Every kid who observed the crime-fighting hero Batman on tv or in ~ the movies prospered up wishing they had actually the comic book character’s cool-looking Batsuit, a jet engine Batmobile, and also a secret lair choose the Batcave. But as we obtain older, the envy expands to include the stylish, elegant lifestyle he resides in between the bad-guy beat-downs, as his true identification Bruce Wayne. 

Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and also George Clooney played him as the kind of man who would wear turtlenecks. Together is no the situation with the recent incarnation the the character, as played by Ben Affleck in Dawn of Justice. He is a bolder and more imposing gentleman, that woos women through Chateau Margaux once he’s not driving to black-tie to work in his various other car, a 1957 Aston Martin. And also even once he’s no wearing a black color carbon fiber fit outfitted v serrated blades, he is still always dressed to kill.

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“This is no the kind of guy who is swayed by fashion trends. You’re no going to record Bruce Wayne in thin jeans. Everything around his watch is timeless,” claims the film’s costume designer Michael Wilkinson.

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From the very first scene, as soon as Wayne hops out of a personal helicopter and also into a blacked-out Jeep Renegade wearing a tailored Gucci blue wool vest, we know that even if this man can’t save the world, he’s going to look great trying. We got some style tips indigenous the male who developed the superhero’s look, both day and also night.

The FabricWilkinson and his team created a whole new fabric because that Batman’s body armor so the they show off Affleck’s musculature in a means similar come the open minded Miller drawings. The same attention was paid to the object of his made-to-measure Gucci suits. “Bruce Wayne would only be attract the highest possible quality.” Contrasting textures were completed by equivalent his structure suits with silk bag squares and knit ties.

The ColorsSome human being may be afraid of attract an all-black outfit, yet not The Dark Knight. Start a room in midnight-toned garments is a sure fire means to revolve heads and add a little edge to your look. Such is the situation when Bruce Wayne accepts an invite come Lex Luther’s mansion and first turns the head of the elegantly pull on Wonder Woman, as played through Gal Gadot. “He’s end up being so comfortable in those tones, we had actually the colour of his pieces enhance with the of his Batsuits.”

The TailoringWhen you’re trying to lead a way of living like Bruce Wayne’s, you don’t have time come shop new designers. That all about finding a tailor that you love and doing some vital delegation. Specifically when she spending long hrs training in the Batcave. “Ben’s human body was an altering day-to-day, his dimensions were constantly getting bigger, so several of the suits were getting readjusted constantly.” as result of his imposing frame, they stuck with broader and bolder details ~ above the coats, like a top lapel.


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The Tuxedo“If he’s going come a large soiree, Bruce Wayne is walk to it is in wearing something no one else in that room would,” Wilkinson says. This was the thought process when he placed together the tuxedo look because that his second encounter through Wonder Woman. “We felt the we should use a special fabric, so we went through a midnight blue velvet.” If you’re walk “designer” because that the suit, nothing be fear of adding a unique piece to provide the look at an edge. The bow tie to be a special discover in a vintage keep in Los Angeles. Later, once he returns back to the Batcave to perform a tiny research, the ditches the jacket and also rolls up the sleeves of his Tom Ford dress shirt, reflecting that it no hurt as soon as your tuxedo whites deserve to stand on your own.

The OvercoatIt’s all about the silhouette once you’re considering the best overcoat. Even if it is you’re confronting one evildoer in a dark alley or having a romantic rendezvous, execute you want your zero to actors some cinched-waist figure, or perform you desire to job a shape of strength and power? The an option of wool twill create a timeless feeling to the Gucci-made coats, corresponding their much more boxed structure, because that a look at reminiscent that the classic 1940s cut.

The DetailsWilkinson design a full selection of metal accessories in an ext military-themed brushed gunmetal for a an ext intimidating look. Including a collar bar to your suit will carry out nothing yet elevate the all at once esthetic. And also for that added sense of individualism, nothing works far better than one elegant monogram. You may see a number of “BW”s peppering Wayne’s wardrobe.

The WorkoutBruce Wayne knows that nobody looks great in a suit without safety a tiny time in the gym. For the cultivate scenes, which included heavy lifting, weight pull-ups and sledgehammer training, he wears equipment from Under Armour.

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The top quality Casual“When no in a suit, and also off-duty, he’s no the kind of guy who is going to over-dress in ~ home,” Wilkinson says. “It’s all about having high-quality requirements that you can keep in the closet and also pull out without a 2nd thought. This is more of an everyman sort of dresser.” Kicking it about the manor, Wayne wore denim shirts by Ralph Lauren and Rag & Bone jeans in a classic cut. His choice of sneaker is animal leather Converse high-tops once working on the Batmobile, in his favorite color of course.

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