Welcome to mine nightmare, i think you"re gonna like it, i think you"re gonna feel you belong. A nocturnal vacation, unnecessary sedation, you desire to feeling at home "cause girlfriend belong. Welcome to my nightmare whoa, ho, ho, ho... Welcome to mine breakdown.

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ns hope ns didn"t fear you. That"s simply the means we are as soon as we come down. We sweat and laugh and scream here. "Cause life is simply a dream here. You understand inside friend feel appropriate at home, here. Yeah, Welcome to mine nightmare yeah, hey, hey, hey... Welcome to mine nightmare! i think you"re gonna like it! ns think you"re gonna feeling you belong! we sweat and laugh and also scream here!
"Cause life is just a dream here! You recognize inside you feel right at home, here! Welcome to my nightmare hoo, hoo, woo, hoo... Welcome to my breakdown... Yeah!


Hey Stupid! even though I"ll never Cry, I"m washing down my sorrow through Poison. The black Widow Poison. Because Only women Bleed. School"s Out, billion Dollar Babies. Under my Wheels.


My old guy used to have this present on VHS, actually attended the concert in 75. I remember watching the al the moment as a kid. Luckily just discovered it on blu ray gradually for Christmas.


It"s sort of hard to hate the first solo Alice Cooper as soon as pretty much the entire band from Lou Reed"s "Rock "N" role Animal" (one of the best live records ever) is ~ above this.


the first time i heard this song, i thought for sure it was the doors, year later, i acquisition this album and also i listen this song and thought "well goddamn, Alice go an amazing Jim Morrison impression"

While that okay, it can’t hold a candle to the Alice Cooper band. It’s also gloopy. Hated the bass sound especially. This is cabaret Cooper! A lost few years till the fantastic Flush the Fashion stuff.

I assumed Jim Morrison sang this through Alice. Likewise Did Alice Cooper use this tune in nightmare on Elm Street 6? i remember watching it, yet was the in the Credits. Go I miss it?

I"d crank this song once it play on the radio...scared my mom to death, she believed it was gonna revolve me right into a junkie

The large production sound ~ above this track is vastly overlooked. An excellent album, AC never had actually the recognition for his previously work he therefore deserves. Will be see him live really soon.

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I"ve never personally met him, yet I"ve talked to some world that have. At a basketball video game in Phoenix. And they simply glowed about him. They claimed he was a constant guy. They to be impressed by how unpretentious the was. Enjoying the game.