Season 1 episode 21 - Adam ruins Prison

Adam reveals how prostitution - despite its reputation - actually aided settle the West. He then explains why the "All-American Cowboy" is a myth and that the real western hero wasn"t a person; it to be air conditioning. Air date : 22nd-Nov-2016

Season 1 episode 1 - Adam Ruins giving

Adam exposes why shoe companies that give away complimentary footwear do more harm 보다 good, and also explains why you need to stop offering food pantries your leftover crate goods. Air day : 29th-Sep-2015Read More

Season 1 episode 2 - Adam Ruins protection

Adam to adjust his sights top top security, explaining the airport defense wastes too much of ours time and also money, medication safety seals execute nothing to protect us, and also your credit card number isn"t remotely secure. Air day : 6th-Oct-2015Read More

Season 1 episode 3 - Adam damages Cars

Adam exposes the how amazing truths behind car dealerships, and also the fact that the concept of "jaywalking" was created by auto manufacturers come blame pedestrians for car crashes. Air day : 13th-Oct-2015Read More

Season 1 illustration 4 - Adam damages Forensic scientific research

Adam uncovers the scary truth behind unreliable techniques used as evidence in criminal cases. He exposes the flaws of fingerprinting, hair strand matches and bite mark evaluation - which regularly send innocent people to jail. Air date : 20th-Oct-2015Read More

Season 1 episode 5 - Adam damages Restaurants

Adam describes why tipping is a practice worth ditching, mirrors that specialists can"t phone call the difference between wines, and reveals the mislabeled seafood is rampant in the industry. Air date : 27th-Oct-2015Read More

Season 1 episode 6 - Adam ruins Hygiene

Adam reveals that the ax "halitosis" was popularized in a 1920"s advertisement campaign that offered cruel ads come make human being insecure about their breath, and explains why running water is among the greatest miracles of modern times. Air date : 3rd-Nov-2015Read More

Season 1 illustration 7 - Adam ruins Voting

The twisted history of the Electoral College, explaining that the starting Fathers did not want many Americans come vote. Air day : 10th-Nov-2015Read More

Season 1 illustration 8 - Adam Ruins job-related

Adam shows exactly how the 40-hour job-related week not only exhausts employees but additionally harms businesses, reveals the legal mess of hiring interns and also freelancers, and also explores exactly how discussing her salary v co-workers is in reality a an excellent thing. Air date : 17th-Nov-2015Read More

Season 1 illustration 9 - Adam ruins Summer fun
Season 1 episode 10 - Adam damages Sex

This episode defines why circumcision is common in the joined States, just how Herpes isn"t together scary together the media provides it seem, how most world do not truly know the hymen, and explains the worst sexual trouble of all. Air date : 8th-Dec-2015Read More

Season 1 episode 11 - Adam ruins Nutrition

Adam shows why vitamin supplements don"t make us any kind of healthier, the the "balanced breakfast" we"ve been marketed is something but, and also reveals how most the the nutritional science the media reports top top isn"t science at all. Air day : 15th-Dec-2015Read More

Season 1 illustration 12 - Adam Ruins fatality

In a limbo setting, Adam exhibits number of failed attempts at terrestrial immortality, and reveals the American funeral industry"s more exploitive techniques of mourners. After his date dies in a freak accident, however, the concedes that grappling with suspicion with fatality can be just as healthy as clear-cut answers. Air day : 22nd-Dec-2015Read More

Season 1 episode 13 - Adam damages Hollywood

Straight indigenous the red carpet (and through the assist of celebrity guests Rachel Bloom and also Ariana Madix), Adam exposes the hidden truths behind Hollywood"s glitz and glamour, from the apparel stars wear come the procedure behind movie ratings. Air day : 23rd-Aug-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 14 - Adam damages Football

Adam access time the gridiron to show why the playoffs rarely identify which team is best, then he explores how hydration myths spread by sports drink suppliers are putting youngsters at risk. Adam additionally tackles football-caused mind injuries. Air date : 30th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 1 episode 15 - Adam damages Weddings

Emily and also Murph"s wedding day is lastly here - yet Adam"s gift of details may rain on your parade. Adam reveals how most wedding "traditions" to be recently created by consumerism, and also that divorce is in reality a wonderful thing. Air day : 6th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 16 - Adam damages Malls

Air date : 13th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 17 - Adam Ruins animals

Air day : 20th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 1 episode 18 - Adam damages Immigration

Air date : 27th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 19 - Adam Ruins housing

Adam gets evicted from his home, and also while looking for a brand-new place, the exposes the harsh realities of real estate. Plus, Adam describes why help the homeless is a lot easier and an ext straightforward 보다 you might think. Air date : 4th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 20 - Adam damages Drugs

Adam weeds v the misconceptions of marijuana and also exposes the blunt truth about the war on medicine - that it stemmed native a racist and also political agenda. Plus, Adam illustrates why prescription pills room the true gateway drug. Air date : 15th-Nov-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 21 - Adam ruins Prison

Adam reveals just how prostitution - regardless of its reputation - actually helped settle the West. The then describes why the "All-American Cowboy" is a myth and also that the actual western hero wasn"t a person; it to be air conditioning. Air day : 22nd-Nov-2016Read More

Season 1 episode 22 - Adam damages the Wild West

While on a magical technological journey, Adam reflects that smartphones are not the society-killers you"d think castle are, American cable service providers are basically cartels, and most "free" sites are actually really costly. Air date : 29th-Nov-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 23 - Adam damages the net

While on a magical technical journey, Adam reflects that smartphones room not the society-killers you"d think they are, American cable business providers space basically cartels, and most "free" sites room actually really costly. Air date : 6th-Dec-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 24 - Adam damages Justice

Air day : 13th-Dec-2016Read More

Season 1 episode 25 - Adam damages Christmas

Air day : 20th-Dec-2016Read More

Season 1 illustration 26 - Adam damages Going green

Adam meets a young dad on a personal mission to conserve the world and also end climate change...until Adam transforms his people upside down. Discover out why electric cars and also green commodities don"t make the impact you"ve to be promised. Air date : 27th-Dec-2016Read More

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