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Batman fights angry in Gotham City and also beyond, teaming up with miscellaneous heroes from throughout the DC Comics universe.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold signs Off

this particular day is a sad day for Batman fans, with the collection finale of The Brave and the Bold closeup of the door a chapter on the most joyful incarnation of the character due to the fact that Adam West donned the cape and cowl in the 1960s.

first Look: Batman, Superman and also Wonder mrs Team up on The Brave and also the bold

we sure are gonna miss out on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Only a grasp of episodes stay of the exuberant Cartoon Network series, and clearly there"s no been no slacking turn off in the writers" room. This week"s installment, "Triumvirate the Terror" (airing Friday, October 7 at 6/5c), is a charming and also lighthearted tribute to the "Big 3" the DC Comics, v Superman and Wonder woman teaming up with the Dark Knight. The trio meets in ~ a diner for a enjoy the meal of bacon cheeseburgers, fries and shakes while pointing out what item to leave in a superhero time capsule. The fun doesn"t last for lengthy when their archenemies — the Joker, Lex Luthor and Cheetah — arrangement a team-up of your own. After years of futility they decide to move ...

very first Look: Superman Soars onto Batman: The Brave and also the bolder

It"s the superhero smackdown that will have actually comic-book pan salivating: Superman vs. Batman. Once Batman: The Brave and also the Bold return with brand-new episodes this Friday (March 25, 6:30/5:30c ~ above Cartoon Network), the Caped Crusader heads to Metropolis to help the guy of steel take under Lex Luthor in a team-up that the so-called "world"s finest" heroes. But when Superman gets mysteriously infected through red kryptonite he becomes a power-hungry egomaniac. It"s as much as Batman — with an help from Krypto the Superdog! — to subdue Superman till the red-k put on off.

Exclusive: plunder Lowe floor a Marvel-ous Gig top top Young righteousness

plunder Lowe has actually played a White house aide and a United claims Senator ~ above TV, yet his next gig puts that in the firm of some genuine power brokers. The ex-Brothers and also Sisters star will guest star top top an illustration of Cartoon Network"s upcoming superhero collection Young Justice as Captain Marvel, aka Shazam...

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Tonight"s TV hot List: Friday, might 22, 2009

an excellent Morning America7 am/ET alphabet GMA kicks turn off its annual Summer Concert series at a new huge Apple venue: Rumsey Playfield in central Park, the home of the central Park SummerStage. An initial up: environment-friendly Day, whose brand-new CD, 21st Century Breakdown, is the veteran punk band"s very first studio release due to the fact that the 2004 absent opera American Idiot. Like Idiot, breakdown is both stare (it adheres to a young pair through this decade) and political (as both titles suggest). Review on for previews the Batman: The Brave and also the Bold, actual Time through Bill Maher, Hollywood Sings Country and also Wolverine and the X-Men.