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The father of previous NASCAR driver Robby Gordon strangled his mam to death and also then shot self to death inside a California home, follow to The associated Press.

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Police said the deaths that Robert “Baja Bob” Gordon, 68, and Sharon Gordon, 57, to be an obvious murder-suicide, according to Fox News.

Sharon to be Robby Gordon’s stepmother.

Baja Bob Gordon to be a renowned fixture in the racing world. Created one racer top top Facebook, “A dark day for our community. A disastrous loss. Our hearts go out to theGordon family.God speed Baja Bob.”

Here’s what you have to know:

1. ‘Baja Bob’ Gordon was a legendary Off-Road Racer

old photos w/
BajaBobGordon. Here"s the & his co-driver James Brolin
Riverside civilization Championships.

— Beccy Hunter-Reay (
BeccyGordon) December 4, 2012

According to TMZ, Baja Bob Gordon was a “famous off-road racer.” One male on Facebook dubbed Baja Bob “The living legend that the off-Road.”

JimmieJohnson i was a large fan of Robby and also Bob. Ns remember when Bob won his class and also Robby winner the overall Baja 1000 in "89. Therefore sad.

— Matt gun (
mattgross) September 15, 2016

The condolences poured in on society media, consisting of from renowned race automobile driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Praying for friends
BeccyGordon and also the Gordon family during this difficult time. Hope they uncover strength and also support. ??

— Dale Earnhardt Jr. (
DaleJr) September 15, 2016

NASCAR sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson called The linked Press he was in “complete and also utter shock.” One male wrote, “Legends never ever die, they end up being Angels in heaven. Baja Bob to be a hero and legend to many. RIP Bob.”

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RIP come a legend in the off-road world. #bobgordon

A post shared by Evan Leo blacksmith (
evanls55) ~ above Sep 15, 2016 at 7:48am PDT

On Twitter, Bob Gordon described himself together “Off-Road Racer & Proud Papa.” said that Baja Bob was Robby Gordon’s father, and Sharon was his stepmother.


Baja Bob Gordon speaks with friends. (Facebook)

Gordon’s friend, Jay Hooker, called police and also reported finding the bodies, stated KABC-TV.

The Los Angeles time said family members had asked the neighbor to inspect on the couple when they couldn’t reach them.

Orange Police Lt. Fred Lopez told the LA times the family members was “distraught” and asked him not to do statements. Next-door neighbors recalled how Sharon and also Bob Gordon would be watched walking their dogs in the ar while stop hands, stated Fox News.

An unidentified mrs was pictured crying external the home.

Father of pro race automobile driver Robby Gordon, "Baja Bob" Gordon, one of two discovered dead in Orange

— Robert Rogers (
roberthrogers1) September 15, 2016

Police then gotten in the residence and also found Baja Bob and also his wife, Sharon, dead about 5 p.m. Top top September 14, said the Orange ar Register.

4. The house Was in an well-off Area of California & was Owned by Robby Gordon, Reports say

Man, woman discovered dead inside Orange home owned through NASCAR driver Robby Gordon

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (
ABC7) September 15, 2016

KABC-TV claimed the home was in Orange, California, and also it to be owned by Robby Gordon.

The Los Angeles times reported that Robby Gordon has owned the home since 1989. Robby Gordon stated he prospered up on the property, follow to The Sporting News.

Police execute not think a suspect is at large, CBS News reported.

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Neighbors also recalled just how Bob and also Sharon Gordon would be seen “swapping jokes v neighbors, gifting tickets to racing events and also delivering feeding personally to regional equestrians,” The linked Press said.

The Orange ar Register stated “Robby Gordon’s off-road gyeongju team, stadium Super Trucks, will certainly be in Costa Mesa top top Friday and Saturday.”

5. Baja Bob’s Daughter, Beccy, Is Married come a Race automobile Driver & had actually a infant the same Day her Father Died

Baja Bob’sdaughter, Beccy Gordon, to be a pit reporter for Spike TV, stated the newspaper. Beccy is married to race automobile driver Ryan Hunter-Reay, who won the Indianapolis 500 in 2014.

On Facebook, Ryan Hunter-Reay post photos the the couple with a brand-new infant top top the same day that the body of Beccy’s father and also stepmother to be discovered. Ryan created on Facebook, “Another infant RHR is below – happy, healthy and balanced baby young! We space on our way to a full race team. Couldn’t it is in happier!”

Love my little family. Large day tomorrow. Praying everyone has actually a for sure race! My choose is obviously