There are so numerous makeup commodities on the sector now, it seems to it is in getting much more and more difficult for brand to come up with brand-new unique commodities to make themselves was standing out. Becca Cosmetics really caught my attention through this Hydra-Mist set & refresh Powder. Not only did the claims and ingredients record my attention, I just couldn’t understand exactly how something choose this was actually going come work.

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What renders this product for this reason unique, as pointed out in the name, that is made through 50% water!! It’s explained as a refreshing confront mist in a powder form. That is supposed to cool and refresh the skin while also providing a normally poreless, portrait-mode end up that will certainly last every day without caking, creasing, or settling.
This powder is recommended for every skin species and comes in two color tones: Original, i beg your pardon is a sheer creamy beige, and gold Bronze, i m sorry is a soft heat tan. This deserve to be uncovered at both Ulta and Sephora, and also on the Becca Cosmetics website. That retails for $39 and comes with .35 oz the product. Over there is additionally a take trip size accessible at Sephora which consists of .17 oz for $19.
The packaging is just one of my favorites. That is a plastic container, yet it comes through a cap and a mesh sifter top top the inside of the product to store mess to a minimum. Every loosened powder should come packaged favor this!

I have actually the initial version, i m sorry does case to it is in translucent. Ns don’t understand if it’s totally translucent since there is a tiny hint the color, yet it tho looks organic on the skin. It does have actually a an extremely smooth consistency once you swatch it on your hand, but the cooling effect isn’t yes, really noticeable till it’s used to the face.
I’ve used this both together a setting powder because that my foundation and together a finishing powder, and constantly love just how smooth it pipeline my skin. I’ve likewise applied it v both a brush and also a sponge. The sponge feels an ext natural to use with this product since of the wet feel, but I uncover myself reaching for a brush an ext because that’s just how I’m used to applying powders. Although it is a very strange sensation using a wet feeling powder v a brush, it works perfectly fine.

This powder does aid control my oil and keep me matte transparent the day. However, friend do need to be a tiny careful during application. I have applied too lot before and also it go look a small cakey. Even if it is you’re using a brush or a sponge to use it, a little bit of this powder goes a very long way.
While this powder does have actually a couple of silicone ingredients, it is talc complimentary and i am so appreciative of that! If girlfriend don’t mind paying a little bit much more for a loosened powder, this is one I would certainly recommend. The endure of using this flour is unlike any kind of other and it looks beautiful top top the skin!

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