Aug. 17, 2012— -- intro: "What happens as soon as the world"s height predator decides to turn off behavior? that can acquire ugly real quick."

That was Dr. Jeff Ventre in an interview with "20/20." He to be describing killer whales, which the trained for three years in ~ SeaWorld, but his suggest -- captivity breeds aggression -- uses to plenty of species, in water and on land.

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And trainers aren"t the only victims. Zoos, which we think of as locations for innocent family members fun, have actually seen your share that ugly assaults -- numerous caused by people naipublishers.coming "off behavior."

Click through to see five attacks caught ~ above video.

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quicklist: 1title: An effective Demonstrationtext: Alligator trainer Daniel Beck was trying to show an Ohio county fair audience how quickly gators react as soon as they finding something within their open up jaws -- as soon as the gator clamped down on his arm. The animal didn"t relax it because that 21 seconds.

Bert Lucas, producer that "The Kachunga and the Alligator Show," rushed in to save the gator from flipping over into what"s called a death roll.

"There"s no nerve damage, there was no muscle damage. Everything"s working, I just naipublishers.comt a couple of stitches," Beck said.

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quicklist: 2title: up Close and personal in Alaskatext: In July 1994, a 29-year-old Australian tourist called Kathryn Warburton climbed a fence and railing to obtain close-up pictures of a polar bear named Binky at the Anchorage Zoo.

Binky attacked. Warburton survived with a broken leg and bite wounds. Binky"s teeth directly missed her femoral artery.

The Anchorage daily News later reported that Warburton blamed herself. It quoted her as saying, "It was the dumbest point I"ve ever done."

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quicklist: 3title: Feeding Time at the Berlin Zootext: top top April 13, 2009, a mrs jumped a fence at the Berlin Zoo, beginning the polar bear enclosure throughout feeding time. After thrashing in the enclosure"s moat through a be affected by each other biting she back, the woman was pulled to safety and also treated for major injuries.

Police go not understand why the woman jumped the fence right into the enclosure, but they did concern her a citation because that trespassing.

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quicklist: 4title: Tame Thistext: In October 2010 lions assaulted a tamer during a performance at a circus in Lviv, Ukraine -- recognized as the City that Lions. The tamer was taken to the hospital, wherein he underwent surgery.

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quicklist: 5title: Dunked through a Whaletext: It to be a harrowing scene at Sea people in san Antonio, Texas in 2004 when a killer whale rotate on trainer Steve Aibel. Aibel survived the attack. "The ideal words the I deserve to use space he lost a small bit that his focus," Aibel called reporters in 2004. "I understand (the whale) very, an extremely well and I"ve never ever seen this prior to with this animal."