Welcome ago for an additional weekly testimonial of Avatar! This week, the season’s three separate character groups ultimately converge during “The Chase.” just how does the episode hold up? here are my thoughts.

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1. “We’ve been Up every Night through No Sleep!”This is one of my favourite episodes, and part of the reason needs to do through the simplicity that the main characters’ goal: to sleep. That’s all our key gang of four (six if us count the animals) wants, and also everything rather is one obstacle. It’s amazing how much wake up in this episode, offered that the goal is something for this reason straightforward, yet every little thing branches the end from there.

Also on the topic of no sleep, while exhaustion brings the end the worst in ours characters, showing it lugged out the ideal in the animators. Together the illustration goes on and their exhaustion gets worse, the team faces and also bodies acquire progressively more expressive. That not unusual for Avatar to include an expressive reaction here and there, however it is rare for an entire episode to function exaggerations as memorable as these. Who could ever forget Katara’s “I’M totally CALM!!” moment?

2. “I lug My own Weight”For our very first episode through Toph as a key member of the crew, we check out a lot of her unstable edges. She’s no a team player, and she’s about as stubborn together a to work human have the right to be. Naturally, those turbulent edges do not jibe v the motherly and cooperative Katara. Throw in some exhaustion from absence of sleep and also you end up through Katara going ideal for the throat with a cut about Toph’s blindness.

With Aang as the tranquil soul the is, the antagonism in between main personalities has formerly been limited to Katara and also Sokka’s sibling banter. Toph’s personality is so brash that, if she and Katara room the key ones gaining annoyed at each various other here, she also draws a reaction native Sokka, that is otherwise focused on the group’s goals, and Aang, who, uh, wow, really doesn’t prefer it when civilization insult Appa.

I prefer that the show skipped the gradual build-up and acquired the team’s in-fighting the end of the way the very first chance lock got. Having this occur so beforehand in the team time together likewise helps establish the combinations of character individualities that can be played through later, so time no wasted on the when more important things require establishing.

3. Badass Lady Trio Returns!In their 2nd present-day appearance with each other (though Azula did have actually one solo appearance at the beginning of the season and the three showed up in flashback critical episode), the badass lady trio the Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai gain a large chance come shine here. They and also their harsh metal tanks are relentless in their quest of our heroes, constantly on their trail and progressively more aggressive together the illustration goes on. Together the main obstacle staying clear of our heroes from getting sleep, they feeling downright vicious.

It’s not all sewage aggression, though. Ty Lee’s simply as bubbly as ever, jumping around and effortlessly incapacitating Sokka, and Mai is quiet equally as apathetic. Really, nothing also deep is revealed about these characters in this episode. Yet that no matter, due to the fact that the illustration was focused on various other things. This is only the group’s second appearance together, and they’re quiet so much fun to watch as the mysterious, an effective antagonists.

4. This Backgrounds room Out of This WorldThis is the fourth time in the last year and also a fifty percent that i have watched this illustration in sequence, and also every time i’m blown far by the background design in this episode, particularly the colors. Also better, i feel that the designs proceed to be this quality for the rest of the series. I’m not sure what happened between the episodes before this and this one, especially due to the fact that the artists are all the same. Perhaps it’s the fact that this episode went out of its way to depict various times of work in a wide selection of environments?

In any kind of case, background designers Enzo Baldi and Elsa Garagarza and also background painter Bryan Evans revolve in some height notch work, with Evans’s colors expertly blending together for part lush scenery. The spicy shadows and also blaring sun in the yellow-orange abandoned city perfectly depict the emotion of the hot late-afternoon, and also the deep greens the the woodland at mid-day have a details soothing quality. Yet the shoot that constantly gets me is the sunset as Toph and Iroh re-superstructure a pot that tea, a stunning mixture of dark blue right into purple right into light yellow in the sky against the natural green and brown land. Look, it’s challenging to describe shade work, so just see for yourself, courtesy that AvatarSpirit.net (note that this is a DVD screencap, and the Blu-ray looks also better):

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5. Whatever Comes Together!
As hinted at in the previous points, this illustration marks the first time every season that the 3 separate teams of characters, consisting of (1) Aang, Katara, Sokka, and now Toph, (2) Zuko and Iroh, and also (3) Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai, all collide. This enables for some super fun pairings, like Ty Lee and Sokka or Toph and also Iroh. It also shows how complicated the plotting of the season has actually been. Iroh and also Zuko reconnect. Zuko finally faces Azula. Azula finally encounters Aang. Iroh and also Toph find solace in every other’s experiences. Yes so lot going ~ above here, and also it every somehow come together before our eyes together if it were the most herbal thing in the world.

The Western-inspired three-way final fight scene is yes, really something come behold. Certification Zuko, Azula, and also Aang, the scene has so lot emotional weight behind it, and also I genuinely can not wrap mine head around how Giancarlo Volpe could have choreographed it. As if those three jumping around the exit town and also shooting fire at each various other wasn’t enough, Katara and also Sokka then show up come fight, and then Toph, and also then Iroh. That’s seven (!) civilization fighting with assorted ill relations or allegiances come one another, and again, it every somehow looks totally smooth and also natural.

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The personalities go their separate methods by the finish of the episode, leaving us v the satisfying last shot that the children finally obtaining to sleep. Offer them part rest prior to everything converges again. That was exhausting. Beautiful and also exhilarating, however exhausting.

What did you think the the episode? Happy come see every little thing come together? How around that final fight? permit me know in the comments!

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