can create communication problems in composed communication. Because that example, aperson renders a mistake of keying "done"," don" " buy" "bye" "meet" " meat" "Lead" "lead" "red" "Read". Castle are taken by their context or pronunciation. The spelling and grammar checker that the computer system does no label it as wrong together "don " is likewise a exactly word. Yet the native can change the whole definition of the sentence or make the sentence not understandable. To prevent such mistake, the sender must use dictionary to verify spelling, usage spell-checker computer to ensure that spelling is correct or ask someone to proofread her writing(c) The 300-word language that aviation which consists of 300 words and terminology is a mix of professional jargon and plain English. It was produced to protect against pilots and also air controllers mishearing and also misunderstanding each other and avoid possibly fatal crashes taking place. E.g. “roger" This method "message received and understood", "Wilco ": one abbreviation of "will comply", it way the pilot has received the message and also will comply." Affirm", means "yes", and pronounced "AY-firm". (Lunenburg: 2010, pp.1-10) So, the sender must avoid making use of jargon and unfamiliar indigenous or terms because they bring about misunderstanding and also confusion and accidents. Adhering to several together air website traffic accidents. The worldwide Civil Aviation company (ICAO) suggested English should be the worldwide language of aviation, and that pilots and air web traffic controllers - have to have basic knowledge of it and also take exams (Fischer et al.: 1996).

Using Slang Words:

Informal words and also phrases provided in communication that regularly exclude details groups. Protect against idiomatic expression or slang. American English is full of idioms. One idiom is a distinctive, often vibrant expression whose definition cannot be understood. Native the combined meaning of its individual words, because that example, the phrase “to kill two birds with one stone.” Slangs leads to the misunderstanding that the message. The sender must not use slang in bespeak to reduce misunderstanding.

Using Impolite Words:

Usage the rude or slang language can impede all the efforts of interacting verbally. Connecting in a foreign country can be confusing if no one speaks her language or any kind of other language that you know. Similarly, it have the right to be frustrating not to recognize the definition of certain words the the locals use. Even when they shot to speak English, you may discover some that the things they say impolite. For example, the Thais frequently use the usual word "farang" when they speak to western people. This word might sound an adverse to Westerners. It renders them feel looked down upon and also angry because Guava in Thai is called "farang ". The very same word is additionally used because that white people." Farang" is a Thai type of the Arabic word"Ifranji", which method white travelers, so Thais contact white people" farang" nevertheless of their nationality and social status. Come a Thai person, the word" Farang "does not have actually any an unfavorable connotations. (Wiener & Rivera: 2004, pp.93-101) The sender should not use words and also expressions that belittle or pains the feelings of others.

Misinterpretation of Words:

Semantic troubles often arise due to the fact that of the gap between the definition as intended by the sender and that as taken by the receiver. This happens when the receiver does no assign the same definition to words as the sender had intended. Words can express a variety of meanings depending ~ above their, i.e., in the paper definition in which they are supplied nature. For example, the word "yellow" when supplied as one adjective have the right to have multiple connotations relying on its usage. ‘Yellow’, as well as being a main color, also stands because that ‘freshness’, ‘beauty’, ‘sickness’, ‘decay’, " yellow cow because that Jews" method "holy cow “and" yellow web traffic light " means "caution"." Yellow race" means "Mongolians”, “Yellow emperor”. "Emperor the China". Hence, the receiver is totally free to translate it in any of these ways based upon his imagination, educational background, and experience. But for interaction to be perfect, that is crucial that the receiver need to assign to it the same meaning which the sender had in his mind while encoding the message. Therefore, there is always a possibility of misinterpretation that the messages. Mostly, such difficulties arise as soon as the sender does not use simple and clear words that deserve to convey the exact an interpretation to the receiver.

Choice of dorn Words:

A single word has actually different interpretations for different persons. If both the sender and the receiver select different definitions for the very same word, then it reasons a semantic barrier. Improper indigenous may result in unsure or distorted messages and create a poor impression. For example, In Arabic Culture, the word" redman"(communist) or a" male dressed in red "or a "man v a red face". Or a" bloody man". So, if people do not understand the words, castle cannot know the message. The sender should choose his words carefully in bespeak to bridge gaps, construct relations, and also create understanding.

Using ambiguous or Vague native or Phrases:

They are not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed. Ambiguity arises as soon as the sender and the receiver of the blog post assume different definitions to the exact same words, phrases, and sentences or use various words to convey the exact same meaning. A sender often assumes the the receiver have the right to understand the definition of these words, phrases, and sentences as he does. Because that example, The Israelis misinterpreted the message of the UN resolution 242 write-up (i)" tap the money of Israeli armed forces from territories inhabited (the West Bank and also Gaza) in the recent conflict.

