Although the human being has unable to do digital and paperless, one area that paper documents stay to it is in of usage is in the area of stocks trading. Numerous investors usually save it in an organized file, but due to the fact that they are seldom used, these physical papers are regularly misplaced or by chance destroyed. Yet no issue if friend cannot uncover your copy, not remembering wherein you retained your stock certificate or shedding it altogether from natural catastrophes is no something to despair about. If you room unable to situate your share certificates, you may use one Affidavit of lost Stock Certificate to was standing in the place. review More

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how To write An Affidavit Of shed Stock Certificate In 5 StepsStart with the title and introductionDescribe the lost stock as best you canExplain how the share certificates to be lost, damaged, or by chance destroyed.Review your affidavit and correct any type of errorsBring her affidavit of lost stock certificate for signature and notarization 

What Is one Affidavit of lost Stock Certificate?

Misplacing or being unable to locate your share certificates must not be a problem. If you cannot find the copy the your initial stock certificates, you might use one Affidavit of lost Stock Certificate instead. This legal paper may be provided in lieu the one or more original share certificates to carry ownership of the share or to market / tender your stocks come the company. An Affidavit of lost Stock Certificate is a legal type that have the right to be used by a shareholder to declare that their share certificate is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, wish to gain the stock certificate replaced, and agree come defend, indemnify, and also hold not authorised the company issuing a new certificate.

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How To create An Affidavit Of shed Stock Certificate In 5 Steps

With every the details the you have to remember, it may seem complex to write an affidavit of lost stock certificates. But this have to not deter girlfriend from creating one, just follow this instructions on how you can successfully draft her affidavit of lost stock certificate. Make certain to read through our step-by-step process below.

Start through the title and introduction

By simply writing “Affidavit of lost Stock Certificate”, it’s sufficient to recognize what the affidavit is every about. Following step is to determine the affiant or the human being who owns and lost the share certificates. If you are the affiant, friend must introduce yourself by writing down verifiable, biographical information around yourself. Encompass your full legal name, age, citizenship, and your existing address. Additionally as a first step, psychic to write a declare of reality that attests come the veracity of your statements contained in the affidavit.

Describe the lost stock as ideal you can

Here you’ll incorporate all the details the you have the right to remember of your stock certificate. Suggest the number of shares friend own, that is par value, the form of stock the the certificate represents, day of issuance, and the name and type of company that authorize the stocks the you have.

Explain just how the share certificates were lost, damaged, or accidentally destroyed.

This is your chance to explain the case of the shed stock certificates. You need to write a detailed summary of the events leading up to the realization the the share certificates were lost as well as the steps you took to find them. If the certificates were destroyed, the is ideal to describe the circumstances of the event and if friend did anything come retrieve or save the certificates. Be as detailed as possible and show that you have done everything you can to find or conserve the documents.

Review her affidavit and also correct any errors

Once you’re done through the certificate, do a close up door statement reaffirming the truthfulness the the facts discussed in the affidavit. Correct any type of erroneous explanation as any kind of false info can an outcome in criminal charges favor perjury. Review your affidavit carefully prior to bringing it because that notarization.

Bring your affidavit of lost stock certificate for signature and notarization 

For your affidavit of lost stock certificate to it is in valid, you must take it come a notary or other federal government officials permitted to carry out an oath. A perform of notaries deserve to be uncovered in the call book. Girlfriend are forced to personally walk to a notary public as it is important that you sign the record in their visibility of a notary public. Lock will need to witness you signing the affidavit come verify your identity and they will likewise check your ID therefore make certain that you bring with you a government-issued ID. Just after verifying your identification will they sign and also notarize your document.


Are affidavits of shed stock files only provided for transport or marketing of shares?

Not necessarily. The Affidavit of lost Stock Certificates can be offered as a stand in because that the lost certificates and also can be used as proof of ownership of these shares. The verifies the loss of this documents and can also contain the details of just how these lost certificates have the right to be replaced.

Who have to sign the affidavit of lost stock certificates?

Generally, the the affiant who signs the affidavit of lost stock certificates. If the missing certificates are additionally binding contracts, papers that call for approval that the members of the board or corporation, or have actually multiple owners, the affidavit must be signed by every one of the individuals who signed the initial certificate.

Do I shed my stock shares if I lose my certificate?

No, that will certainly not happen. If you room a shareholder, your shares will remain yours also without the certificate. The only way you will lose your shares is when you move ownership or sell it. Her stock certificate is just an evidence of her ownership of the shares and also in the event that the lost, an affidavit the loss will verify the ns of the certificates and also serve together proof because that a instead of copy the the shed certificates.

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Do no feel bad for losing your stock certificates, these room replaceable records that you can request indigenous the issuing entity. Just make certain that you have all the requirements like an affidavit of shed stock certificate come comply through what castle need. Having this affidavit will certainly serve as proof of lose and help you settle this dilemma easily. However, for more complex cases, consult through your lawyer for additional information and also assistance.