Which the the adhering to is a limitation that activity-based costing? a) much more cost poolsb) Less regulate over overhead costsc) Poorer management decisionsd) some arbitrary allocations continue
Which that the following is an example of a batch-level cost?a) purchasing an iPad.b) marketing prices for the BMW 6-series sedans.c) purchasing a dozen eggs.d) the expense of electricity at a factory
An activity that has actually a direct cause-effect connection with the resources consumed is a(n):a) cost driver.b) overhead rate. C) price pool.d) product activity.

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As contrasted to a high-volume product, a low-volume product: a) generally requires less special handling.b) is usually responsible for more overhead prices per unit. C) requires reasonably fewer device setups.d) calls for use of straight labor hrs as the primary price driver to ensure ideal allocation of overhead.
Which that the adhering to is a value-added activity?a) Paintingb) Machinery fix c) Inventory storage d) relocating inventory
Which that the following products would most likely use project order costing? a) can be ~ of peas.b) custom-made diamond ring from Tiffany"s (no 2 are exactly alike).c) nails.d) bottles of ketchup.
Wiest agency had the following department details for the month:Totalmaterialscosts......... $80,000 Totalconversioncosts.............. $120,000 identical units that materials. . 10,000 indistinguishable units of counter costs. . . 20,000How lot is the total manufacturing expense per unit?a) $14.00b) $6.67 c) $6.00d) $8.00
Process costing is provided to account for:a) large numbers of identical assets that are produced in consistent manufacturing.b) little numbers the unique products that are developed in batches. C) raw products that space converted straight to perfect goods.d) finished items that are refined and processed further.
Lo Corporation had actually 5,200 systems of occupational in procedure on April 1. During April, 14,300 devices were completed and as of April 30, 7,000 units remained in production. How countless units were started throughout April?a) 12,200b) 12,500c) 16,100d) 26,500
Which that the adhering to statements is correct?a) project costing supplies multiple prices or determinants to point out overhead.b) procedure costing different from project costing in that less averaging is used in procedure costing. C) job costing supplies one price or element to allocate straight materials.d) task based costing provides multiple prices or determinants to point out overhead.
Reich firm underapplies production overhead throughout 2010. Which among the adhering to is component of the year finish entry to readjust the underapplied lot assuming the quantity is immaterial (proration method not used)?a) A debit to occupational in process Inventoryb) A debit to cost of items Soldc) A debit to manufacturing Overhead d) A credit to Unearned Revenue
Logan company reported complete manufacturing prices of $65,000, manufacturing overhead totaling $13,000, and also direct products totaling $16,000. How much is straight labor cost?a) $29,000b) $36,000c) $94,000d) nobody of the above.
What is the most most likely reason why manufacturing overhead may be underapplied once a predetermined overhead rate based upon direct labor is used?a) Budgeted straight labor hours are less than the actual amount.b) Actual straight labor hrs are much less than the budgeted amount.c) to buy of raw materials are more than they to be last period.d) Sales of finished goods are more than the worth of assets completed.
Prime prices of a agency are $3,000,000, manufacturing overhead is $1,500,000 and also direct labor is $750,000. What is the quantity of straight materials?a) $1,500,000b) $ 750,000c) $2,250,000d) cannot be figured out from the information given.
Which the the adhering to is an important feature of a job order price system?a) each job have to be completed before a brand-new product order have the right to be accepted. B) each job consists of attributes which distinguish it indigenous the next order. C) each job offers multiple work in procedure accounts.d) Each job accumulates expenses on a production cost report.
Which of the adhering to statements is true if complete manufacturing prices is much less than COGM?a) ending work in process is larger than start work in process.b) ending work in process is smaller sized than beginning work in process.c) finishing raw products is larger than beginning raw materials. D) ending raw materials is smaller than beginning raw materials.
Activity-based costing (ABC) is much more accurate than traditional costing because: a) abc is easier and cheaper to implement.b) ABC provides one factor or price to allocate overhead.c) alphabet is constantly used once only one product is produced.d) ABC uses multiple components or rates to allocate overhead.
A expense is finest defined as a/an: a) expense.b) outflow of cash.c) sacrifice the resources.d) cost payable in the future.

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Managerial accounting:a) does no generate special purpose reports.b) provides information for parties exterior to the organization. C) concentrates primarily top top the demands of internal users.d) is always governed through GAAP.



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