Singer/songwriter J.T. Harding has co-written hits because that Keith metropolitan (“Somewhere in my Car”), Kenny Chesney (“Somewhere v You”), Blake Shelton (“Sangria”), Jake Owen (“Alone with You”) and also more.

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In 2016, J.T. Score his 5th No. 1 song as a songwriter with Dierks Bentley’s “Different because that Girls.” This year, he’s gained his sights collection on another possible chart-topper v Kenny Chesney’s “Bar in ~ the finish of the World,” i m sorry is right now No. 12 on Billboard’s country Airplay graph after 12 weeks.

J.T. Harding

J.T. Satellite down with Nash nation Daily come talk around the inspiration behind “Bar in ~ the end of the World,” a song he co-wrote through David Lee Murphy and also Aimee Mayo.

“A great friend of mine cultivation up, Greg, he relocated to the Virgin islands after college, and I walk to visit that every year, occasionally twice a year,” claims J.T. “And there space these bars there that you deserve to only acquire to through boat, and when you acquire over there, there are no hotels, over there aren’t any kind of cars. However like the lyrics in the song, there space dollar bills all over the wall, there’s a gorgeous bartender attract a ‘Dead man Tell No Tales’ t-shirt—all this details from the track are ideal from those places. I stated ‘I’ve acquired to compose a song about this place,’ yet I didn’t know what i was going to speak to it. Ns didn’t desire to speak to it ‘Beach Bar’ or anything prefer that.

“Fast-forward about five or 6 months, i was visiting my brothers in Boston, and we to be driving and there’s this really, yes, really old place dubbed Tavern at the finish of the World, and when I witnessed the sign, I claimed ‘Oh man, that’s my track title because that my Virgin islands song,’ however who’s going come sing words ‘tavern’ besides Johnny Depp in Pirates that the Caribbean? so I thought I’d speak to it ‘Bar at the finish of the World.’

“I knew I had actually an appointment with David Lee Murphy on my creating calendar. So I conserved it for him and also I was v Aimee Mayo, and also I called David Lee the images and also the titles and then David Lee simply started strumming prefer the great songwriter the he is, and also he simply came best up with that opening lyric ‘There’s a trail of smoke coming out of a bottle / If girlfriend look actual close, you deserve to see it appropriate there,’ and also we were just off and running.

“On the method to that creating appointment, I had seen that it was two decades to the day that ‘Dust top top the Bottle’ had actually reached No. 1 so I just thought the there were good vibes all the method around. We wrote the entirety song ideal then and there, and then we tape-recorded it in our phones and also Aimme, ns believe, simply emailed it come Kenny.

“Kenny did something really exceptionally clever. The pre-chorus that says, ‘We’ll traction the ropes off the watercraft / We’ll litter ’em up on the dock’—we only had that in our track one time, however it’s a really catchy component so Kenny placed it in twice prior to each chorus, and when ns heard it I believed that was very clever. The is a an extremely smart man.

“I think the hardest cut to get is a track on a Kenny Chesney album, so it’s exceptionally exciting and just having it ~ above the album to be honestly such a thrill. Ns was actually earlier in the Virgin archipelago this year once Aimme texted me the artwork for ‘Bar in ~ the end of the World.’ back she didn’t say ‘Hey, this is gonna be a single,’ I believed if they are making the artwork, that’s a good sign, and sure enough it was.”

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Chris Young Earns 3 CMA award Nominations

Congrats to Chris Young that is a 3-time CMA Award nominee this year.

His track “Famous Friends”, which the sings through Kane Brown, racked increase nominations in the categories of Single, Musical Event, and Video that the Year.

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Talking around his nominations, Chris claims “I was blown away by the truth that there were three award nominations because that the song. Ns mean, there’s so much that’s entered it and so many people that have actually fallen in love with it and supported it and, friend know, just having a hit through your girlfriend in the an initial place is an excellent with a song prefer “Famous Friends” with my friend Kane Brown, however then to be nominated for three different CMA Awards, including single of the Year. It’s just incredible.”

Chris, Kane and all the various other nominees will find out if they’re taking home trophies, once the 55th yearly CMA Awards space handed out in Nashville top top Wednesday November 10 – broadcasted live top top ABC.