Jackie Christie, mam of retired NBA player Doug Christie, is famous for she outlandish antics and also over-the-top meltdowns. When her husband, Doug, accepts an assistant coaching job, Jackie"s wild habits goes right into overdrive. Will her long-distance marriage and also unexplained outbursts prove too much for her to overcome, or will certainly she find her happily-ever-after?

Shaunie O"Neal, ex-wife that basketball legend Shaquille O"Neal, encounters life head-on together a effective entrepreneur when raising five children, and works tirelessly come balance career, kids and her date life. Residual beef between Shaunie and also Brandi Maxiell tho lingers, and Brandi won"t feel welcomed in L.A. Till it"s squashed.

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Tami roman is the ex-wife of retired NBA player Kenny Anderson. Tami moved to L.A. Native Houston through her then-boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood, and while the couple desperately wants to have actually a boy together, Tami has suffered three miscarriages and also it"s bring about their relationship to cave in the balance. Tami is likewise managing her daughter Jazz"s budding music career.

Malaysia Pargo finally discovered peace ~ divorcing NBA player Jannero Pargo. She begrudgingly formed a stable relationship with Jackie Christie, and also now Malaysia demonstrates her unwavering loyalty regardless of Jackie"s emotional outbursts. Yet will Malaysia"s unwillingness to make new friends cause tension in the group, or will the veteran wives take she side?

Brandi Maxiell"s battle in she rocky marital relationship with NBA player Jason Maxiell eventually led her to take a timeout from the partnership in the wishes of putting an end to Jason"s promiscuous ways. His do the efforts to success her ago continue, however Brandi fights to discover her independence. Will Jason have the ability to win back her trust, or is it game over for your marriage?

Angel Brinks, ex-girlfriend and also the mom of new Orleans player Tyreke Evans"s daughter, joined the group in addition to her best friend angel Love. A mother of two, Brinks tries difficult to balance the duties of motherhood v running her own garments line. However, v the stress of party planning and also Love"s rocky arrival to the group, Brinks struggles to keep her cool.
Angel Love, girlfriend and also the mother of NBA player DeJuan Blair"s son, move to L.A. Through her finest friend point of view Brinks. Things room on the rocks through DeJuan, so point of view Love is feather to accomplish some new girlfriends and also have fun, yet she easily learns several of the ladies don"t take it kindly to new blood. Will she rod it out in L.A., or will she run for the hills?
LaTosha Duffey is a effective club DJ engaged to basketball certified dealer Iman Shokouhizadeh. She moves to L.A. With large plans come take end the DJ scene, however when Duffey and also Tami roman inn team up to job-related on a music video, their styles clash and also the 2 go head-to-head. Will their friendship survive among the biggest fights in Basketball Wives history?
Draya Michele made her mark in the fashion sector with the launch of her garments line good Ass Girls. Over time, emphasize boiled in between Draya and also the various other women, with the group accusing she of being self-centered, to run away indigenous problems and distancing herself -- and Draya"s comment around Brandi Maxiell"s cancer battle may have been the final straw.
Mehgan James is fresh to the step in L.A. A girlfriend of Jackie Christie, Mehgan automatically starts stirring up problem for herself as soon as the other ladies start to inquiry her alliances. No one to organize her tongue or shy far from getting physical, Mehgan immediately rubs Draya Michele the not correct way. Is there room in the L.A. Team for this newbie, or will certainly her outspoken means land her in warm water?
Patrice Curry is the wife of former NBA player Eddy Curry. A girlfriend of Malaysia Pargo and also mother the seven, Patrice has had actually to address a many in her life, consisting of her husband"s extramarital affairs. Patrice has actually a tough decision to make as soon as she grapples through whether or no to adopt Eddy"s kid Noah, that was conceived the end of Eddy"s infidelity.
Engaged to overseas basketball superstar Lorenzo Gordon, Brittish Williams is developing herself in L.A. Together a businesswoman and future basketball wife. Yet this sassy shoe designer can"t it seems ~ to continue to be out of the drama and has a tendency to make opponents faster than she does friends.
Sundy Carter, a longtime friend of Jackie Christie, beginning stirring up problem from the minute she"s presented to the group. Experiencing from one scandal after ~ another, Sundy wishes to keep her private life private. Regrettably for her, the personal revelations just won"t protect against coming, and also her regular support because that Jackie lands she in warm water on an ext than one occasion.
A popular video clip vixen, model and longtime girlfriend of Draya Michele, Brooke Bailey joined the scene in the midst of her romantic involvement through NBA star Rashard Lewis. This sexy, single mom is a straight shooter that takes flak native absolutely no one.
At 12 years old, Gloria Govan met future NBA star Matt Barnes. After numerous years apart, Matt and also Gloria reconnected when he played close to Gloria"s hometown of Oakland, CA. The two fell in love and also now have actually two identical twin boys. Today, Gloria find time to execute it all. Utilizing her organization education and also book smarts, she is heavily associated in number of charities while likewise pursuing an exhilaration career.
Laura Govan, sister that Gloria Govan, is fearless and fierce. If the Govans" family ties operation deep and also strong, Laura has developed some doubts around how the Hollywood way of living may it is in affecting her partnership with her sister.
Imani Showalter, ex-fiancee that NBA player Stephen Jackson, has fought hard versus being stigmatized due to the fact that parting ways with her famous ex, and also she isn"t shy come confess the she hasn"t dated since. A previous singer with a new York City girl group, this mommy of 3 is embracing the procedure of rediscovering what makes her happy again, going along with wherever her enthusiasm takes her.

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Kimsha Artest, self-described companion of NBA star Metta Ford-Artest and also mother that three, is proud the her brand-new York City roots and also not a fan of living in L.A. After ~ 17 years v Metta, she"s rolled with the punches as soon as it comes to the pro basketball lifestyle. Kimsha refuses to resign it s her to the L.A. Party scene and shies away from the bling.