What is the function of bicarbonate in pancreatic juice? Neutralizes acid in the chyme. Lubricates chyme Initiate fats digestion To promote protein uncoiling
treatment for constipation includes all of the following except: High fiber diet High liquid diet acquisition antibiotics constant exercise

An vital nutrient performs a an important function in the body.

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Is just in foodstuffs from pet sources. Must be offered by the diet Is no in north calorie food

Which of the adhering to is an example of a “nutrient-dense” food?

Donuts French fries Kale salad every one of the above

The research of exactly how a person’s genes communicate with nutrient is termed

genetic counseling Nutritional genomics hereditary metabolomics Nutritional nucleic acid pool

Which that the complying with food is the most energy-dense every serving?

½ cup new strawberries 4 oz chocolate doughnut 8 oz fat-free milk 3 oz small chicken

Which that the complying with food is the many nutrient-dense every serving?

Cheese nachos Iceberg lettuce Fat-free milk Soft margarine

Concerned about the toxic impacts of added nutrients in fortified foods and supplement, when consumed in addition to staple foods, scientist established the __________________ category of the dietary RefereceIntakes (DRI).

Recommended dietary allowances (RDA) adequate Intake (AI) approximated average demands (EAR) Tolerable top Intake levels (UL)

Digestion the foods consists of the mechanical actions of:

Chewing to allow nutrients come be absorbed into the body with the tongue. Peristalsis waves to move the foodstuffs down v the cradle tract. The stomach to tenderness release foodstuffs into the large intestine. The little intestine come absorb water and create a bacterial dough that creates feces.

Digestion that macronutrients starts in the mouth through enzyme action on:

Starches through designated carbohydrases protein by designated proteases A and b A and c

Which vitamins/minerals space enriched in many processed grain commodities in the US?

Calcium, vitamins A and also D, and Iron vitamins B1, 2, 3, folate, and Iron Vitamin B1,2,3, folate and also zinc B12, folate, zinc, copper, and Vitamin E

How is the RDA for nearly all vitamin and also mineral intakes set?

Low, to alleviate the danger of toxicity High, to cover essentially all healthy and balanced individuals exceptionally high, to cover every single person in ~ the mean, come cover most healthy individuals

A link in cranberries may prevent part bacteria native clinging come the urinary tract and aid prevent UTI. This compound is an example of a:

Protein functional food Nutraceutical herbal food

Which that the following food is the most nutrient-dense per serving?

Olive oil Frech fries Grape drink Kale

Where carry out both peristalsis and segmentation largely occur?

small intestine Mouth Stomach bitterly bladder

What room lacteals?

Gastric secretory cells assets of milk cradle Intestinal lymphatic vessels commodities of colonic fermentation

To identify early-stage malnutrition, a health skilled would usage which of the complying with parameters?

activities tests Anthropometric data physical exam results Review dietary intake data

Nutrition scientist measure up food power using what term?

calorie (kcal) Kilograms Grams devices of weight

The percent of the daily values ~ above food packages are provided in regards to a human being requiring ________________ calories every day.

2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500

All that the complying with must be published on a food brand except:

Uniform serving size contrasted with comparable products. Potassium, folic acid, and also chloride levels. Name and address of the manufacturer or distributor. Ingredients (in descending bespeak by weight)

The objective of the villi and also microvilli in the intestinal tract is to:

move food contents through the intestinal street to be gotten rid of from the body. Mitigate the soaking up surface that the intestines. Trap the nutrient particles and absorb them into the cells. Prevent nutrients from being absorbed.

In nutrition, the word essential means:

vital for great health and also proper work of the body. An important nutrient need to be gave bt the diet. The the body deserve to manufacture the nutrient from life materials. Compound the body have the right to make because that itself.

When we carry out not consume enough of a nutrient, we eventually build a(n) __________________.

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Deficiency Allergy Dependency immunity

Which of the following world would no be extended by the DRI, based on presumptions made by the DRI committee?

Harry, a 35-year old healthy businessman Cindy, a 21-year-old university athlete Robert, a through cystic fibrosis Joann, a 35-year-old mrs vegetarian

Which that the adhering to would most likely lead to a primary nutrient deficiency?

insufficient nutrient intake decreased nutrient absorption raised nutrient excretion raised nutrient destruction

When the colon is no functioning properly, complications that might arise include:

Constipation, which can ideal be relieved with laxatives supplied on a consistent basis. Diarrhea, which deserve to be repair by colonic irrigation. Indigested foods from not correct combinations that cannot be digested completely. Irritable bowel syndrome led to by stress and lack of physical activity.

Which the the complying with substances is a nutrient that provides power for humans?

Alcohol street Caffeine Thiamin

tudying how a persons genetics is regarded their diet intake is associated to?

Nutragenetics (nutrigenomics) Epigenetics Nutra-symbiosis Nutritional Schematics

What is the objective of bicarbonate in pancreatic juice?

Initiates fat digestion To promote protein uncoiling Neutralizes mountain in chyme Lubricates chyme

Adding calcium come orange juice is an instance of:

Enrichment Fortification enhancement Supplementation

Nutrient substances found in plant foodstuffs that show biological task in the human body are frequently known as:

Folionutrients not natural fibers Phytochemicals Phyllochemicals

Which the the adhering to terms to be coined in an effort to identify foods that might lend protection versus chronic illness by means of the nutrients or nonnutrients (e.g., antioxidants) lock contain?

Natural foods items Organic foods straightforward foods Functional foods items

The DRI committee encourage a diet that includes _______________ % the its calorie from carbohydrate.

1--35 20-35 45-65 50-70

If a food includes per offer 20g sugar, 15g egg white, 30g cocoa butter, i beg your pardon food need to be listed an initial on the food label?