The nation" top-ranked team fell hard in Kyle ar to a Texas A&M team all set for every little thing Alabama threw in ~ it


Texas A&M pulled off the uncomfortable of the 2021 college football season -- and one because that the background books -- top top Saturday night together it took under No. 1 Alabama, 41-38, in prior of 106,815 fans, the second-largest group in Kyle ar history. The outcome marked Alabama coach Nick Saban" very first career lose to among his former aides as Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher yielded on his may vow come the Houston Touchdown Club the the Aggies would certainly beat the Crimson birds under Saban.

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A last-second 28-yard field goal by Seth small cemented the outcome, however it was quarterback Zach Calzada that was Texas A&M" hero. Calzada led the Aggies on your game-winning drive after experiencing an evident injury while cram the game-tying touchdown top top the team" front possession. The redshirt sophomore turned in what price to a legendary performance after his beat was heavily scrutinized in his very first three starts following an injury to the team" original starting quarterback Haynes King. Calzada completed 21 of 31 passes because that 285 yards with 3 touchdowns and an interception.

The ns is Alabama" an initial to an unranked opponent because 2007, which to be Saban" very first season leading the program, and it snapped the program" 100-game winning streak against unranked foes. The Crimson Tide gotten in as 17.5 allude favorites yet were in trouble from the jump together Texas A&M opened up up a 24-10 halftime command behind a rejuvenated attack attack. Native there, it was a issue of stop on for dear life and also rallying late, together the Aggies score the final 10 points and improved to 4-2 (1-2 SEC) v the victory.

Calzada put TAMU top top his back

When King go down at an early stage in Texas A&M" game against Colorado top top Sept. 11, the Texas A&M violation changed, and not for the better. Calzada struggled in his first three-plus gamings as the Aggies" quarterback. Start the Alabama game, he" completed simply 53.9% the his overcome with four interceptions. The his five touchdown passes, three came against lowly brand-new Mexico.

But Fisher had no alternative. The back-up for Calzada is a student in the first year walk-on who had actually never taken a university snap. The Aggies had to ride with Calzada, even after starting out league play through listless attack performances in losses against Arkansas and Mississippi State.

Calzada yielded Saturday in miraculous fashion, both in the very first half and then again in the 4th quarter. After completing 16 the his very first 17 passes, Calzada struggle a cold large in the second half as Alabama rallied. At one point, he missed on 7 straight attempts during the 3rd and fourth quarters. Yet when the Aggies required him most, he come through. Calzada discovered Ainias Smith for a 25-yard touchdown v 3 minutes staying to tie the score in ~ 38.

But he to be hurt top top the play and also needed assist leaving the field. Fisher followed him right into the team" medical tent together the walk-on backup, Blake Bost, warmed up.

After the Texas A&M defense came up with a stop, it to be Calzada who came out of the tent Willis Reed-style to command the Aggies violation onto the field. Native there, the passed and scrambled Texas A&M into field goal range for the game-winning kick together time expired.

Alabama" offense requirements work

Alabama finished v 522 total yards as the trio that quarterback Bryce Young, running back Brian Robinson Jr. And receiver Jameson Williams every posted big numbers. However when the Crimson Tide necessary execution most, lock didn" get it. The many glaring example came in their last an extensive possession in the waning minutes as soon as the Crimson birds went three-and-out. Even a single very first down and also then a punt would have given Texas A&M much less clock -- and also a much longer field.

Another instance of Alabama" shaky execution came as soon as the Tide settled for a field goal after dealing with a first-and-goal from the Aggies" 3-yard line with under 10 minutes to play. Rolling 31-27, it appeared they were around to surging ahead because that the first time due to the fact that the very first quarter. Instead, the Tide cleared up for a field goal without attempting a solitary running play, regardless of being within spitting distance of the score line.

Though it will acquire lost in the shuffle of a wild finish, 2 first-half turnovers likewise crippled Alabama. Young threw an interception in the end zone that finished a scoring chance early in the 2nd quarter. Robinson likewise fumbled ~ above Alabama" vault possession, which set up a Texas A&M touchdown. Without those miscues, Alabama may have discovered itself in a completely different ballgame once the 4th quarter arrived.

Give Texas A&M" defense credit 

A unit that has been forced to lug the whole Texas A&M team for much of the 2021 season finally got some aid on Saturday. But the Aggies defense quiet deserves some major credit for keeping Alabama from opened the floodgates. In particular, four sacks the Young put the tide behind the chains.

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Alabama additionally dominated the time of possession in the second half, which compelled the Aggies" defense to spend a most time on the field. Top top the end, they had actually the stamina to do plays once it mattered most. Statistically, this defense isn" quiet ~ above its 2020 level, yet it verified Saturday that it" still an excellent unit.