(03.06 MC)Which investment produces a $5 hourly benefit for a candy shop earning $1 profit per pound of candy?

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Question 4(Multiple an option Worth 5 points)

(03.03 MC)Root and also Vine is a gardening collective and local delivery service started by two friends. Their clientele has actually grown, and also they want to expand. The owners like the idea that protecting their an individual property, yet they desire to maintain control of the business. Which form of company mightbestsuit their growth?

Question 5(Multiple selection Worth 5 points)

(03.02 MC)Meg and her mother are opening a cupcake shop. Lock buy an oven, a walk-in cooler, and a decorating table. In state of components of production, what room these items?

Question 6(Multiple selection Worth 5 points)

(03.04 MC)Why execute purely competitive industries tend to benefit consumers over producers?

Question 7(Multiple an option Worth 5 points)

(03.06 MC)Adalet runs a newsstand in a liven office complex. Which option wouldbesthelp her organization to grow?

Question 8(Multiple selection Worth 5 points)

(03.06 MC)Which invest produces a $40 day-to-day profit because that a video game shop earning $2 benefit from every video game sold?

Question 9(Multiple an option Worth 5 points)

(03.03 MC)Your friend wishes to expand her company to multiple locations. It would bebestfor she to produce a

Question 10(Multiple an option Worth 5 points)

(03.06 MC)Use this image to prize the adhering to question. The ice cream cream shop needs 5 pounds that strawberries for every gallon that strawberry ice cream. The shop decided to develop 4 gallons of cacao ice cream. How numerous pounds of strawberries should the shop purchase?

Question 11(Multiple selection Worth 5 points)

(03.06 MC)Sam works as a transcriptionist for $30,000 every year, and also Janet works as a jet propulsion specialist because that $73,000 per year. I m sorry of the following statements couldbestexplain the disparity in your incomes?

Question 12(Multiple selection Worth 5 points)

(03.06 MC)Stacy own a hair salon and haircuts are $10. She fees hairdressers $20 per hour to rent a chair and also serve clients. What is the minimum variety of haircuts a hairdresser should offer per hour to knife money in ~ Stacy"s salon?

Question 13(Multiple selection Worth 5 points)

(03.06 HC)

Mad hatter Publishing specialization in genre fiction for young adults. A movie firm decides to do an adaptation of one of its renowned science-fiction novels. Currently, manufacturing at Mad baht is at point T. To which suggest or clues is production likely to shift?

Question 14(Multiple an option Worth 5 points)

(03.06 MC)Use this picture to answer the following question. The ice cream shop

Question 15(Multiple selection Worth 5 points)

(03.04 LC)An oligopoly is a industry for a great or business that

Question 17(Multiple choice Worth 5 points)

(03.04 MC)"Buy our cell phone with built-in calendar and reminder features! This way you will never ever forget an appointment while top top the go." This advertising targets your

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Question 19(Multiple selection Worth 5 points)

(03.02 MC)Your friend desires to open up a apparel shop. A necessary capital source is a

The owner of ProPhone has charted the company"s marginal revenue and also marginal expense for its latest line that smartphones, the Blazer. Usage the graph to calculation the company"s profit. How countless phones will certainly ProPhone have to sell to maximize profit?