FIX – AP right now not in use

You have actually a Smartphone or Android and can access the WiFi anywhere. Her net connection is working well in her device, yet somewhere at various other places, your maker WiFi is not working properly and also prompting error pop up prefer – “AP at this time not in use” internet link slow. The net link was solid at that ar <5MB/S or 30MB/S>. You sometimes failed to shot to execute a device reset, rebooting and also factory resets, in her device. Yet nothing happens, the message “AP at this time not in use” is prompting again and also again.

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So, how can you deal with this problem? Is there any type of solution come this problem?

Today ns am going come share v you about this difficulty to get rid of or to deal with the error “AP at this time not in use” internet link slow.

1. Adjust IP settings of WiFi in PC

Restart her PC and also go come Network and also Sharing Center. Click the local Area Connection. After that, click the nature button. Pick the internet Protocol version 4 and click again ~ above Properties.

This will open up the web Protocol version 4 properties dialog box whereby you have the right to assign the DNS server or IP address. For addressing the error “AP at this time not in use”, simply click on the radio button saying achieve IP address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server address Automatically. Finally, push OK and also Close.

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Check or Tap your device’s WiFi to check whether the is associated automatically. One more solution is to restart her Android or ios device, then attach to WiFi that can fix this problem.

2. Avoid negative WiFi connections

For this you need to go to settings, then tap on WiFi 3 dots. Again tap to breakthrough then uncheck avoid poor connection.

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3. Rotate the Router off and also then on

Turn off the power of her Router and also wait for 1 minute and also turn on the power back. Then attach your WiFi to your device.

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4. Forgot the WiFi network and also connect the again

For this, you have to just push the WiFi icon for a couple of seconds on your device, to open the WiFi dialog. Then tap on her WiFi network and also click top top Forgot. Tap your WiFi network and put her WiFi password again to connect it v your device.