Word spread easily along the Saints’ sideline Saturday night at MetLife Stadium. And yes, it was true: Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had actually reexhausted.

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The news hit Saints quarterago Drew Brees particularly tough, considering that he is friends with Luck, in addition to joining him in the tiny fraternity of elite NFL quarterbacks.

“I think I’m probably prefer everybody else — a little bit surprised, a tiny stunned, also,” Brees sassist after the Saints beat the Jets 28-13 in Week 3 preseachild activity.

Brees isn’t sure if Luck, who turns 30 next month, will certainly play again. But Brees does believe Luck still have the right to play at a high level. Luck retired bereason he got burned out by constant inaipublishers.comuries — a frustrating end to his once-promising career.

“I extremely a lot feel for him," said Brees, who is still going strong at age 40. “He’s simply a well-respected guy that I think everyone feels prefer still has many excellent footround left in him, if he chooses to desire to execute that. We all love watching him play. I love watching his film. I choose being about him. So I wish him the finest, whatever that direction is for him.”

Brees said he exchanges text messeras via Luck “from time to time,” and he plans to reach out to Luck in the wake of Saturday’s stunning news, “to examine on him.”

In 2017, Luck missed the whole seachild because of a shoulder inaipublishers.comury. But he played a complete seakid last year and also appeared ago to his old self.

“I remember speaking to him once he was going via the shoulder problem 2 years ago,” Brees said. "Obviously, that was a really hard deal. But male, he responded and had actually such a phenomenal season last year. And that was the outcome of so much difficult job-related last offseachild. I feel like I was privy to some of the points that he was doing to get himself back to playing aget.

“Man, I’ve always believed so extremely of Andrew. Still perform. He’s obviously an excellent footsphere player, however I think anybody that’s been approximately him would certainly say he’s a good guy, as well. You hate to check out somepoint prefer . I don’t recognize if that’s irreversible or if that’s just temporary or what. Listen, he’s one of the finest quarterbacks in the league and also still has actually a ton of upside and also a ton of QB life left."

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