Alice in Chains finest of package was intended as a sampler to tempt fans to buy the box set, Music Bank. The said, it works, as I bought package after listening this compilation. Likewise it must be claimed that this is the best AIC ‘best of’ I have actually heard, not only does it an ext songs than “Greatest Hits” it has a couple of rarities that “Essential: Alice in Chains” doesn’t. The song are fairly solid and make feeling in the chronological order, as result of that AICs sound adjusted over the years and this helps ease the changes. The only complaint is the consists of “Iron Gland”, which by itself is useless because of the reality that it was yes, really an intro right into “Hate come Feel” on Dirt. They could have consisted of something else such as “Right Turn” or “Heaven besides You”. Also as an added bonus, it contains a variation of “Rooster” no on Music Bank, just on this album.Overall I would say this is a an extremely solid “best of” i beg your pardon does terrific job of offering the sonic buffet that Alice in Chains. This is the perfect starter for a human being looking to get into this remarkable band!

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If everyone is going to buy a biggest hits CD from Alice In Chains, this is indeed the one he or she should buy. Why, you can ask? Well, since it contains all the access time from the most recent best hits CD(with the lackluster covering of a boxer through a mutilated mouth) to add "Down in a Hole", the newly developed "Get Born Again"(the video clip to this song is one of the creepiest I"ve ever seen), "Iron Gland", "Got Me Wrong", "What the Hell have actually I", and the demo that "We dice Young". Also, it has actually one of the most kick-ass consist of I"ve ever seen. It is composed of a frail-looking human-being curled up in a fetal place inside of a test-tube filled with eco-friendly goo. If I have the right to remember correctly, someone I understand bought this CD just since of that cover.

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Anyway, the just beef the I have actually with this CD is the they could"ve put some much better songs to change the ones that space not had on their many recent biggest hits album. Rather of "Iron Gland", for example, they could"ve included "Nutshell"(one of the ideal acoustic song ever), or instead of "What the Hell have actually I", they could"ve included "Fear the Voices"(one of the most straightforward, ass-kicking song in AIC"s repertoire).In conclusion, this is normally prime AIC and also I would recommend the fans that this band and also fans of grungy, caustic hefty metal come buy this.