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16) which of the adhering to is not a significant trend in digital retail for 2014-2015?

A) around 90% of internet users in the United says are now online shoppers.

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B) Lunchtime purchases are the fastest growing time segment for digital retail purchases.

C) online retailers rise the usage of interactive marketing tools such together blogs and also user-generated content.

D) Virtual sellers using a subscription-based revenue version emerge.

17) In the joined States, the business sector account for around ________ % that the United states GDP.

A) 10

B) 30

C) 50

D) 80

18) Eight the the peak ten fastest-growing e-commerce vendors from 2003 to 2013 were:

A) online merchants.

B) bricks-and-clicks companies.

C) brochure merchants.

D) manufacturer-direct firms.

19) Omni-channel sellers are additionally referred come as:

A) virtual merchants.

B) bricks-and-clicks companies.

C) brochure merchants.

D) manufacturer-direct firms.

20) i m sorry of the adhering to is a subscription-based retailer making use of predictive marketing and huge Data?

A) Macy"s

B) Birchbox

C) Dell

D) Lands" End

21) The MOTO ar of the retail industry is most comparable to the ________ sector.

A) specialty stores

B) general merchandise

C) digital retail sales

D) customer durables

22) which of the adhering to is not one of the seven major segments of the sleeve industry?

A) electronics and also computers

B) specialty stores

C) gasoline and also fuel

D) food and beverage

23) organization industry teams are categorized usually into two groups, those that provide transaction brokering and those that involve:

A) retailing goods.

B) personalization.

C) info brokering.

D) offering hands-on services.

24) all of the complying with statements around the MOTO sector are true except:

A) contrasted to general merchandisers, the transition to e-commerce has actually been easier for MOTO firms.

B) the MOTO ar is likewise referred to together the specialty save sector.

C) MOTO was the critical technological change that came before e-commerce.

D) circulation of catalogs is among MOTO retailers" biggest expenses.

25) all of the following were components that precipitated the development of MOTO except:

A) the national toll-free call system.

B) the development of the cellular phone industry.

C) falling long distance telecommunications prices.

D) the development of the credit transaction card industry.

26) every one of the adhering to were parts of the vision throughout the at an early stage days that e-commerce except the id that:

A) new, "first-mover" middlemen, with field of expertise in e-commerce, would force timeless intermediaries out of business.

B) internet consumers to be rational and also cost-driven.

C) entry costs to the online retail industry would it is in much much less than those necessary to establish a physics storefront.

D) the cost of getting customers would certainly be lot lower.

A) new, "first-mover" middlemen, with expertise in e-commerce, would force traditional intermediaries the end of business.

27) which of the complying with launched trials of purchase buttons in 2014?

A) Facebook and also Pinterest

B) Twitter and Pinterest

C) Twitter and Facebook

D) Pinterest and also Tumblr

28) In 2014, about what portion of web users over the age of 14 do a purchase at an digital retail store?

A) 35%

B) 55%

C) 75%

D) 95%

29) i m sorry of the following has introduced a tool recognized as consumer Alerts to inform readers as soon as a testimonial is most likely to be fraudulent?

A) Yelp

B) TripAdvisor

C) Angie"s List

D) TripExpert

30) all of the following are examples of Amazon web Services except:

A) Amazon Prime.

B) Amazon S3.

C) Amazon EC2.

D) Amazon Glacier.

31) every one of the complying with are benefits of digital retail except:

A) lower supply chain costs.

B) lower cost of distribution.

C) capability to adjust prices.

D) faster shipment of goods.

32) i m sorry of the adhering to is not among the main challenges dealing with the digital retail industry?

A) lack of physical save presence

B) consumer concerns about the privacy of an individual information

C) inconvenience in returning goods

D) distribution delays

33) i beg your pardon of the complying with is not one of the approaches used by classic retailers to construct omni-channel integration?

A) online net catalog

B) virtual order, in-store pickup

C) virtual supply-push

D) virtual promotions for offline purchases

34) which of the following is no a crucial industry strategic factor?

A) synergies

B) obstacles to entry

C) sector value chain

D) existence of instead of products

35) every one of the adhering to are strategic components that pertain particularly to a firm and also its related businesses except:

A) main point competencies.

B) synergies.

C) technology.

D) power of customers.

36) The reduced the cost of sales compared to ________, the higher the gross profit.

A) assets

B) revenue

C) pistol margin

D) operation expenses

37) gross margin is identified as pistol profit:

A) minus total operating expenses.

B) split by net sales revenues.

C) split by cost of sales.

D) minus network income.

38) which of the following is not categorized together an operating expense?

A) the expense of assets being sold

B) marketing costs

C) administrative overhead

D) amortization of goodwill

39) operation margin is characterized as:

A) operating revenue or loss divided by network sales revenues.

B) operating revenue or loss divided by full operating expenses.

C) network sales revenues separated by net income or loss.

D) net assets split by net liabilities.

40) What is an additional name for pro forma earnings?

A) net margin

B) operation income

C) earnings before income taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA)

D) generally accepted bookkeeping principles (GAAP) earnings

41) i m sorry of the complying with would no be thought about a current asset?

A) long-term investments

B) cash

C) accounts receivable

D) marketable securities

42) present liabilities space debts the the firm that will be due within:

A) three months.

B) 6 months.

C) one year.

D) 2 years.

43) because that a quick inspect of a firm"s temporary financial health, study its:

A) working capital.

B) gross margin.

C) permanent debt.

D) expense of sales.

44) online merchants face potentially huge costs for all of the adhering to except:

A) building and also maintaining a web site.

B) building and maintaining physics stores.

