In the season finale, Adam battles v his within self-doubt over how biases affect the show. He climate exposes the shortcomings of story-telling, and the influence (or absence thereof) of proclaiming on the series' integrity. ..More

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Adam polices the fact behind the overuse that SWAT Teams, illustrates exactly how using school police officers can develop a pipeline because that prisons, and also examines the origins and intended objective of police officers. ..More

Don't allow Adam's facts pest you together he uncovers the services of spiders, offer up understanding on why we have to be eating an ext bugs as a protein source, and illustrates the benefits of small bugs on her gut health. ..More

It's time to challenge the music, as Adam reveals the racism behind absent & roll's origins and the egregious fees of Live Nation's monopoly. He then defends musicians who "sell out" to do a living in today's digital landscape. ..More

Adam shines a headlight ~ above why drivers are hardly ever prosecuted for car crashes that an outcome in death. He breaks down border patrol's problematic find policies and examines the messed-up history of corpses and also medical studies. ..More

Adam takes down the do-gooders and also reveals just how Teach because that America is harmful come both students and also teachers. He climate uncovers the ineffectiveness of recycling and calls the end the billionaires who produce charities for taxation breaks. ..More
Adam and Emily prepare because that a large night the end by revealing the marketing ploy that caused women shaving and the fashion agendas that created pockets. Then, the 2 friends pour back the truth on alcohol consumption. ..More
Adam lets his flexibility flag paris by evaluating why America doesn't have higher rates of social mobility. He climate uncovers the flaws in ~ our constitution and also examines our country's progression and regression. ..More
Adam digs increase the dirt on nature, revealing the Mount Everest is a frozen heap of poop, natural calamities are in reality man-made, and there is no such point as untouched wilderness. ..More
Adam hits stop on the myth the connects video games to real-life violence, and reveals that syndicate was a rip-off of one anti-capitalist teaching game. Plus, Olympic organizers obtain rich if athletes battle to gain by. ..More
Adam tackles classic television stereotypes, from the racism behind publicly pools, to the "model minority" legend of oriental Americans, come the on-screen toxicity masculinity that's masking the problems young men challenge today. ..More
Adam dishes the end the facts on the avocado trade being ruled by drug cartels, and big Pork do bacon a pop society hit while extending up its vast health risks. Plus, America's food problems stem from corn. ..More
4 chefs face off against one one more to prepare dishes through bugs in them. In ~ the end, one chef gets "squished." ..More
due to the fact that it's so difficult to make money from document sales or touring, plenty of musicians earn a living by acquisition endorsement deals. ..More
Adam explains how the border patrol have the right to legally traction you over all over within the border zone with reasonable suspicion. ..More
There are zero health advantages to gift a center drinker, and also there's no conclusive evidence that antioxidants in wine do anything. ..More
Every year, end 100,000 amateurs climb Mount Everest and also abandon tents and also equipment, i m sorry accumulates about 50 lots of trash. ..More
After john Muir kicked the Awahnechee civilization out the Yosemite to create what he thought was "pristine nature", the Park became much more prone to rare however extreme wildfires. ..More
because that as long as video clip games have existed, they've sent out American parents into a frenzy that fear. However, there's no proof linking video games come violent crime. ..More
when Soviet propaganda started to make America it seems ~ racist during the Cold War, America walk from a nation that despised Asians to one that hosted them up together a shining instance of adaptation to get them as allies. ..More
if making it come the Olympics is a dream come true, numerous athletes aren't paid and live close come the poor line. ..More
The 1980s saw a spike in bacon sales as soon as the national Pork board teamed up with the fast food market to turn bacon right into a pop culture phenomena. ..More
when the US and Mexican governments started cracking down on the drug trade, drug cartels diversified their strategy to make money extorting avocado farmers. ..More

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