Director – Stuart Heisler, Screenplay – Lester Cole & Garrett Ford, Story – Garrett Ford & Brian Marlow, Producer – sol C. Siegel, Photography (b&w) – Theodor Sparkuhl, Music – Gerard Carbonara, art Direction – Haldane Douglas & Hans Dreier. Production company – Paramount.

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Albert Dekker (Paul Raden/John Raden), Susan Hayward (Millie Perkins), bother Carey (Dr Ben Saunders), Frances Farmer (Elaine Raden), Ernest Whitman (Pompey), Maude Eburne (Mrs Pickens), Jean Phillips (Peggy Nolan), Gordon Jones (Bill Oakley)


With the fatality of his father, a mill owner whose family founded the city of Raden, man Raden learns indigenous the family members doctor the his twin brother Paul did not die as a child, as he has actually been resulted in believe, but has been kept locked up after he killed their mother. Paul now makes one escape and also goes right into hiding in ~ a boarding house in the town. Over there he becomes attracted to other tenant Millie Perkins. Meanwhile, Paul’s murderous tendencies make him the topic of a manhunt around the town.

Among the living is an interesting undertaking into the theme of twins. It has been made together a psycho-thriller throughout the standard era of movie noir. As such, it falls into the cliches the movie pair that dominated for a number of years – the twins would certainly be divided in between one good and one poor twin.

Stuart Heisler directs through modest effect, with the Southern setup adding a minor degree of atmosphere. Alas, among the living sounds a much more interesting a movie in synopsis – and also is usually taken to be through film historians – than it ever is in actuality. The film looms v all manner of possibilities however fails to use the main twins design template for much, even the expected identification confusion themes. It never gets as dark and twisted as it argues it could do, or must do.

Albert Dekker theatre the negative twin v a child-like simple-mindedness. That is a melodramatic check out of insanity – and also certainly one that does not organize much in the means of sympathy because that the madman or even consider making any kind of effort come redeem him.

Psychopathic twin Albert Dekker abducts Jean Phillips

The film has a creepy real-life mirroring in that is star Frances Farmer subsequently finished up in psychiatric institutions. Similarly, Albert Dekker additionally died in a bizarre maybe auto-erotic asphyxiation incident. These room real-life stories that must have had actually something much an ext interesting than anything the is existing in the film.

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Director Stuart Hesiler had actually been one editor because the silent era. He made a number of dramas in a directorial job the 1930s and also 1960s, moving right into television in his later years. His just other genre film was The Monster and the Girl (1941).