Star Wars: The pressure Awakens gets A negative Lip Reading poor Lip reading unveils a new video taking aim in ~ Star Wars: The force Awakens, featuring note Hamill as the voice that Han Solo.

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The popular YouTube channel poor Lip Reading has actually posted a brand-new video acquisition aim at the blockbuster Star Wars: The force Awakens, featuring guest star mark Hamill voicing Han Solo. Ever since Episode VII premiered in December 2015, its standing as a pop culture phenomenon has actually made it ripe for a variety of internet parodies the poke fun at every little thing from its similarities to A brand-new Hope to how the film should have actually ended. Though it"s been nearly two years since The pressure Awakens debuted, countless fans space still analyzing the movie quite closely in preparation of The critical Jedi.

With Star Wars Celebration only a mainly away, the timing couldn"t have been much better for bad Lip reading to sell their amusing spin top top the saga"s many recently released episode. The channel has actually a long history with the galaxy far, far away, consisting of a variety of hysterical music videos that disclose Yoda"s hate of seagulls (among other topics). This is a much more traditional video clip (i.e. No songs), but it will certainly still readjust to way viewers view some of Star wars 7"s most dramatic scenes. You have the right to watch that above.

Among the highlights that this rate is a hilarious rendition that the sequence wherein Chewbacca receives treatment on his wounds when he come on the Resistance base. In the yes, really movie, he"s bragging around his heroics come the nurse, however here the two display some type of romantic attention in each other and agree to go on a date. Reimagining BB-8 as a bloodthirsty robot passionate to destroy world is a nice touch together well, producing a feeling juxtaposition through his cute physics appearance. Hamill is plainly having fun playing Han, giving his ideal effort to replicate Harrison Ford"s trademark gruff delivery. The actor has long proven himself to be extremely talented voice a wide range of characters (most famously the Joker), and also it"s entertaining come hear him portray Solo. At times, Hamill"s voice is unrecognizable.

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Unsurprisingly, Kylo Ren is a star the the video, and also Adam Driver"s praised power becomes even creepier when Lawrence Kasdan"s conversation is replaced. In his an initial sequence, the villain provides a fairly unsettling development towards Rey, questioning if he have the right to buy the scavenger a drink before quoting Buffalo invoice from Silence that the Lambs. Some Star Wars fans have theorized Rey and Kylo could end up being a couple (considering they"re not related), but this probably isn"t what those viewers had actually in mind. Han Solo"s emotional death scene is turned into a bizarre moment where Kylo tries to admire his father v a bird finger puppet he made. Rather of being stabbed through a lightsaber, Han backs away slowly and lives to see an additional day, therefore it"s not all bad. Over there are other sequences that play as "weird" (like Han and Leia"s conversation), however that"s in line with the poor Lip analysis brand.

With last year"s Rogue One: A Star wars Story newly hitting Blu-ray after ~ its own successful theatrical run, that won"t be how amazing if poor Lip reading gets about to spoofing the an initial spinoff movie in the franchise. Fans may have to wait a while for that certain video, however, seeing the a year separated Episode VII"s house media debut native this being published. In the meantime, together viewers plan to rewatch The pressure Awakens ahead of The critical Jedi"s trailer unveiling, they can find a lot of of delight in this bit of comedy.

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Star Wars: The force Awakens is now accessible on Blu-ray.

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