Brad Keselowski was conquering at Texas, top lap ~ lap and getting five so close to a victory that would have given him one of the four championship-contending clues in the follow for the sprint Cup finale.

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Until Texas loss favorite Jimmie Johnson came charging ~ the final restart.Keselowski led a track-record 312 of 334 laps Sunday after starting from the pole, but couldn"t save Johnson from winning the Texas loss race for the fourth straight year.

Photos: AAA Texas 500 at Texas motor Speedway

"Just one step brief of having the awesome work we essential to have," Keselowski said. "I"m not sure specifically how come feel around it at the moment. The 48 vehicle had so lot speed those last 10 laps."


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With the already-eliminated Johnson acquiring his 75th career victory, 3 spots space still up for grabs at Phoenix, the last race before the Nov. 22 finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The only championship contender collection is retiring four-time champion Jeff Gordon, the Martinsville winner last week and Johnson"s teammate at Hendrick Motorsports.

Kyle Busch leads the points race for at the very least two that the spots, ahead of defending follow champion Kevin Harvick and also Martin Truex Jr. Carl Edwards is next, adhered to by Keselowski, kurt Busch and Joey Logano.

"It"s no a must-win case for us choose it is because that some various other guys," stated Kyle Busch, who finished 4th Sunday. "Couldn"t be much more pleased through the position we got right now."

After the last restart v 18 laps left, Keselowski and Truex to be side-by-side, and even made contact at one point before Truex walk in front an extremely briefly.

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Keselowski practically as quickly got earlier in front, and Johnson also went charging past Truex into 2nd place and also right on the leader"s tail. Truex lost his power steering in those close up door laps, and slipped to complete eighth.

Johnson kept pushing and on the backstretch on lap 331, he ultimately got past once Keselowski gained really loose out that the second turn. Johnson went on to win by much more than a second."That was the first I had actually seen the that vulnerable all day. I just kept the push on him, kept trying to find line," Johnson said.

"I did whatever I might to hold him off however he was means faster that last run," Keselowski said. "As ns sit appropriate now, and also maybe I"ll readjust my mind, i don"t recognize what ns would have done differently, or might have done differently."

Minutes ~ the race, exposed driver Matt Kenseth tweeted, "Good occupational (at)JimmieJohnson! Textbook pass for the success at the end of the race when someone is trying come take your lane. (hash)quintessential"

After Logano chalked up contact with Kenseth in ~ Kansas critical month as aggressive racing because that a win, NASCAR chairman Brian France referred to the relocate as "quintessential."

Logano acquired knocked from very first to last among the eight championship contenders after ~ being purposely wrecked by Kenseth in ~ Martinsville a week ago as payback. NASCAR climate suspended Kenseth for two races, and his appeals were denied.

"Clearly he to be watching and also bored at home," Johnson said, when asked about Kenseth"s tweet. "That"s a pretty buzz word. ... Say thanks to you, buddy. I don"t know just how to even answer that."Logano"s location shot took another huge hit once he had actually a blown tires after only 10 laps in ~ Texas, wherein he finished 66 laps ago in 40th place.

Johnson led just six laps to acquire his 5th win of the season, his very first in 20 starts and also one within Dale Earnhardt because that the seventh-most in NASCAR history. The No. 48 Chevrolet likewise won the spring gyeongju at Texas and also is the an initial driver come win 3 consecutive Cup gyeongju at the high-banked, 1 1/2-mile track.

Harvick finished third, also after he twice had to come in to change punctured tires after running over other on the track, and also having to drive one-handed because that a long stretch as soon as he was having actually to organize on come the shifter to save his car from popping the end of gear.

"We just kept gouging away and everything worked out in the end," Harvick said.Logano kept the No. 22 turn off the wall surface after spinning on the backstretch, but there was still significant damage to the behind fender and also the inside of the car. He was 64 laps earlier when he went back to the track.

"The left behind tire came apart and shredded everything inside the car," Logano said. "It go a lot more damage than simply the tire blowing apart."

The only among the title contenders who finished external of the top nine in ~ Texas, Logano will need to win following week to acquire to the finale through a championship shot because that the second year in a row.Kenseth"s streak that 571 continually starts, which to be the second-longest active streak behind the Gordon"s 795 in a row. Jimmie Johnson and also Ryan Newman have actually each began 502 consecutive races because the 2002 Daytona 500.

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Camping human being Truck series points leader Erik Jones took end in Kenseth"s No. 22 Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing, and the 19-year-old driver perfect 12th.