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Q1. Price is a. Receiving report Q2. Price is b. Procedure cost system Q3. Answer is b. Mate…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: A cost bookkeeping system the accumulates costs for each manufacturing department or procedure is dubbed a a. Department cost system b. Procedure cost system c.client cost system. D. Job order expense system. During July, Jamal firm incurred manufacturing facility overhead together follows: utilities, $6,500; accumulated de newspaper entries is correct? preciation, $2,500; and also indirect salaries, $3,600. I beg your pardon of the adhering to ^a. Work-related in Process, $12,600 Dr.; Utiltes Expense, s6,500 cr.; accumulated Depreciation, S2,500 Cr; earnings payable, S3.600 С. B.Accounts Payable, $12,600 Dri; Utilities Expense, $6,500 Cr, Depreciation Expense, $2,500 Cr; earnings Payable, $3,600 c c. Utilities Expense, S6,500 Dr ; Depreciation Expense, S2.500 Dr.; wages Expense, $3.600 Dr. ; accounts Payable, S 12,600 C. D. Manufacturing facility Overhead, $12,600 Dr.; Utilities Payable, $6,500 Cr.; collected Depreciation, $2,500 Cr, wages Payable, $3,600 C ted Depreciation, $2,500 Cr.j salaries Payable, $3,600 Cr A project order will be used through which of the adhering to manufacturing companies? a. Document towel factory b. Tradition limousine factory c. Candy factory d. Pencil factory rs on task 234. The full direct labor was incurred at a price of $20 per straight labor hour Joelle Company gathered 530 hours of direct labor expenses on task 233 and also 615 hour a. Occupational in process $22,900 Dr. And Wages Payable $22,900 Cr b. Salaries Payable $22,900 Dr. And also Work in process $22,900 Cr c.Direct job $22,900 Dr. And also Wages Payable $22,900 C d. Factory Overhead $22,900 Dr and Wages price $22,900 Cr. Ob price sheets have the right to be supplied to determine a. Only manufacturing facility overhead costs. B. Period costs. Oc. Product costs. D. Finishing materials perform Job price sheets deserve to be offered for a. Determining the accuracy of project quotes. B. Determining profits. C. Determining quality issues. D. Every one of these choices are correct. In a project order costing system, make up the work-related in procedure ledger. A. Receiving reports b. Job cost sheets c. Materials requisitions d. None of these choices are correct.