When you think of iconic hip hop artists, 2pac andNotorious big comes to mind. These 2 are attached in so many ways.Mystery concerning 2pac death/murder, and also Biggie’s mu...

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when you think of above hip hop artists, 2pac and Notorious large comes come mind. These 2 are attached in so numerous ways.

mystery regarding 2pac death/murder, and Biggie’s murder has never to be resolved. There were conspiracy theories that Biggie had actually something to execute with 2pac’s murder, and Tupac’s pendant revenged his death by attack Biggie.

No matter what you think around the beef in between the two, one thing is certain: both were extraordinary artists. This documentary concentrates on Biggie, native his rise, to finish of his career.

This year, Biggie would have actually been 46 year old. And in honor of that, stop revisit one of the best documentaries ~ above his career and life.

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