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K from Baltimore, MdIt probably is about gang violence, yet when Layne Stayley sings it"s about heroin. Not that it"s a bad thing, ns still love the band and their songs just as lot if not more and i don"t think world should favor them less for the drug references. Medicine create solid emotion and strong emotion creates kick ass songs. Also, don"t dwell too lot on the an interpretation cause because that me song are around whatever I want them to be about at that moment.Deethewriter native Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationFollowing the demise of his tape Sleeze in 1986, vocalist Layne Staley created Alice N" Chains, a band which he said "dressed in drag and also played speed metal" . Local promoter Randy Hauser became mindful of the tape at a concert, and offered come pay for demo recordings .Alice in chains soon ended up being a top priority the the label, that released the band"s an initial official record in July 1990, a promotional EP We die Young. The EP"s command single, "We die Young", came to be a struggle on steel radio. ~ its success, the brand rushed Alice in Chains" debut album right into production through producer Dave Jerden. Cantrell declared the album was intended to have actually a "moody aura" the was a "direct result of the brooding atmosphere and also feel the Seattle".Caitlyn from Royersford, PaOk, seriously people not EVERY solitary Alice in Chains tune is about drugs(even though sometimes seems the way). I"m talkin come you Robert from Lawton, OK. I"m pretty certain it"s around gang violence prefer it states up top.Layton indigenous Paris, TxWow. Call Layne Staley "too drugged up"? exactly how low deserve to you get? C from Titusville, Flrita never ever said layne composed the song...she simply quoted layne offering the explanation that what the song was about, i m sorry is exactly correct... How ignorant deserve to you it is in to think layne was also drugged up to recognize the lyrics to the song. Obtain over yourself.Robert native Lawton, OkAnother heroin song. "watch the blood rise in the muddy sewer" = the recall of blood as soon as an addict access time the vein utilizing a common or dirty needle. "Take another hit and you shouldve known better" = self-explanatoryChris from Arlington, WaJim - if you walk out and buy the "Music bank - The Videos" DVD, you will view that Jerry Cantrell himself states what Billy Ross said.Also, Rita is wrong. Jerry do this song, no Layne (all respects to Layne) which method Layne was probably too drugged increase to attain the full grasp the the lyrics.Jim indigenous Chicago, Ilbilly ross your wrong, rita your right. It claims it all on one interview top top youtubeMichelle indigenous Vallarta, MexicoJerry Cantrell plays awesome in this song!!so powerful.Layne´s voice is for this reason deep...really it s okay me.Mike indigenous Falmouth, MaThis track is Awesome!!! The riffs, the beat, and also the lyrics in certain are what renders this track a true tough Rock Masterpiece. And also speaking of the lyrics, I have the right to understand why one could think the lyrics are in relationship to the novel "IT", but the only component the agrees v that theory is the title. The entire body the the lyrics preaches around the horrors of gang violence.Mariah native Miami, FlAlice in chains is for this reason awesome, this track is amazing, and also Layne Staley"s voice is amazing.K indigenous Washington, MoSomeone once told me this tune was around the Stephen King book, "IT".see more comments
Yellow LedbetterPearl Jam

Eddie Vedder often alters the words once he sings "Yellow Ledbetter." The simple story is around a man whose brother die in the first Gulf War. Apparently, negative news in the army is provided in yellow envelopes.

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Adele isn"t a ghost once she sings, "Hello native the various other side" - it way the "other next of coming to be an adult."

walking On A thin LineHuey Lewis & the News

"Walking ~ above a slim Line" by Huey Lewis and the News is around an American soldier who is trained together a sniper in the Vietnam War. The was written for a documentary top top the war.

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The an initial US peak 10 struggle with the word "hell" in the title was "Gives friend Hell" by The All-American Rejects in 2008.

Radio cost-free EuropeR.E.M.

Michael Stipe hadn"t finished the lyrics once R.E.M. Taped "Radio totally free Europe." the calls the vocal "complete babbling."

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Paul McCartney based the "Eleanor Rigby" story on old females he met in ~ his real estate estate. That saw just how sometimes as soon as they died, nobody really noticed.

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"Great songwriters don"t necessarily have hit songs," says Chris. He"s written a bunch, however his fans are more interested in the detailed jams.

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Even prior to Soundgarden composed a song about him, Artis was the most renowned spoon player of every time. For this reason why has actually he constantly been broke?

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Since his debut solitary "I"m ~ above Fire" in 1975, Dwight has actually been offering Spinal-Tap moments and misadventure.

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Before "Rap" was a type of music, it was something men did to choose up girls in nightclubs. Donnie talks around "The Rapper" and also reveals the identity of Leah.

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The Reverend rants top top psychobilly and also the egghead academics that bashes in among his an ext popular songs.

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