Alison Teal, adventurer and also filmmaker, who deserve to be watched on a brand brand-new Discovery Channel series “Naked and also Afraid” where Alison’s survival skills are tested together she and also a companion space left stranded, and quite literally, exposed to among the world’s many extreme atmospheres with no food, no water, and no clothes. They should survive on their very own for a full 21 days, v nothing however one personal item each and their knowledge. “Naked and also Afraid” is set to premiere June 23rd.

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Alison’s Adventures, is a documentary film collection created by Teal herself, to make the world a smaller ar by share the wisdom that exotic cultures, showcasing authentic people, and entertaining the kid in everyone v storytelling that records the mystery and intrigue the life’s adventures.

I was able to ask Alison around her i can not forget adventure ~ above “Naked and Afraid,” filmmaking, and also her love for the outdoors.

Art Eddy: you took component in the discovery Channel collection “Naked and Afraid.” because that those who don’t know around the present two people, a man and woman are put in an extreme environment v no food, no water, and no clothes. This display looks very extreme and pushes the limits. How difficult was the to be on this show?

Alison Teal: It was wild! among the most complicated experiences of my life. It to be literally life or death survival in the many extreme environments on earth. In my instance I to be on one uninhabitable island, practically on the equator in the Indian Ocean. Ns was to reduce on the island with a male I didn’t know and we were fully naked and unfamiliar through our surroundings. For 21 days we have to try work together despite our really different personalities and also backgrounds and create a “home far from home” through literally nothing to occupational with – plagued through misquotes, rats, sharks and the worst storm that the year!

AE: call me what were some of the major differences between your thoughts before you took part in the display to what actually happened to girlfriend in the show?

AT: At first when the producer contacted me i was like, “you desire me to carry out what!!!” but then when I learned more about the show, and then in reality went v the experience, I’m forever thankful to have had the chance to it is in a part of it – my life is readjusted forever.

“Naked and also Afraid” usually takes a step back in time to showcase a kind of “Adam and Eve” ide of 2 strangers dropped right into the wild and also forced to work-related together to survive. There is no prize and it is not a competition. That is simply a an obstacle that i signed up because that to check my very own skills, perseverance, connection with nature, and capacity to work-related as a team v a complete stranger. In our current day and also age “Naked and also Afraid” is the ultimate survival challenge, yet at the exact same time that is an exciting study on just how it must have actually been come live in an old primitive culture and an eerie look at what would certainly potentially take place if a type of Armageddon hit and we could no much longer go to a drive with Starbucks.

Even though i was quite nervous to take on the an obstacle I knew i would have a solid qualified male companion to aid me out, yet when he got injured the first day and I had actually to provide for the both of us, my an abilities were put to the test and I also shocked myself v my incredible capacity to adapt, overcome, and also survive the Island from Hell!

I now have actually eternal appreciation for everything from a coconut come a supermarket to bottle of sunscreen come family and friends.

AE: spring at her bio and also your website friend seem to reap the outdoors and also living life come the fullest. Did being on this present make respect the outdoors even more?

Being in “Naked and also Afraid” absolutely gave me a depth appreciation for nature and also most importantly what nature deserve to teach us if we listen and observe. Miracles room happening about us every minute, however we just have to take a minute to identify them. Every time I thought to myself, “I don’t recognize if I’m gonna do it,” something magical would occur to ensure mine survival. For instance I invested forever the town hall the day-to-day patterns that the eels and also finally, once we are virtually at the brink or starvation, I obtained one!

AE: If you can have bring away one point with you on the show what would it be and why?

AT: A cacao bar. Oh and also my pink surf board! I would certainly lay in our shelter at night dreaming of a coco bar. And my pink surf board it among my best friends and also I think it would have actually been choose ‘Wilson the volley ball’ in Tom Hank’s Castaway. My companion Jonathan got injured the an initial day and I had actually to take it on a the majority of the challenge on my own, so it would have been nice to have something rather for moral support and a method to relax stress! Although i was so weak native hunger it would have been more like floating climate surfing.

