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The mountain Antonio Spurs combated hard top top a SEGABABA however once again come up short on their nine-game homestand, shedding 134-129 in 2OT come the Atlanta Hawks. After ~ a poor first quarter, the Spurs spent the remainder of their video game scratching and also clawing their way back, almost willing us to victory, however they could never quite obtain over the hump in regulation prior to Trae Young came alive in the overtimes to victory the game for the Hawks.

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DeMar DeRozan had 36 points for the Spurs, and Derrick White score a regular season career-high 29 points, consisting of a career-high 7 do threes. Bogdan Bogdanovic, Clint Capela and Young every scored 28 points apiece.


Gregg Popovich said prior to the game that that expects Gorgui Dieng to miss out on at the very least a week v the sprained shoulder he suffered in his spur debut against Kings. It’s very unfortunate due to the fact that he numbers to fit best in and bring a extremely needed skillset to the team, however if a mainly is all he misses, just think about it can have been lot worse.As lock spend much more time together, the beginning unit the Dejounte Murray, White, Keldon Johnson, DeRozan, and Jakob Poeltl is starting to show much better continuity, chemistry, and ball movement. They spotted the team a 19-15 command early, yet in a reverse of normal trends, the bench unit struggled out of the gate, permitting a 17-3 run to nearby the an initial quarter with stagnant offense and also poor shooting selection. Gay scored the bench’s only allude of the 4 minutes 1 on a totally free throw, and a bench player no hit a ar goal till a happy dunk in change two minutes into the 2nd quarter. Before that, he, Patty Mills, Devin Vassell and also Drew Eubanks had actually shot a combined 0-10.White had actually one of his ideal halves this season, scoring 14 points, consisting of hitting two right threes to open 2nd quarter (and 4-5 in the half), and combined with the previously mentioned Gay dunk aided the Spurs start the second quarter on an 8-0 run. They never ever regained the lead in the quarter, yet he and Dejounte Murray aided keep it reasonably close considering the team lackadaisical energy and also went into halftime only down 54-48. It felt prefer it might have to be more.The Spurs’ biggest problem on defense in the first half to be points in paint, where they to be outscored 32-16. Probably to no one’s surprise, the greatest culprit in the discrepancy was Capela, who had 18 points and also 7 rebounds in the half, with 4 the those the the offensive variety. He likewise got come the heat early, and of food a career 55% FT shooter would go 6-6 due to the fact that that’s what enemies do to the Spurs. He would go on come hit 10-10 top top the night. Meanwhile, the spurs spent most of their time settling because that jumpers.Nate McMillan learned in the 2nd quarter exactly how a effective Coach’s an obstacle can quiet backfire. Through the falken up 8 midway through and carrying all the momentum, Bogdan Bogdanovic tipped a pass the grazed Johnson’s fingers on the way out that bounds, and the refs called Spurs ball. Bogdan walk crazy, triggering his coach to difficulty the call. He was obviously successful, but the spurs instantly stole it back for a Vassell and-1. IMO, there needs to be a legitimately an excellent excuse to usage your challenge in the very first half, such as conserving a crucial player native foul trouble, or if her team is approaching an insurmountable hole and it’s desperation time. This was not either the those situations.The hawks hit their an initial 4 threes the second fifty percent to get up 66-55, but White remained the warm hand with two much more threes to obtain the Spurs earlier in it. They preserved chipping away and did well sufficient to recover and remain close to the falken throughout the 3rd quarter but could never ever quite acquire the kind of “spark” play the gets the power flowing and also triggers a run. Plus, anytime that looked like possibly they walk (a Vassell three, and DeRozan and-1 that might or may not have actually been legit, etc.), the Hawks always had solution and preserved an 84-80 lead heading right into the 4th quarter.This is the second SEGABABA in a row that Gregg Popovich has uncharacteristically grounding to nine-man rotation regardless of his team feather tired. Granted, castle were lacking a few key contributors turn off the bench in Lonnie Walker, Dieng and also even Trey Lyles, yet it’s not tough to imagine also a couple of minutes from Luka Samanic would have actually been advantageous and detailed a small relief. The bench perfect the night outscored 29-41 by your Hawks counterparts on 10-34 shooting. 18 the those clues belonged come Gay.The spur chipped and also chipped and chipped in ~ the falken lead, obtaining within a allude several times. Fourth Quarter DeMar preserved doing his thing on offense, but they might never acquire over the hump together the hawks answered every time. Castle looked done as they were down 4 with Gay lacking a three with 24 second left, yet White swiped the ball from Kevin Huerter together he nonchalantly take it the ball up the court, presumably wait for a foul, and Murray got an and-1 to gain the spur within a allude with 15 seconds left. Young missed among two complimentary throws, DeRozan fight a jumper through 2.8 left, and Young just missed a floater for the spur to improbably pressure overtime.Both groups looked gassed in OT. The Spurs finally got their very first lead because the an initial quarter to start OT, yet Young finally discovered his shot, scoring 7 in the period and forcing the spurs to again play catch-up. Gay tied things up through a three with just under a minute left, and also the spurs played wonderful defense to do Bogdanovic’s buzzer-beater so late to force another OT. Young, who was held under manage for many of the night, retained scoring, again spotting the hawks a 6-point lead. A gay three obtained it in ~ one with 33 sec left, but Danilo Gallinari fight a 3 on the ensuing possession to seal the deal.I’m as big of a Patty Mills fan together anyone and also want that to it is in a Spur for life, but I don’t get Pop playing him for almost the whole of crunch time and also both overtimes considering he simply shot 1-10 for the night and was constantly gaining roasted ~ above defense by Young. Ns do get that Keldon Johnson did not have a good game either with simply 5 points, and also there’s no really a better alternative with Walker out, but I just don’t get why Mills was out there that entirety time through Young going off on him. End of rant.

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The return to the AT&T center to proceed their homestand top top Saturday against the Indiana Pacers. Tipoff will be at 8:00 afternoon CT ~ above Bally sports Southwest (p.k.a. Fox sports Southwest).