The same theory created by J. Stacy Adams refers to the belief that for every effort there must be proportional and also equal reward because that all.

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In one organization, people look at their benefits, such together salary, growth opportunities, bonuses, promotions, and other variables, and also judge even if it is they complement their competencies and also compare v the group.

Lee, the chief financial officer of a bank, prepares a plan with a thorough estimate of the company"s fixed irreversible expenditur

B. Stand plan


A standing setup is a strategy conformed through policies, procedures, and programs in bespeak to save the organization in order, they space usually arisen just once yet modified later if needed to fit the business" needs.

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Ohno agency specializes in production a unique model of bicycle helmet. The version is well accepted by consumers, and the com and Explanation:

The ready of the sheet is presented below;

Product Costs

Cost Item straight Direct manufacturing Period

products Labor Overhead Costs

Rent on manufacturing facility

equipment $11,500


on factory building $1,780

Raw materials $80,800

Utility prices for factory $920

Supplies for general office $320

Wages because that

assembly line workers $59,700

Depreciation top top office devices $830

Miscellaneous materials $1,470

Factory manager’s value $6,200

Property counting on factory building $420

Advertising for helmets $14,900

Sales rose $10,900

Depreciation on factory structure $1,640

Total $80,800 $59,700 $23,930 $26,950

Now cost to create one helmet is

= full cost to created ÷ number of helmets developed

= ($80,800 + $59,700 + $23,930) ÷ (10,000)

= ($164,430) ÷ (10,000)

= $16.44

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MNO Corporation supplies a job-order costing device with a predetermined overhead rate based upon direct labor-hours. The agency base
Vinvika <58>

Overhead applied to job P123 = $190

Rate the overhead

Predetermined = $5.70

Variable = $3.80


Overhead rate is the rate figured out to fee the fixed price of overheads, the is not associated to straight attributed change costs.

As in the given instance,

Fixed production Overheads = $285,000

Total estimated working hours = 50,000

Also detailed variable production overhead = $3.80

Now, while calculating the predetermined overhead rate, the variable overhead rate which is in reality traceable, and related to every extra unit produced is not included in predetermined overhead rate.

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Therefore, rate shall be:

$285,000/50,000 = $5.70

Job P123 overheads shall be:

Variable = 20

$3.80 = $76

Fixed = 20

$5.70 = $114

Therefore, total overheads shall be:


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use numerical method to calculation BEP the a wine agency that sell a 1000 litres that wine per week at R12 every litre. Lock produce
Leto <7>

BEP : 500 units

Profits : R2000


BEP or break-even suggest = fixed costs/ contribution margin per unit.

Fixed prices = R2000

Contribution margin every unit = marketing price - variable costs

Contribution margin every unit = R12- R8 =R4

BEP = 2000/4

BEP = 500 units

profits will certainly be the units sold after BEP x donation margin



profits will be

=500 x 4


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