"That calls for the complete withdrawal that the Israeli army from the Palestine lands inhabited in1967. The Israeliargument is that the withdrawal expression in the Resolution to be not supposed to describe a full withdrawal, due to the fact that there is no word "all" or "the" prior to "territories" in the withdrawal phase. (Taylor et al.: 2013, p.35) The wording that the withdrawal expression is vague or ambiguous, for this reason it to be misinterpreted through Israel due to the fact that it to be not clearly or explicitly stated. However anyway, it should be placed in the context of the remainder of the resolution that calls for a complete withdrawal the the Israeli army from the Palestinian inhabited lands in 1967. (b) faint Phrases, such as: "It will be there as usual." or "The same as last time." The phrase" as soon as possible" might mean a couple of minutes or hours to the sender and also a work or 2 for the receiver. (c) the word "Pope " is vague due to the fact that there are two Popes because that the Christians: Pope because that the western World and also a Pope because that Coptic Christians civilization in Egypt in the East. To avoid such misunderstanding, the sender must use clear, precise language, stating specifically times and also locations and names. Choosing ambiguous indigenous or terms to convey your article will lead the receiver come confusion and misunderstanding. You deserve to avoid any kind of ambiguity by repeating the ax or utilizing alternatives. Pass out communication method open to numerous different interpretations.

Language obstacles in the exact same Langue:

A language obstacle can appear when the sender and also the receiver perform speak the exact same language. People speaking the exact same language have the right to have an obstacle understanding each other if they room from various regions of the exact same country. Dialectical and accents differences, the use of slang and regional colloquialisms deserve to create plenty of problems that may cause misunderstanding and also gaps in communication. Because that example, one incident defined as a form of the dangers of not speaking the same language, the crew that a Lot polishing Airline Boeing 737 struggled to connect with brother air traffic controllers ~ their digital flight screens went blank in instrument meteorological problems following a leave from London Heathrow Airport. The polishing pilots are unable to connect their difficulties to the British air controller. (Werfelman: 2008, p.3) an additional example, the use of slang makes interaction ineffective, such as the usage of words "grass" to describe marijuana in America deserve to act together a barrier for the world who execute not know the slang meaning.

Religious Language Differences:

Language barriers generally an outcome from the absence of understanding in between the pendant of the 3 religions. Because that example, one American Christian, an American Jew, and an American Muslim all praise one God, yet they have various names for God. "God" because that Christians,” Elohim or Yahweh" because that a Jew, and also "Allah" because that a Muslim. Each one of them has actually a different concept for God. The sender need to use dialogue to interact with the recipient in order to get over misunderstanding.

Regional Dialects:

People speak the very same language, but dialectical differences can create misunderstanding and gaps in communication because the meanings, implications, and also interpretations of words space different. For example, India supplies over. Major languages, each spoken in one particular region and each language has a variety of dialects and regional variations which might not constantly be support understandable. (Narayan: 2013, pp.236-Another example, return Arabs speak a usual language (Arabic), several of them can have difficultyunderstanding the an interpretation of the message and the feedback. This might additionally be a cause of obstacles in communication. Americans think Asians have actually an accent, and also Asians think Americans.

No clean speech:

People who speak soft or in a small voice or heavy tongue or uncertain words cannot be understood. The sender can be saying something, vice versa, the receiver could understand something. Though speaking usual language, world might have an obstacle understanding the an interpretation of the message and the feedback. This might likewise be a cause of obstacles in communication. Because that example, God ceded the article to Moses and asked him to preach it come Pharaoh first then come the Egyptians, but he might not gain his message across because that was suffering from trouble in his tongue that prevents him from speak well. So, he asked God to cure his tongue." Moses said: " O mine Lord, expand me my breast, ease my job for me, and also remove the impediment from mine speech, therefore they may know what i say (Abdullah YA, p.370). Then he inquiry God to choose his brother Aaron a mouthpiece (spokesperson) because that him to be able to communicate his message effectively. " and my brothers Aaron–he is an ext eloquent in speech than I. So, send him with me as a helper, to check (and strengthen) me, because that I are afraid that they might accuse me of falsehood." (Ibid, p.22-473).

Using taboo words:

Some human being may discover it daunting to express their emotions or ideas, and also some topics may be completely "off-limits" or taboo. Taboo topics probably politics, religion, sexuality and sex, racism and any opinion that might be seen as unpopular.

