The legendary ras Vegas oddsmaker has actually a tangible number top top every single player top top every team, and also he uses those ratings to help compute point spreads because that sportsbooks. White at this time has a 134.5 rating on Alabama and 130.5 top top Georgia, which way Alabama would be a four-point favorite on a neutral field.

Even I have the right to perform that simple subtraction.

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KWhiteyVegas:Alabama 134.5Georgia 130.5Ohio State 125Oklahoma 125Clemson 123Cincinnati 122.5Michigan 120Ole miss out on 120Texas 119.5Florida 118.5Penn State 118.5Iowa 118

— Sammy ns (

I believed it would be fascinating to dive a small deeper and have White make theoretical betting lines for Alabama and also Georgia versus the following brand-new England college football teams: Boston College, Harvard, Yale, UConn and UMass.

Alabama -24 vs. Boston College-49.5 vs. Harvard-51.5 vs. Yale-58.5 vs. UConn-61 vs. UMass

Georgia-20 vs. Boston College-45.5 vs. Harvard-47.5 vs. Yale-54.5 vs. UConn-57 vs. UMass


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That’s no a typo, Alabama would be a 61-point favorite against UMass.

“64-3 would certainly be my projected final score,” White said. “The number don’t average as much when they get this high. Girlfriend don’t know what’s going to happen in gamings with huge point spreads. Alabama would pull every the starters in the second half and contact the dogs off. So that really simply depends on how huge the first half command is.”

If you gambling a video game like Alabama-UMass, you’re literally at the mercy that Crimson tide head university football coach Nick Saban. If it’s a sandwich game in between two strong SEC foes, maybe UMass bettors gain lucky and Saban is content v a 56-3 win.

If Alabama is coming turn off a loss, though, 70-0 wouldn’t be outside the kingdom of possibility.

“Oh, they might win by 80 if they necessary to,” White cracked. “Instead of just playing stop defense in the 2nd half, Alabama might still blitz and also bring push to produce turnovers. And they would be trying come score top top offense. The would obtain ugly.

“Alabama goes increase 42-0 at halftime in games like that and also then they speak to off the dogs. They need to stay healthy since they have bigger fish come fry. However even Alabama’s third string is far better than UConn and UMass’ first string.

“The suggest spread constantly keeps things interesting.”

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