The very first expresses an action in progress, the latter an action that is usual. For more explanations, check out Wikipedia.
There is a subtle difference. To my ear "Are friend still working there?" is the more aggressive and challenging form, together in "Jeez, why are you remaining at the crappy job?"

"Do you still occupational there?" sounds more neutral, together in "Hey, i haven"t seen you since I left firm x. Carry out you still cave out through those people?"

That might be due to the fact that ARE YOU have the right to be an auxiliary verb, which help puts emphasis on the person addressed. Do YOU depends on a verb and the power of the sentence is directed far from the human addressed, which ns think sounds much more polite.

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For your particular example, "Are you still functioning there?" matches "Do friend still job-related there?", once referring to having a project at a agency both are frequently used, both space acceptable, and anyone who complains about one being wrong would certainly be considered overly critical. Technically, "Do you still work there?" is preferable both in writing and in speaking.

However, if the instance is two human being in a workshop, through "there" referring to a workbench, castle have various meanings and you need to use the correct one.

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"Are you still working there?" asks if you are at this time using the workbench. Assuming two human being cannot use the workbench in ~ the very same time, i ask "Are girlfriend still functioning there?" since if you are, then i cannot use the workbench, but if you are not, then I can use the workbench. I would ask this question if I might not tell even if it is or no you were using the workbench, because that example since you to be standing beside the workbench and talking top top the phone. I"m asking "May I occupational there or carry out you desire me not to job-related there so you deserve to resume working there when you obtain off the phone?"

If I deserve to see that you space working in ~ the workbench as soon as I asking the concern "Are you still working there?" the question deserve to have yet one more meaning, similar to "Haven"t girlfriend finished working there yet?" This an option of an interpretation is suggested by giving focus to the word "still" (by stressing the word once speaking or by utilizing italics once writing). I"m expressing a id that you space working there and surprise the you have not finished working there yet, and also asking because that confirmation the you are still working there, and also perhaps questioning for an explanation that why you have actually not finished yet or once you intend to be done. In this situation, asking "Do you still work-related there" is wrong and also I will certainly sound prefer an idiot (or at least someone that does not understand naipublishers.com well) if i ask it.

"Do you still occupational there?" is a question I would ask when you room not utilizing the workbench. The means, roughly, "I know you operated there in the past; perform you arrangement on working there in the future?" This is different than "Do you work-related there?" because "Do you job-related there?" means that I perform not recognize that girlfriend have operated there before. If the human being I"m asking thinks that i should understand they have worked there in the past and I asking "Do you occupational there?", my question will be confusing come them and will likely be interpreted as an incorrect method to asking "Are you working there now?"