The sovereignty and goodness that GOD, along with the believers of his promises displayed, being a stare of the captivity and restoration of Mrs. Mar Rowlandson, commended through her, to all that desires to know the Lord"s doings to, and dealings through her. Particularly to her dear children and also relations. The 2nd Addition Corrected and also amended. Composed by her own hand for her private use, and now do public at the earnest desire of some friends, and for the benefit of the afflicted. Deut. 32.39. See currently that I, also I to be he, and there is no god with me, ns kill and I do alive, i wound and I heal, no is there any type of can provide out of my hand.

on the tenth that February 1675, came the ind with good numbers upon Lancaster: their first coming was around sunrising; listening the noise of part guns, us looked out; several residences were burning, and also the acting ascending come heaven. There were five persons take away in one house; the father, and also the mother and a sucking child, castle knocked ~ above the head; the other two they took and also carried away alive. Over there were 2 others, who being the end of your garrison upon part occasion were set upon; one was knocked top top the head, the various other escaped; one more there was that running follow me was shot and wounded, and fell down; that begged of lock his life, promising them money (as castle told me) yet they would not hearken to him yet knocked him in head, and stripped the naked, and split open up his bowels. Another, seeing plenty of of the Indians about his barn, ventured and went out, however was quickly shot down. There were 3 others belonging to the same garrison that were killed; the Indians acquiring up upon the roof of the barn, had advantage to shoot down upon them over your fortification. For this reason these murderous wretches go on, burning, and also destroying before them.

At length they came and beset our very own house, and also quickly it to be the dolefulest work that ever mine eyes saw. The home stood ~ above the leaf of a hill; several of the Indians gained behind the hill, others right into the barn, and others behind noþeles that could shelter them; from all which areas they shot versus the house, so that the bullets appeared to fly favor hail; and also quickly lock wounded one man among us, then another, and then a third. About two hours (according to my observation, in that exceptional time) they had actually been around the house before they dominated to fire that (which they did through flax and also hemp, i beg your pardon they carried out that the barn, and there gift no defense around the house, only two flankers at two opposite corners and also one of them no finished); they fired it once and one ventured out and quenched it, yet they quickly fired the again, and also that took. Now is the disastrous hour come, that i have often heard that (in time of war, as it to be the case of others), yet now mine eyes check out it. Some in our home were fighting for your lives, rather wallowing in your blood, the house on fire over our heads, and the bloody heathen all set to knock united state on the head, if we stirred out. Now can we hear mothers and also children crying out for themselves, and one another, "Lord, what shall us do?" Then i took my youngsters (and one of my sisters", hers) to walk forth and leave the house: but as shortly as we came to the door and also appeared, the indians shot for this reason thick that the bullets rattled against the house, together if one had taken an grasp of stones and also threw them, for this reason that we were fain to offer back. We had six stout dog belonging come our garrison, however none that them would stir, though another time, if any type of Indian had come to the door, lock were prepared to paris upon him and tear that down. The mr hereby would make us the more acknowledge His hand, and also to see that our assist is constantly in Him. But out we need to go, the fire increasing, and also coming along behind us, roaring, and also the indians gaping before us with their guns, spears, and hatchets to devour us. No sooner were us out that the house, yet my brother-in-law (being prior to wounded, in defending the house, in or near the throat) fell down dead, whereat the indians scornfully shouted, and also hallowed, and also were presently upon him, stripping turn off his clothes, the bullets paris thick, one went through my side, and the exact same (as would certainly seem) with the bowels and hand of my dear son in mine arms. Among my elder sisters" children, named William, had then his leg broken, i beg your pardon the ind perceiving, lock knocked him on head. Thus were we butchered by those merciless heathen, was standing amazed, with the blood running under to our heels. Mine eldest sister being however in the house, and also seeing those woeful sights, the infidels hauling mothers one way, and also children another, and some wallowing in your blood: and her elder boy telling her the her boy William was dead, and also myself was wounded, she said, "And Lord, permit me die with them," which was no sooner said, yet she was struck with a bullet, and fell down dead end the threshold. Ns hope she is reaping the fruit that her good labors, gift faithful to the business of God in her place. In her younger years she place under lot trouble upon spiritual accounts, till that pleased God to make that precious scripture take host of she heart, "And he stated unto me, my elegant is adequate for thee" (2 Corinthians 12.9). Much more than twenty years after, I have heard her tell exactly how sweet and comfortable that ar was come her. Yet to return: the ind laid organize of us, pulling me one way, and also the kids another, and said, "Come go in addition to us"; i told lock they would kill me: castle answered, if ns were willing to go together with them, they would certainly not ache me.

oh the doleful sight that now was come behold in ~ this house! "Come, behold the functions of the Lord, what desolations he has made in the earth." of thirty-seven persons that were in this one house, nobody escaped either current death, or a bitter captivity, save just one, who can say as he, "And I only am escaped alone to tell the News" (Job 1.15). There to be twelve killed, some shot, some stabbed v their spears, some knocked down through their hatchets. As soon as we are in prosperity, five the little that us think the such devastating sights, and also to watch our dear friends, and also relations lied bleeding out their heart-blood ~ above the ground. There to be one who was chopped into the head v a hatchet, and stripped naked, and yet was crawling up and also down. That is a solemn vision to see so numerous Christians lying in your blood, part here, and also some there, prefer a agency of sheep torn by wolves, all of them stripped naked by a firm of hell-hounds, roaring, singing, ranting, and also insulting, together if lock would have torn our really hearts out; however the lord by His almighty power kept a number of us indigenous death, for there were twenty-four of us taken alive and also carried captive.

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I had often before this stated that if the Indians should come, i should select rather come be killed by them than taken alive, but when it came to the trial mine mind changed; your glittering tools so daunted mine spirit, the I chose rather to go in addition to those (as I might say) ravenous beasts, than that minute to finish my days; and also that I might the better declare what occurred to me throughout that grievous captivity, i shall particularly speak that the several gets rid of we had actually up and also down the wilderness.