This song is around the an initial time you find out to "Self Satisfy." At some concerts, towards the finish of the tune Maynard Keenan will "jerk" his water bottle around until the orgasm of the song once he sprays water everywhere.

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Daniel Rumbo from Harrisonville, Mo 64701All I recognize is that Maynard is awesome. When he wakes increase in the morning the pisses excellence. Anybody the doesn"t agree can go French kiss a .45 !!!!Tiffany indigenous Sweetwater, TnMaynard claims on the "aMOTION" DVD the this song is about masturbating come the believed of anal sex. "Tugging a rhythm come the vision that"s in my head. Tugging a beat to the vision of her lying. For this reason delighted v your new understanding, something around a small evil that makes that unmistakable noise ns was hearing, unmistakable sound that I know so well. Sit and sighing through that look in her eyes, sit and sweating with that look on your face like sweet revelation, sweet surrendering." It renders sense if you listen to the lyrics. Steve from Laconia, NhI don"t know what people are thinking, yet Maynard is still in Tool... He always has been.Dan from Santa Clarita, Cathat makes an ext sense come me Justin! by the method jim. Why did you say "While in Tool"?Justin from cool Island, Nethis track is around masturbating come the thought of anal sexDan from Santa Clarita, CaMaynard claims this tune is more of a feeling song around anal sex... I"m personally still trying to number out what he"s talking aboutsee more comments
TendernessGeneral publicly

"Tenderness" by general Public to be partly influenced by the outbreak that AIDS, i beg your pardon at the time was believed to be contagious.

man On the MoonR.E.M.

"Man on The Moon" by R.E.M. Is around the comedian Andy Kaufman, who often seemed choose he was from an additional planet.

Shake it OffTaylor Swift

Taylor Swift"s “Shake it Off” was inspired by how she"d learned to deal with all the false rumors the circulated about her. "The just thing us can control is our reaction to that ,” claimed Swift. "You can either allow it obtain to you … you just shake that off."

God only KnowsThe Beach guys

The most renowned song come prominently feature a French horn is "God only Knows" through The coast Boys.

FancyIggy Azalea

The video for Iggy Azalea"s "Fancy" pays homage to the classic 1995 movie Clueless through the rapper play Cher and also featured singer Charli XCX depicting Tai. It was filmed at few of the same areas used in the movie.

Dust In The WindKansas

The philosophical Kansas tune "Dust In The Wind" is inspired by a line of aboriginal American poetry: "For all we space is dust in the wind."

Jethro TullFact or Fiction

Stage urinals, flute devices, and also the genuine Aqualung in this fact or Fiction.

80s video Director Jay DubinSong creating

Billy Joel and Hall & Oates hated do videos, therefore they decided a director with similar contempt because that the medium. The was Jay Dubin, and he has a lot to say ~ above the subject.

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Brandi CarlileSongwriter Interviews

As a 5-year-old, Brandi was composing lyrics to crucial versions lullabies. She still puts she heart right into her songs, including the one Elton john sings on.

Jeff TrottSongwriter Interviews

Sheryl Crow"s longtime songwriting partner/guitarist Jeff Trott expose the story behind numerous of the singer"s hits, and what its like to it is in a producer because that Leighton Meester and Max Gomez.

Desmond ChildSongwriter Interviews

One of the many successful songwriters in the business, Desmond co-wrote "Livin" La Vida Loca," "Dude (Looks like A Lady)" and "Livin" top top A Prayer."

Matthew Wilder - "Break my Stride"They"re play My track

Wilder"s hit "Break my Stride" had an i can not qualify inspiration: a famous record mogul that rejected it.