Faulty translate in of Words:

A translator is a human who makes a written transfer of a message in between two languages. Efficient translations must be done v accuracy, clarity, and impartiality. For example, the literal translation that Kentucky Fried Chechen: KFC"s slogan" Finger-lick in" good" in Chinese is "Eat her fingers off." (Cho et al.: 2007, pp.309-329) The absence of adequate knowledge in a language can cause misunderstandings, which might lead to big losses in money, effort, time, and also potential client internationally. To fix this problem, companies need to hire knowledgeable translators in the language and society of the customers. However for interaction to it is in perfect, it is essential that the receiver have to assign come it the same definition which the sender had actually in his psychic while encoding the message. Therefore, there is constantly a possibility of misinterpretation that the messages. Mostly, such problems arise as soon as the sender does not use an easy and clear words that can convey the exact an interpretation to the receiver.

How to overcome Language Barriers?

Language obstacles prevent people from sharing their ideas, thoughts, and also feelings, experience, information, and also expectations, provide feedback or interact effectively. Below are several of the main solutions to mitigate or remove them (Drury & Ma: 2002):

Choose acquainted words and language to the recipient to prevent miscommunication.

Avoid making use of vague, ambiguous, or confuse words, terms, jargon, and also phrases, idiomatic expressions, or slang.

Avoid using difficult words, facility sentences, unnecessary information. Use short, simplesentences.

Check meanings. When communicating throughout cultures, never assume the the other person has actually understood.

Think in regards to your receiver.

Use your receiver"s language.

Keep your message simple to promote reliable communication.

Use simple, clear, accurate, and also correct and also familiar language.

Avoid slang or use of culturally or technically particular expressions or terminology.

Select your words carefully. Choose simple words, phrases, and also short sentences.

Use language appropriate to the level of understanding of the receiver.

Use familiar language come the receivers.

Ask for clarification.

Frequently inspect for understanding by questioning for feedback.

Politely ask because that clarification and avoid any kind of assumptions.

Avoid idioms, technical terms or jargon.

Use plain language where possible.

Hire standard interpreters and translators.

Hire bilingual employees.

Use repetition since people have to hear things more than when to understand and also remember it.

Use verbal and also non-verbal message appropriately.

Be respectful: Language barriers can be frustrating. They call for patience, understanding, and also consciousness.

Used visual methods of interaction to explain facility concepts such as pictures, diagrams,photos, graphics, charts to help the receiver recognize what the sender is trying to convey. "A snapshot is worth a thousands words."

Individual linguistic ability is necessary to train her people.


Communication is the process of trading ideas, feeling, information, knowledge, facts, opinions, and also emotions between a sender and a receiver. Effective interaction is sending out the right post to the ideal receiver in ~ the ideal time via the right channel in stimulate to adjust the receiver"s knowledge, attitude, and behavior. Language obstacles are things that prevent human being from expertise each other. They space a common challenge to individuals, groups, international companies, governments, nations, and also the whole world. The research concluded the language obstacles are factors that block or significantly distort efficient communication. Lock arise from different meanings and uses that words, symbols, images, gesture, languages, dialects, accents, etymological ability, technological terminology or jargon, volume that voice, pass out words, mispronunciation that words, faulty translation, wrong translate of messages, misunderstanding that messages, complex messages and also different separation, personal, instance linguistic capability of the sender and the receiver, poorly understood and poorly defined words and also messages.

Language obstacles can create problems of miscommunication such together misunderstanding, misinterpretation that messages, distorted messages, misinformation, confusion, mistrust, uncertainty, frustration, weak and also wrong feedback, aviation and marine accidents and disasters, deaths, tension, conflict, violence among people. They can Leads to determinants that hindering efficient communication. The best strategy to promote efficient communication and get messages throughout is to bridge the language barriers by: using simple, clear, concrete, accurate, familiar and also meaningful words, avoiding grammatical and also spelling mistakes, giving and receiving feedback, rental bilingual workers and qualified and also licensed translators, minimizing the use of jargons, staying clear of ambiguous words, local dialect and, confirming understanding, making use of translation machines, staying clear of shouting and sarcasm and mimicry, explaining confusing messages to people. The future the individuals, groups, societies, and nations depends mostly on their ability to interact effectively v others in a globalization and also communication era.

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IBRAHIM AHMAD ABUARQOUB: Ibrahim Ahmad is a complete professor of massive Communication, Faculty the Arts, Social job-related Department - Jordan University, Hashemite Kingdom the Jordan. He has a Ph.D. In Mass communication from Northwestern university of Illinois -USA in 1988, A master"s level in linguistics from State university of brand-new York in 1983. His research study interest is human Communication, massive Communication, emotional Warfare, communication Campaigns, crisis Communication, and Media Campaigns.