UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson is chased by Arizona State defensive end Michael Matus together he scrambles for yards throughout the Bruins’ 25-18 win Saturday.

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It to be a desperation heave that cruised through chilly desert air, ~ above target to connect in the game’s final seconds and shatter currently fragile UCLA hearts.

Bruins safety Quentin Lake measure up the trajectory of the ball and made a hard cut toward the finish zone, converging v Arizona State’s LV Bunkley-Shelton together the round arrived.

Both players leaped, Bunkley-Shelton extending both hands to secure the ball and also Lake swiping with his ideal arm come knock it away.

In a blurry immediate late Saturday night at Sun adversary Stadium, both players tumbled come the ground, in addition to the ball.


Those vulnerable hearts remained intact.



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Lake climbed triumphantly, wagging a finger in the air. His pass breakup with 11 seconds left preserved UCLA’s 25-18 victory and gave the Bruins miscellaneous they had actually never experienced before under coach Chip Kelly: A win record.

It took a stout defensive effort, a late scoring drive from an violation that had actually sputtered and also the return that Lake and also several various other players who had actually sat out the last 2 games because of COVID-19 issues, however the Bruins (3-2) are above .500 because that the an initial time since October 2017.

“It feeling amazing,” stated UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson, who directed the winning drive after rejoining exercise midweek adhering to a two-week quarantine. “I think the whole UCLA ar has been waiting for this and also like ns said, and coach Kelly said it every along, we’re headed in the right direction.”

Once ahead by 17 points and also on the way to what looked favor a runaway victory, the Bruins uncovered themselves rolling 18-17 ~ Arizona State quarterback Jayden Daniels averted defenders and also cut outside for a one-yard touchdown run v 4:26 left in the game.


Arizona State running back Rachaad White, left, is tackled through UCLA linebacker Bo Calvert during the second fifty percent of the Bruins’ 25-18 win.
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That expected a UCLA offense that had actually stalled for many of the second fifty percent with running back Demetric Felton Jr. Restricted because that a nagging injury to be going to need to drive for the win score.

Thompson-Robinson perfect a pair of an initial down passes to tight end Greg Dulcich prior to Felton ran 13 yards for another very first down and also the Bruins gained additional yardage on a facemask penalty, placing the ball at the six-yard line.

An ASU happen interference penalty for pushing broad receiver follow Cota out of the earlier of the finish zone gave the Bruins the round at the two.

On a reasonably quiet night, Felton score on the following play, albeit on a strange touchdown. Felton paused momentarily prior to crossing the goal line v the Bruins in no hurry come score and also the sunlight Devils (0-2) trying come let him right into the finish zone come preserve much more time for your offense.

Cota snagged the two-point conversion happen to prolong UCLA’s advantage to 25-18.

Felton finished with a season-low 41 yards and a touchdown in 10 carries however didn’t it seems ~ to treatment while lingering ~ above the ar after the game to exchange pleasantries with sun Devils players. Nearby, Kelly hugged Arizona State counterpart Herm Edwards, who team was play its house opener and also its first game since Nov. 7 after having just arised from its own COVID-19 outbreak.


The sun Devils played favor a team coming off an extended layoff for lot of the game, hurting themselves v penalties and turnovers at inopportune moments.

Arizona State had driven for a touchdown top top its an initial drive the the 3rd quarter through the benefit of a cheat play and also was one yard away from tying the score ~ above its next drive when the sun Devils botched the snap because that a fumble, permitting UCLA linebacker Caleb Johnson come pounce on the ball.

“I just had to dive for it actual quick,” stated Johnson, that also collected two of his team’s 5 sacks.

The Bruins committed their own blunder three plays later on when Thompson-Robinson was dubbed for one intentional ground connection penalty when under push in the finish zone, bring about a safety that shave the Bruins’ benefit to 17-12.

UCLA defensive ago Jay Shaw preserved the Bruins’ lead when he intercepted a Daniels pass in the finish zone, ending Daniels’ streak the 202 consecutive passes without one interception.

It had actually been all UCLA in the game’s early on going thanks mainly to Thompson-Robinson and vast receiver Delon Hurt, who also returned after absent the previous 2 games.

Thompson-Robinson hurdled a defender on a 27-yard scramble in the second quarter and also then eluded pressure in the backfield, sprinting for an 11-yard touchdown after his foot clipped the pylon in the end zone. Center Sam Marrazzo hoisted Thompson-Robinson right into the air in celebration, the Bruins up 17-0 and also appearing on their method to a drama-free evening.

Hurt, who had only one capture in his college career before Saturday, conserved Thompson-Robinson native what looked prefer a certain interception once he snatched a happen that appeared headed for the hand of Arizona State’s DeAndre Pierce. The was prior to Hurt shown up in prior of the ball and wrested that away for a 38-yard gain.

“It was a hell of a catch,” Kelly said.

Hurt capped the drive at an early stage in the 2nd quarter as soon as he take it a pass at the five-yard line before extending the ball throughout the goal line because that a nine-yard touchdown. UCLA’s Nicholas Barr-Mira tacked top top a 44-yard ar goal to do it 10-0 later on in the 2nd quarter after a promising journey stalled when Marrazzo sent out a third-down snap cruising over Thompson-Robinson’s head, leading to a big loss of yardage.

Thompson-Robinson had actually a solid showing in his return, perfect 18 that 24 passes for 192 yards and a touchdown while likewise rushing for 49 yards and a touchdown in 15 dead while obtaining sacked 5 times. UCLA’s Brittain Brown shouldered much of the rushing load with Felton limited by one unspecified injury, finishing v 94 yards in 7 carries, including a 64-yard run in i m sorry he retained his balance ~ taking 2 hits and appearing headed for the ground.

Thompson-Robinson stated he had actually spent the previous two weeks in an isolation room as component of quarantine procedures, can not to run but enabled to complete restricted workouts prescribed by the team.

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He was totally unleashed Saturday, along with Hurt and Lake, every combining to take the Bruins whereby they had never gone before under Kelly.