The Voice: What taken place To Jordan smith After winning Season 9 take it a look in ~ Jordan Smith"s life since his 2015 win, consisting of how plenty of albums he"s recorded, his marital status, his car accident, & his net worth.

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Jordan blacksmith The Voice Season 9
Jordan smith was among the many surprising singers top top season nine of The Voice. His light and also airy voice v a high-range gained all 4 of the couches to revolve their chairs, despite they were expecting to check out a woman. That revealed ~ above the present that his more feminine voice it s okay him referred to as “ma’am” ~ above the phone and also in the drive-thru, however he assumed it was important civilization not be ashamed due to the fact that “you’re make that means and that’s exactly how God intended because that you to be.” that eventually chose to it is in on Team Adam Levine and also won the entirety season. What has actually he been up to due to the fact that then?

In 2015, as soon as he appeared on The Voice, Jordan was just 22 years old and felt lucky to finally have a opportunity at making it big, also if not all the winners the the present go top top to effective careers. He to be rejected the first time he tried out for the show. However he do the efforts again and this time made that onto the main stage. The went native singing with the church choir in a town most world spend their whole lives in, to to sing in former of celebrities and a national television audience. Yet most singers seem to fall out of the general public eye shortly after winning. Here’s exactly how his singing career has been going.

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In 2016, Jordan performed on The People’s an option Awards, exit his very first and second studio albums, and additionally married his girlfriend, Kristen Denny. In 2018, he released his 3rd studio album and also wrote a song for Celine Dion the was on the soundtrack for Deadpool 2. In 2019, he remained in a automobile accident in a car that he apparently bought v his winnings indigenous The Voice. Thankfully he no injured, posting pictures of his upside-down vehicle on Twitter, however saying he had only endured a scratch.

NissanUSA! Somehow ns was blessed sufficient to walk far with only a scratch.

— Jordan smith (

Like many people, Jordan had a difficult time v the challenges of 2020, he decided to usage his music come inspire people who were also struggling. He released a single, “Great friend Are,” in 2021, which will be part of the album the plans to release with the Provident brand Group. When he no a household name, his network worth is approximated to be in the millions, therefore he has managed to develop a effective career for himself. Even though it’s no as lot as any type of of the coaches’ net worths, it’s an ext than sufficient to live on.

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Winners the The Voice don’t seem to have the success or lasting careers that part winners on American Idol have had. But with his unique voice and hard work, he has controlled to develop a successful career because that himself. If his music appeared to walk on organize for a pair of years, he has actually a brand-new album comes out later on in 2021 the he hopes will bring comfort come those who require it.