10 surprise Details Behind The Costumes of American fear Story: Cult There"s a riches of detail to an alert in the 7th season of Ryan Murphy"s beloved fear anthology collection and the costumes are a big part the the show.

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American fear Story Cult
While previous seasons of American fear Story had utilized supernatural elements to create thrills and also chills, Ryan Murphy chose the seventh season of his renowned anthology series would be different. American fear Story: Cult decided to emphasis on real terror that"s visceral in the modern era, and also taken from people"s darkest phobias and also insecurities. Excellent appropriately, they deserve to be simply as compelling as any type of ghost or ghoul. Fans had actually long wondered if the series would ever dive into cults and cult leaders and also it lastly did, revealing the terrifying effects of blind id without critical thought.

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Though it has a hefty political emphasis, Season 7 isn"t specifically about the 2016 choice in the way viewers might think; it"s around the cult that can surround any personality, regardless of affiliation. In ~ the love of the series is ally (Sarah Paulson), that is being terrorized by a team of miscreants in killer clown masks. The costumes, while no as elaborate as several of the various other ensembles made by costume lead designer Lou Eyrich, still provide a how amazing amount the depth come a collection with plenty of layers to currently unpack. Below are 10 covert details behind the costumes of American fear Story: Cult.

In bespeak to protect their identities, he members the The Cult"s inner circle wore a mask. Every of the masks represented a clown character, ranging from the sort that each other Twisty native Freak Show to a harlequin doll head. In stimulate to do them unique, unique molds had to it is in made to offer each member a personality.

For instance, the holes mask featured electric green hair, fangs, and a pocked face, when the Harlequin Clown featured a painted doll mask through a blonde tuft that hair on top and an Elizabeth ruff collar. Each to be terrifying and also whimsical in that is own method despite the truth that the Cult members to be anonymous.


The inside members of the Cult that terrorize ally wear particularly designed clown masks, and each the them offer an point out of the identification of your wearer beneath. For example, Winter Anderson put on a Jigsaw Mask, which deserve to stand because that the fractured state of America v its red, white, and blue hues.

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The holes Mask is worn by Harrison, peppered through holes since he"s lacking things in his life being a gay man married come a woman. The brain Mask is worn by Detective Samuel, that in his line of occupational uses his "brains" to settle cases, and Ivy put on a half-donkey half-elephant mask as a Hillary supporter and Trump hater.

The standout costume contents on Cult are the masks worn by the members of Kai"s group, each with their very own symbolic meaning. The masks were created by the AHS prop department, that then immediately licensed them come prop and also replica suppliers right after the present was made.

This supposed that come Halloween time, fans could go and also purchase masks that were made utilizing the precise same molds provided on the show. Every mask was developed using regular and also foam latex, giving them a most amazing detail but unfortunately no designed to be checked out out of follow to Evan Peters.


Evan Peters is a veteran that the anthology series, having appeared in six various other seasons by the moment he started filming Cult. He to be no stranger to playing characters based on real life people, such as the functions he play in Freak Show and Hotel, but in Cult, he play real historical figures.

To play the components of Andy Warhol and Charles Manson, Ryan Murphy had him watch endless documentaries and scour photos. Peters had the ability to see how they moved, spoke, and wore their clothes, prior to collaborating v Lou Eyrich come come up through the appropriate costumes to represent their essence.

Evan Peters has actually said in interviews that he"ll agree to execute anything Ryan Murphy desires without reading a script, that"s just how much he respects him as a director and also visionary. As soon as he heard that AHS was going to air a saturday season, he normally jumped in ~ the chance to job-related with Murphy and also the old corridor again.

He never knew by agreeing to do Cult that that would need to portray six different cult leaders and also historical figures. The needed specific costumes for play Marshall Applegate, David Koresh, Jim Jones, and also Charles Manson, as well as Andy Warhol and also a new cult leader Kai Anderson.


like longtime AHS actors Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters has actually earned the right to make creative contributions come his character. In Freak Show and Hotel, he compiled his own photographs the the historical numbers he was playing and went end them through costume designer Lou Eyrich to recognize how finest for him come wear your ensembles.

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Peters displayed his normal level of research study for Cult, despite having actually six different characters to prepare and portray. Come play Jim Jones, he also listened to tapes from the actual Jones shortly prior to the Jonestown Massacre, which he found incredibly disturbing and heartbreaking.

sarah Paulson, choose fellow Cult star Evan Peters, is a veteran of American horror Story. She"d currently been in six other seasons through the time Cult began filming, and also she believed she was provided to that horrors, specifically since Asylum had she character attend to being traumatized.

Cult presented a various level of an individual horror because that Paulson altogether because Ryan Murphy chose to usage her really fears. Paulson is terrified the bees, and also especially clowns, and also having trypophobia. She found the clown costumes in the series particularly terrifying, especially Holes.

3 THEY had actually TO wake up TO lots of FAKE BLOOD

buy it Paulson certainly had she work cut out for her in Cult, with twin roles inquiry not just several costume changes however interacting v a the majority of fake blood. Among her characters, allied Mayfair-Richards suffers from Haemophobia, or the fear of blood, which functions prominently in Cult.

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As Paulson"s personalities are struck by their worst fears, the costume department had actually to make sure that her costumes could withstand every the fake blood being thrown on them. When reshoots would certainly be necessary and Paulson would need to be wearing the same clothes in a various scene that had actually just been drenched in blood, the costume team had to expect they could get it every washed out in time.

sarah Paulson is no stranger to sit in a assembly chair because that a season of American horror Story, having currently played a two-headed character in Freak Show that compelled a harness and also a entirety other head be put on she body. Cult had equally demanding visual effects just in a different way.

In Cult, she essential to be made come look favor Lana winters (a personality she"d play in Asylum) however much older. She had to sit in the assembly chair for over eighteen hrs to acquire it correct, especially because she was claimed to look 75 but still retain her beauty.

1 THE environment-friendly CLOAK had actually MEANING

In the finale of Cult, after Ally has actually won through a landslide and also tucked in her son Oz because that bed, she is seen progressively walking away from the mirror and flicking increase the corners of one emerald eco-friendly cloak. This cloak (called a SCUM cloak) was an initial worn through feminist activists in the "60s and used to recognize one another.

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The scene plays out in two methods - the cloak can indicate the Ally to be a member of SCUM all follow me (which would certainly be daunting given Bebe"s murder), or the she"s been newly corrupted by an additional "cult" so to speak, albeit a much more altruistic one 보다 Kai"s. Then again, it constantly boils down to our an individual point of view.

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