p guillelo answers, guillelo quiz, p guilello, 3 witches equal 45, witch, wand, broom Answer: P/Guillelo is the new puzzle trending on the internet. The photo shows hints like witches, broom, and also wand the totals to a number choose 45, 21, and 12. So here we have actually to discover the 4th clue puzzle. In the 4th clue, we have to uncover the number because that the broom + witch + wand.

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So right here in this post, we room going to find the answer come the P/Guillelo puzzle.

P/Guillelo Answer:

The P/Guillelo price is 73

P Guillelo answers Explanation:

Let’s uncover the worth of wand first. 21/3=7 so 1 wand = 7.

Now Let’s uncover the worth of brooms. There room 4 Brooms, for this reason 12/4 is 3. Thus 1 Broom = 3 (Note – There space 4 brooms in the third clue image, the center there are 2 brooms location one ~ above one)

Next, we space going to uncover the witches value. For this reason (witch + wand + broom) x 3 = 45. Currently divide both sides by 3 to simplify right into witch + wand + broom = 15. Plug in the known values, witch + 7 + 3 = 15.

So witch = 5.

Now ultimately we have (Broom = 3 + witch = 5) x (2 x wand = 14)

So in the offered order, we perform multiplication prior to addition.

So the final equation is 3+(5 x 14) = 73

So the P/Guillelo answer is “73”


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