AE: What to be the biggest are afraid for you to overcome on the show?

AT: ns have an extreme fear of eel after gaining bit by one as a boy in Hawaii…this was a are afraid I had actually to overcome as you will watch it in mine episode. Also, I’m not a pan of being naked in a close proximity through a man I don’t understand for practically a month’s time. Yet luckily Jonathan was an extremely respectful and even as soon as I was freezing and we had actually to cuddle to stay warm he to be a gentleman around it!


AE: top top the show’s website i saw many fans, take a huge interest in you. How was that to come to be a star and also have people follow you on Facebook and Twitter?

AT: I’m a huge people person and I really love to make friends roughly the world! my Alison’s Adventures films series on mine website is based upon teaming up through locals everywhere the word and also sharing their story in a way to affix everyone right into a bit an international family. Currently with this discovery Channel show, I’m excited to with even more people and also I hope that they feel comfortable to reach the end to me on society media with any type of questions, comments, or ideas!

I love interaction media and also how that is do the human being a smaller place, and also I think this is a good opportunity to acquire involved! I’m blessed to have an incredible photographer buy it Lee record my adventures and the stunning images have really helped to prosper my fan base by in reality showing people what it’s like to thrive up in several of the many extreme/fascinating places on earth and also meet the primitive people who taught me my survival skills.

AE: You also are a filmmaker and you record your adventures. What do you decision to become a filmmaker?

AT: I’m a heart surfer, survivor, and adventurer and also spent mine childhood home-schooled in a whirlwind that high adventure by extreme expedition parents — my papa is a world-renowned photographer whose work has actually been featured in numerous outdoor magazines consisting of National Geographic, Outside and also Patagonia, and my mother is a legend Yoga teacher. I grew up living in a six-foot by six-foot tent in few of the many primitive, inaccessible, and also often dangerous mountains, jungles, and uncharted wilderness locations that cover the face of this planet.

What was and also is normal family members life for united state is light years away from most peoples’ idea the normal, but for me it was the just life i knew native the minute I to be born till I first saw the within of a institution room top top the high slopes of the Himalayas in Nepal at the period of eleven.

A school with various other children. And a teacher.

Inside a building. Exactly how strange. Just how weird. Just how exotic.

Dying to have an all-American college education, I obtained the blessing of a scholarship to the college of southern California and after braving the jungles of Los Angeles and also a genuine school, I graduated summa cum laude native its highly acclaimed film school. My thesis film Rita, a Himalayan adventure showing just how I obtained my an initial taste the being inside a school won global acclaim at countless film festivals consisting of Telluride.

After graduating USC movie school, I got hold of my surfboard, camera, and also laptop and set off roughly the civilization to make a film series which would market viewers a one-of-a-kind passport right into my an international family and their mental blowing keys of survival, sustainability, and also happiness – v humorous and also inspirational story telling. ~ eight year of filming I have actually just edited and also released my first Alison’s Adventures films on my website

AE: What is the next large adventure you space looking to set off for?

AT: now that I have actually my very first Alison’s Adventures films completed I’m excited to go on a, slightly much less life threatening, “School Tour” adventure and inspire/educate kids throughout the nation on culture, customs, survival secrets, and also dreams – completely clothed and happy of course.

My goal for my Alison’s Adventures film series it to enlighten and educate the son in everyone through humorous entertainment that leads to action!

In every film, ns team up with a local companion that will overview me v their universe, and offers you every a firsthand look into their culture, customs, and also secrets to survival, sustainability, and happiness.

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Each movie calls fist to global, environmental, and also human issues through to chat story lines the educates and also inspire viewers to it is in a component of the solution.

I’ve launched a crowd funding project to aid me accomplish this goal and also I would certainly be forever grateful to everyone who can donate come kick start my college tour! girlfriend will see the link on my homepage