C) structure an stimulate fulfillment infrastructure.

D) emerging a brand name.

45) all of the complying with statements about Amazon room true except:

A) Amazon walk not show a benefit in 2013.

B) Amazon is in ~ the head of the "infrastructure together a service" market.

C) eBay can be taken into consideration a contender of Amazon"s.

D) Amazon continues to create revenue generally by marketing products.

46) all of the complying with are difficulties faced by bricks-and-clicks firms except:

A) coordinating prices across channels.

B) managing returns of net purchases at retail outlets.

C) building a credible internet site.

D) building a brand name.

47) every one of the adhering to are obstacles for directory merchants except:

A) high costs of printing and mailing.

B) building a credible net site.

C) the require to bring staff in or manage brand-new technology.

D) building innovative order entry and fulfillment systems.

48) i beg your pardon of these job recruitment web page is a project site aggregator?

A) Indeed

B) Craigslist

C) Monster

D) CareerBuilder

49) The term supply-push ad to:

A) making assets prior come orders gift received based on estimated demand.

B) waiting for assignment to it is in received prior to building a product.

C) channel conflict.

D) multi-channel manufacturers that sell directly online to consumers.

50) every one of the complying with are instances of the obstacles that timeless manufacturers experience once using the net to sell straight to the consumer except:

A) moving to a demand-pull model.

B) high cost structures.

C) arising a fast-response online order and also fulfillment system.

D) channel conflict.

51) i beg your pardon of the adhering to is no true around sharing economic climate firms?

A) Their expansion is supported by the use of online reputation systems based upon peer review.

B) Sharing economic climate firms that select a marketplace the is too little to generate sufficient and also steady need are most likely to fail.

C) Sharing economy firms facilitate accessibility to resources.

D) Sharing economic climate firms are a totally brand-new phenomenon without precedent in the background of e-commerce.

D) Sharing economic climate firms room a totally new phenomenon without precedent in the history of e-commerce.

52) roughly ________ % the the United claims labor force is associated in providing services.

A) 50

B) 60

C) 70

D) 80

53) i beg your pardon of the complying with is not an example of a transaction broker?

A) a stockbroker

B) a genuine estate agent

C) one accountant

D) an employment agency

54) all of the following services require substantial personalization except:

A) gaue won services.

B) legal services.

C) clinical services.

D) audit services.

55) i beg your pardon of the adhering to is a share economy firm focused ~ above the rental of lodging?

A) Uber

B) Lyft

C) Airbnb

D) task Rabbit

56) i beg your pardon of the complying with statements about online banking is not true?

A) peak mobile banking tasks include checking balances and transferring money from one account come another.

B) Online and mobile bank transactions provide far-reaching costs savings for banks.

C) every one of the purely online financial institutions (those that operate without a network that branches) have actually gone the end of business.

D) end 50% the the adult U.S. Population used virtual banking in 2014.

C) every one of the completely online financial institutions (those that run without a network the branches) have actually gone out of business.

57) In ________, all of a customer"s jae won (and even nonfinancial) data room pulled with each other at a solitary personalized web site.

A) account aggregation

B) a financial portal

C) combined financial services

D) EBPP systems

58) The Internet has actually resulted in lower search costs, increased price comparison, and lower prices to consumer for i m sorry insurance product line?

A) ax life insurance

B) automobile insurance

C) health and wellness insurance

D) property and casualty insurance

59) all of the complying with statements about the digital insurance industry are true except:

A) the Internet has actually dramatically readjusted the insurance industry"s value chain.

B) web sites of practically all the significant firms provide the capacity to acquire an virtual quote.

C) Internet usage has led to a decline in hatchet life insurance price industry-wide.

D) the industry has been an extremely successful in attracting visitors trying to find information.

60) every one of the adhering to statements around the online actual estate services sector are true except:

A) Zillow and also Trulia with each other account for over 60% of Web and also mobile website traffic to online genuine estate sites.

B) actual estate differs from other types of virtual financial services because it is impossible to finish a property transaction online.

C) the major service available by real estate website is a listing of houses available.

D) the Internet and e-commerce have created significant disintermediation in the real estate marketplace.

D) the Internet and also e-commerce have created far-ranging disintermediation in the real estate marketplace.

61) Craigslist is a player in which of the adhering to online solutions markets?

A) genuine estate services and also career services

B) insurance services and brokerage services

C) take trip services

D) online accountancy services

A) genuine estate services and also career services

62) i m sorry of the following finest explains why the service sector is a natural avenue because that e-commerce?

A) The business sector is much less geographically reliant and more globally oriented.

B) The service sector has historically been an ext technology-reliant.

C) much of the value in services is based on the collection, storage, and also exchange that information.

D) that is not; services are an overwhelming to translate to e-commerce since they count on face-to-face communication and barter.

C) much of the worth in solutions is based on the collection, storage, and exchange of information.

63) What is the biggest sector the the online travel services sector in terms of revenue?

A) hotel reservations

B) automobile reservations

C) cruise/tour reservations

D) airline reservations

D) airline reservations

64) which of the adhering to statements is no true?

A) Price competition among online travel services is daunting as comparison shopping for far better prices is easy.

B) Online travel services is one of the couple of sectors in which substantial disintermediation has actually occurred.

C) The ability of travel products and services to be commoditized is a far-reaching factor in the explosive development of the digital travel services industry.

D) The online travel services industry has gone through a period of consolidation.

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B) Online travel services is among the few sectors in which extensive disintermediation has actually occurred.

65) i beg your pardon of the following is no a significant trend in the virtual recruitment solutions industry?

A) disintermediation

B) localization

C) social networking

D) consolidation

A) disintermediation

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