A few years back I got a very memorable Christmas card from an adoring anonymous fan. It had actually a picture of a Christmas tree on the front, the indigenous "May The Magic the Christmas Be through You" under that, and inside to be a heartfelt handwritten article that merely said "%$#
YOU, JEWBOY" – the was really sweet, ns was fairly moved.

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Sadly I never ever got another card indigenous this person: i must've done something to upset them since I to be knocked off your Christmas card list. Anyway, I constantly enjoy obtaining Christmas cards indigenous people due to the fact that I'm actually a bit of a Christmas fan, plenty of of united state Jewish people are – we love just how Santa Claus looks choose a rabbi in a pair the cheeky red Peter Alexander pyjamas. Us love that us can always get a tennis court on December 25 there is no making a booking. Us love come wear ours festive novelty Christmas skullcaps v green and also red tinsel ring the edges, and also a pair of funny plush reindeer antlers poking out the sides.

In fact, it's probably fair come say that without Jews, over there wouldn't have even been a Christmas: Jesus was Jewish, and so to be his parents, and so to be the innkeeper that let them remain in his stable because the inn was complete (of course it to be full, it was the middle of Christmas).

Actually, human being don't understand this but Jews have made a very big contribution to Christmassy culture: countless of the world's favourite Christmas songs were composed by Jewish songwriters. Sleigh Ride was composed by Mitchell Parrish, initial name Hyman Pashelinsky​, which sounds choose a sex act from a Yiddish honeymoon manual. White Christmas was composed by Irving Berlin, actual name Israel Isidore Baline​, which sounds like something you as soon as ate in a kosher restaurant, and years later on you tho taste it every time friend burp. The Christmas Waltz was written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, real names Samuel Cohen and also Julius Kerwin Stein, that sound prefer the pair of gastroenterologists who room going to find out why you store burping up the Isidore Baline.


It"s beginning to feeling a lot prefer Christmas.

Even the singers who sing these Christmas songs are frequently Jewish. Barbra Streisand taped A Christmas Album, performing v such moody Semitic intensity, it's prefer listening to the Yentl soundtrack with references to Jack Frost and also chestnuts roasting on open fires. Neil Diamond released A Cherry Cherry Christmas, i beg your pardon I'm sure even his fans would certainly agree is probably one that the an ext hard-rockin' albums of his career, through the many cool-cred. No so lengthy ago, Bob Dylan put out his Christmas In The Heart album, to sing sweet small songs around Santa in his snarling trademark tone, together though he's describing a cold apocalyptic vision on the bitterness fate the mankind, ho ho ho.

So you have the right to see, Jews space crackers because that Christmas, but the love is seldom reciprocated. Girlfriend don't see Kendrick Lamar​ publication a hip-hop track referred to as Spin my F**n Dreidel, Bitch ("Uh-huh-huh-Hanukkah yeah uh mutha-funukah yeah"). Wes Anderson isn't making any quirky stop-motion movies about a grumpy oily deep-fried potato latke, voiced by invoice Murray. Mariah Carey isn't placing out one interfaith vacation album, featuring her reworked struggle single, All I want For Christmas is Jew.

But that's OK, we're tho happy to partake, dazzling to play our part, and also when you're lining increase in former of the Myer Christmas windows, don't forget that the Myer department save was founded by Sidney Myer, actual name Simcha Myer Baevski, which could only be more Jewish-sounding if you claimed it in the voice the Uncle Leo native Seinfeld.

Danny Katz is a columnist for The Age.

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Danny Katz is a columnist because that The Age and also The Sydney Morning Herald. That writes the contemporary Guru pillar in the good Weekend magazine. That is additionally the writer of the books Spit the Dummy, Dork geek Jew and also the tiny Lunch collection for kids.