Probably, though The mr of the rings itself is uncertain on this point. The case is more muddled by the presentation of the Dead males in the movies.

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The an initial point the confusion can be the name. Tolkien refers to the undead soul who assist Aragorn together the Oathbreakers and the Dead males of Dunharrow. In the movies, lock are mostly referred to together the military of the Dead. The movie additionally gives the Dead an expanded function in the war of the Ring, traveling every the way to Minas Tirith through Aragorn and turning the birds of that battle by killing many of Sauron’s army. By contrast, the Dead males in the books do not go more than Pelargir, a port city to the southern of Minas Tirith, where they capture the fleet of the Corsairs, i beg your pardon is then manned by freed slaves and the local Gondorian forces.

There has been substantial pushback from book fans to the depiction of the Dead guys as an basically invincible force. To be clear, there is naught in the publications to indicate that the Dead had actually the ability to slaughter 10s of hundreds of soldiers in a matter of minutes. The key quote offered to refute this idea of the Dead is from Gimli’s description of the fight of Pelargir, found in The Return that the King.

‘But Aragorn halted and also cried with a an excellent voice: ‘‘Now come! through the Black rock I speak to you!’’ and suddenly the Shadow organize that had hung earlier at the last came up prefer a grey tide, sweeping every away before it. Pass out cries i heard, and also dim horns blowing, and a murmur together of many far voices: the was favor the echo of some forgotten battle in the Dark Years long ago. Pale swords to be drawn; yet I recognize not even if it is their knives would quiet bite, for the Dead required no longer any weapon yet fear. None would withstand them.’ (ROTK, V 9)

Themain takeaway native this quote is the the Dead males depend on fear as their weapon since no one will certainly fight against them in the very first place. This is adequate for their goal the driving turn off the human servants the Sauron who had actually been attacking coastal Gondor, despite the efficacy of fear of the superordinary as a weapon versus minions who had actually been stationed in Minas Morgul or Mordor proper is questionable. This is likely component of the reason why Aragorn did not have the Dead follow him come Minas Tirith.

However, the essential thing to store in mind around the over quote is that Gimli does no say for certain that Dead room incapable of inflicting physical damage with your weapons. He says it together a possibility, nothing more. Fortunately, we have a little more to go on 보다 this. Soon after beginning the routes of the Dead, Aragorn and company find one armored skeleton clawing in ~ a stone door (ROTK, V 2). This is include to be the corpse of Baldor, boy of Brego, an early prince of Rohan that disappeared in the Paths and is the resource of lot of the notoriety amongst the Rohirrim (ROTK, V 3).

Tolkien went back to this creepy minute in a footnote come an essay licensed has been granted “The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor”, i m sorry was eventually published in worry number 42 of the journal Vinyar Tengwar.Tolkien discusses the faith of the men of the mountains, and also suggests the the door Baldor died trying to acquire through caused a Morgothian temple and also that Baldor was murdered.

The special horror that the closeup of the door door prior to which the skeleton of Baldor was discovered was probably due to the truth that the door to be the entrance to an evil temple hall come which Baldor had come, more than likely without opposition up to that point. But the door to be shut in his face, and enemies the had adhered to him silently come up and broke his legs and also left that to dice in the darkness, can not to uncover any way out.

The method I translate this is the the Dead males themselves damaged Baldor’s legs. However, one can argue that there were living men, maybe Dunlendings or other descendants of a people anciently concerned the Dead Men, that still defended the ancient temples hundreds of years after the curse began. There was, in ~ the really least, the old guy who spoke the“way is shut” prophecy come Brego and Baldor (ROTK, V 3). But I believe the many parsimonious explanation is that the Dead themselves to be responsible,and the visibility of living guys within the paths of the Dead is completely speculative. Another objection is the spirits of the Dead wouldn’t be able to physically connect with the living world at all, but this is inconsistent with Tolkien’s portrayal of similar beings such as the Nazgûl and also the “phantoms of terror” the infested Taur-nu-Fuin in the an initial Age, i beg your pardon were said to be capable of “strangling” men and orcs who ventured into the forest (TS, that the damage of Beleriand).

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Of course, over there is a substantial difference in between breaking the foot of one man and also the incredibly efficient slaughter the the“Army of the Dead” are depicted as being qualified of in the films. However, the books do not assistance a blanket dismissal the the opportunity that the Dead guys were capable of physical violence and killing.